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  1. Nikki730

    Curious to hear NICU nurses perspective--23-wkr, NEC m

    I read on their website this evening that their baby passed away. I'm sure they are devastated. It is so sad--yet it sounded like their child couldn't recover--she was just barely surviving, so they kept hoping...
  2. Nikki730

    Constipation nursing diagnosis

    How about digital stimulation? Don't know if the patient would comply though.
  3. Nikki730

    Help me let go of my need for an A....

    Klone, try not to beat yourself up too badly over your grade. Try to see the big picture. If your dream is to go on to get a master's degree or whatever, one B (or a few of them) shouldn't hurt your chances too much. Also, remember that you have been working hard for more than 6 months now (since August?) and it's natural to feel fatigue or burn-out. Sometimes grades have to give a little bit when life intervenes. Time I take to replace a burned-out headlight on my car takes away from time I need to spend studying, but it's also important for my safety and so I don't get pulled over by a cop. KWIM? You can only put off certain things, or delegate out so many responsibilities before you are not treating yourself or others very well. Right now I'm struggling to pass. It's so hard, esp. when just to make it into nursing school requires at least a 3.77 where I am. I had a 4.0, but not anymore. I made straight B's, and looks like I will make about 4-5 hours worth of C's this semester. Chin up! You might still be able to pull off the test grades you need. You could try to see it as a fun challenge (a testing of yourself), esp. since if you "fail" you still are still sitting pretty grade wise (a B is good!)
  4. well, today i failed my 3rd pharmacology test. we get 4 chances (the date and time for each test is determined by the school, not by the students.) if we don't pass by at least the fourth test, we are dropped from all our classes. i'm so upset i don't know what to do. for one thing, i really studied hard all during spring break for this test. they don't teach pharmacology, for one thing. they post a file on a web-site, with 220 drugs in "card" format, so you can print it off & make your own flash cards. then you are expected to know the excruciating minutiae. such as this drug causes which side effect....a) diarrhea b) nausea c) itching d) nervousness how can anyone cram that much info into their brain!?! doesn't almost every drug cause some of those for someone who takes it? there were 5 or 6 of these "side effect" questions on the test...so out of 20 drug questions, 25% or more more this type. (10 questions are math.) for the fourth test, they are making us drive into the city to take the test, a very difficult to navigate, not driver friendly city i might add. then they are going to tell us what we made after we take the test. (to put us in the best frame of mind...as we drive home...after being kicked out of the program for failing the pharm test...because to pass you must get 90% correct, and only 30 questions are on the test). i feel like getting kicked out of nursing school will probably feel like a cross between a) getting fired from a job that you had felt good about b) getting booted out of seminary. either way, i think i'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown. i don't know how to study any harder than i do! i retyped all the drugs, with my own analysis about the side effets, contra-indications, nursing implications, etc. i can really picture myself swerving off a bridge if i get a 26 right on this next test, instead of the 27 required to pass (only if i was sure my car wouldn't land on anyone else). the tests are written by a different person than the one who wrote up the drug cards, so sometimes there is info in the test question or correct answer that we were never presented with. it just gets worse and worse. after my second failed pharm test, i really needed to stay for lecture, but i just couldn't do it. i think i'm losing it. especially after they told us this... they are also taking away the bonus points they used to offer on each lecture test. they say it's because too many people were failing out of 3rd semester that had passed 2nd semester. with those points i was making a 90. without those points, my grade on future tests would translate into a 81.8 (grade "c".) that's assuming the new material doesn't get harder! i really should try to go to sleep, since tomorrow i have to go to the hospital to gather patient info, write a care plan, attend skills lab for 2 hours, and work for 4 hours at my job. but i don't see myself sleeping very well. wonder why... semester ends may 10, but i just don't see how i will make it until then. then time i spend cramming for this pharm test...assuming best case scenario, that i pass it...will be less time to study for a lecture test....which i need to study for desparately, with the bonus points being taken away... anymore, it feels like i just live on slimfast (not to lose weight, but because i'm always running from here to there), coffee, anti-depressants and tictacs. this is no way to live!!!! i hate my life-style!! or lack thereof. student nurse, care for thyself!!! but i don't have time for better nutrition or exercise. i don't see it getting any better, either. :stone i know. i'm whining now.
  5. Nikki730

    No She/he Did Not!!!

    No she didn't.... Look for a 20,000 unit syringe.
  6. Nikki730

    Grading Scale

    Our scale... 89.5-100% A 82.5-89.49% B 77.5-82.49% C Our clinicals are graded, and skills class, same scale.
  7. Counting the week that starts Monday, and excluding Spring Break, how many weeks do you have left for your semester? How many weeks long is your semester. Ours are 16 weeks, and that feels like a very long time. I have 9 weeks. May 10th can't come soon enough! Also, do you take Nursing classes in summer? Are you required to take them, or can you defer them until Fall or Spring? They don't offer any at my school. Not sure if I could force myself to take one even if they did!
  8. Nikki730

    Opinion needed ASAP

    I think you can do it. I remember one busy summer I had: a 3-week American history class, a 5-week Spanish one class, a 5-week Physics class, and then Spanish 2 the last 5 weeks of summer. I made 2 A's and 2 B's. Just remember, you don't have to make an "A" in everything; you're already in the program. Survival is the most important thing. If you live near two different colleges, you can mix and match and pick the best scheduling options to help you out, assuming you can transfer credits into your program. And some courses are on television, video tape, etc., (Psychology). I would pick Psychology and the communications class to speed through, and get the most # of weeks for the A&P class. Also, maybe if the boys could spend time in day camps or summer camps that might be a way to occupy their time. I always loved Bible camp. They also have sports camps for kids. Best of luck to you! Tell us how it works out for you. :)
  9. Nikki730

    Anyone applying for El Centro in 2005

    hi fun2care, if i'm remembering right, the "co-requisite" gpa was lower for the northlake campus than the el centro campus. it think it was 3.54. this was for the class to start august 2004. also, there are several (about 5) of my classmates who initially got a rejection letter from the program, and made plans to take co-reqs (like micro or speech, etc.) then were called less than 3 days before the start of classes, told that there were now seats available. these students really had to scramble to adjust work hours, money to pay for books, child care, etc. but they are still there and seem very happy they got in. the thing these last-minute-acceptance students had in common was a low number of co-req hours completed (10 or fewer), and that they had a 3.77 gpa for the pre-reqs. hope this helps somewhat. take care!
  10. Nikki730

    Full Time Job AND Nursing School?!?!?!?

    I'm working full time in nursing school and it's pretty awful. My job (I work in quality assurance, as a laboratory technician), lets me use my vacation (3 weeks per year) as well as personal time (48 hours per year) in tiny increments, if necessary (1 hour & 1/2 hour chunks, respectively). So I go to clinicals, and make up the hours on my job at unconventional hours (7:30pm to 11 something, or 6am to 8:30am, etc.), after every one's gone home, or before they come in. I'm in my 2nd semester doing this and it's really wearing on me. Nightmares, nervous stomach, sweating episodes, depression, etc. Sometimes I feel a little envious of the patients I take care of (because they are laying down, get to take naps). Kidding. :rotfl: I'm LIVING for Spring Break. I try not to look too far ahead (like this fall & next spring) or I would feel even worse. My plan works for me right now, since my job is flexible and I've been there a while. But I could see how some jobs wouldn't have that flexibility. But now I'm starting to worry about externships, and how I won't be able to do one over the summer. :uhoh21: Sorry, guess that wasn't very encouraging after all. :chuckle
  11. Nikki730

    Anyone applying for El Centro in 2005

    northlake is in irving tx. to describe where it is...hmmm...you will drive by it if you are on walnut hill, not long after you pass the intersection with story road. it can also be reached from other streets also, like macarthur. physical address is 5001 n. macarthur blvd., irving, texas 75038, usa, phone: 972-273-3000 . you can type that into mapquest to get driving directions if you need to. i like northlake so far. this is my second semester in the nursing program. they have first, second & third semester students so far. next semester they will have also have 4th semester students. just know that there are many mandatory events in the nursing program that will have you driving all over the dallas area (clinicals, seminars, mandatory community service that must be health related, etc.). that's one of the big challenge of the 1st semester...realizing & getting where you need to be.
  12. Nikki730

    When life gives you tampons....

    I actually find that pretty funny. Maybe I've been studying too long. :uhoh21: Chad, you just can't appreciate it because you're a boy. :rotfl:
  13. Nikki730

    Fellow student made a nasty comment what should I do?

    Keep in mind that the guy you are talking about probably has fewer friends than an alarm clock. His behavior isn't invisible--even though its currently directed at you, other people hear & notice comments he makes, and it DOESN'T make him look any smarter. In fact, it will probably make others in the class avoid him or not want to offer him help when he needs it. Not a nice position to be in, is it?
  14. Nikki730

    The flu in South Texas

    When does flu season end? I remember being diagnosed with it spring break (mid-March) of 1995. So by April, is everyone pretty much safe?
  15. Nikki730

    psychological test

    Interesting! Is this real?
  16. Nikki730

    Blind Nursing Student?

    Me neither. Medicine packages don't come in braille. How can she do assessments? Safely transfer patients? Give shots? What exactly would she be doing? Phone triage, maybe?