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How many questions did you get ?


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I just took my NCLEX took 75 qs and passed on the first try!!!! I have two friends that took all 265 and still passed on the first try..... So with that said I thought I would start this thread to encourage those who are about to take it that u can pass at any number!!! Thanks for your responses in advance!:nurse::D


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I took my test on Tuesday and I had 215 questions & I passed!!


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I took the NCLEX back in January, 2009. The terminal I was using sometimes had a lag between questions (okay, it seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few hundredths of a second longer than usual) I attributed it to the time needed to search for the next question as the level of difficulty increased. The first time it happened, I was only on question 35, about 40 minutes into the test. Okay, about a minute or so for each question, I felt I was doing okay. Second time, it happened at question 59. Questions 65 and 70 also had those pauses. Just as I was resigning myself to the pauses, it happened where the one second lag became two seconds, then three, and then a message popped up saying to not touch the keyboard, test is processing...the test was over at 75 questions, and suddenly I wanted to vomit all over the keyboard. No, it couldn't be over! Where were all the med calc questions? What happened to all the multiple-multiple answered questions, or the ones about putting everything in order of priority?

Three days later I found out I passed.:nurse:

One of my friends who took the test the same day went to the very last question possible...and three days later found out she passed as well.

Although all of the NCLEX tests are the 'same', each experience is different!


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I was freaking out too because I got absolutely no med. calc questions so I thought for sure I failed, Two days later I found out I passed... ( I had to pay $8 to get the unofficial results!)

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I passed with 75 questions, several of my friends also passed, 92, 222, 208 and 265. Most of my class passed with 75 questions. The friend who passed with 222, actually ran out of time.


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I took around 120 questions .. still waiting for my results.. but i think i passed.. I did the Pearson trick and it worked.. but who knows really.. lol just waiting for the BON


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75 questions(passed)

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75 questions and found out I passed this morning........whoooppeeeee:balloons::hpygrp:

yahoooooooo!!!! CONGRATS to gapeachRN2009!!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:


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i got 85 questions

about 7 select all that apply

about 20 ques. on meds, i was freakin out:(

the rest were mostly med-surg

and PASSED:nurse:


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Passed with Minumum question in an hour:up:.

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