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  1. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    yes, exam cram helps as well... i had that cd also, but only used it sparingly, but it worked for friends of mine :)
  2. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Orientation length?

    thank you so much for your reply.. it was exactly what i needed to hear and right to the point , it made me feel much better.. how long did it take for u to adjust to the routine in passing meds? Thank God , i too, have a permenent wing that i will working on.. i will be doing 3-11s mon-thurs 32 hours per week. LTC was not my number one choice to work in, but the economy is in the dumps right now. there are no job openings where i live for new grads in the hospitals.. so i choose the LTC route.. my DON said that within 6 months if i get the hang of things she wants to train me to supervise.. did u have that experience? as far as delegating to the aids.. so far ive worked one week in the morning, and the lpn i worked with really didnt delegate anything... it was 3pm and some of her patients vitals were still not done..and she was ready to chart.. her shift was 7-3 ..the lpn told me that whenever u have parameter meds dont trust the aids for the vitals. because the aids make up the vitals..?! i was shocked to hear that.. but thank you for your advice .. i really need to hear advice like this.. because i dont know how to communicate professionally and nor do i know whats in my scope of practice that i can delegate.. i mean yes i know most things from nursing school..buts its totally different in the real world.. i never really delegated anything in nursing school..although our instructor was pushing delegation the last semester.. it was hard to do since we were students.. im always afraid that what if i miss something or dont see a subtle change in my patient that i needed to report.. or what if i make some real bad mistake.. after all its my license on the line.. ughh.. it scares me to think this way.. did u have to fill out A&Is at your nursing home/ ? the sheet that u fill out if there is a new bruise or skin tear on a patient that is unexplained. i really dont get when those are filled.. my patient's arm was really itchy and the nurse put some hydrocortisone cream on it..and the arm had a rash.. she didnt have to fill out an A and I for that because she said it was a natural occurence, so it didnt need one,.and then other things that i found that are different from a hospital are that if there is something wrong with the patient or something happens on ur shift.. u have to notify the family? i dont think we did that in the hospital.. if the patient's oxygen sats drop and they need oxygen or they had a terrible night ect.. the family needs to know.. so that adds to more work.. and on top of it .. doing treatments and charting.. there is a pain assessment but the lpn thats training me didnt ask each resident about his or her pain scale and filled that out with mostly zeros for pain scale.. .. i mean it does look like lots of repetition and i hope, i too, can soon say that this is not that bad.. but so far i feel overwhelmed.
  3. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Orientation length?

    omg.. how do u feel now? im starting on my own after 3 more weeks of orientation... the nurse thats orienting me always wants to leave on time.. and since shes so worried about her speed, she doesnt give me chance to pull meds.. and to top it all im a RN new grad going into LTC and sometimes i feel that the LPNs dont like that.. im scared and a nervous, I want to make everyone happy and want to learn everything there is to learn!! ughh!!! how are you doing in terms of speed now? i dont like how the meds dont have both names on them, sometimes it takes forever to look for the meds because both names arnt there.. and all the stock meds are mixed up! ughh , the lpn thats training me doesnt even do her three checks.. she has her meds memorized!!!! she just goes in and gives the meds to the patient without even checking them, sometimes she doesnt even compare them to the MAR and says its because she has them down .. and thats why shes faster.. and i dont want to take any chances.. i will do all my checks.. but im freaking out.. and im not even good at delegation.. i dont know how to delegate the aids.. let alone what they need to do, ect its driving me crazy!
  4. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Failed the NCLEX RN with 76 questions!

    Thanks, by the way Jaenese, i passed my exam on my second try with 75 questions!! I am so happy!! I just wanted to update this thread :) I have a whole new thread about how I passed and what I did its called " I passed the Nclex Rn on my second try. Please read to find out how!" .. I am very thankful to God , without His will , nothing can happen. :)
  5. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    Im refering to the questions in kaplan. If you go under sample tests, which i believe is found under qbank, you will see three sample tests, and one of the three is only on priority, it is really good for practice.
  6. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    Thank you so much for your reply. Im sure you too will pass. I would suggest that you get the NCSBN course now. I only used the course the last two weeks prior to my exam, because I was trying to finish the kaplan questions. But If you get the NCSBN now, then you can start it and read the review section and answer questions. I found the course to be to the point and quick. So if you finish early, then I would suggest doing the questions over that you didnt do too well on. That will help. If you cant afford Kaplan, i will pm you with something that will help. But i think that NCSBN should help you. I think you should study content a few days before your exam, that really helped me. Do about 150 questions per day and read all rationals even the ones that are right. Dont do quanitity time, do QUALITY time studying. If it takes you four hours to do 150 questions, then take FOUR hours. Dont focus on okay I have to do this many questions, so let me do them fast. Take your time. If you spend quality time on answering questions and reading and understanding the rationals, then even if you get to do only 100 questions that day, it will still be enough. I would suggest that you remember your ABCS for the exam, that is the best strategy!~! And if there are no ABCS and think through the answer, remember safety first, physiological before phychosocial, if you remember this stuff, you WILL PASS!!!! Sometimes the ABCs are not very obvious, but if a choice says the patient is feeling dizzy, well thats considered circulation. Try to think of stuff like this. And read SLOW and TAKE UR TIME on each question. If you dont know the answer, dont quickly pick anything, think through it. I also had LOTS OF TEACHING AND MED questions. For meds if you know what the med is for, then you will be able to figure out its side effects. For example, Lisinopril is a anti hypertensive medication, so its side effect is hypotension, (and something that is not obvious is dry cough, which is very common in the "prils" -ace inhibitors) and remember all your med suffixes, that should be enough. Dont go crazy trying to memorize pharmacology if you know ur suffixes and what they are for, you will be able to answer pharm questions. Im sure you will pass. Stay confident!!! and Good Luck!!!!!!!!! :up:
  7. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Just coming from NCLEX ( Getting pop ops blocker )

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for you !! I know you PASSED!! Job well done!!!!!!!!! :yeah::BDCk::hpygrp::dancgrp::ancong!:
  8. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!I am VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY happy for you ! :ancong!::ancong!::hpygrp::BDCk::dancgrp:
  9. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I failed Nclex today

    i am so sorry to hear that you have failed. i too failed my first attempt which was on june 22 2009. and i just took my exam the second time and passed it. the same will happen for you!!!!! things happen for a reason, and god always gives us whats better for us.. i always think that my second time passing was better for me, so thats why god decided that. i wrote my story about how i failed and passed the second time which includes nclex study tips and advice. im sure you will find it useful. here is the link https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussio...ex-415221.html . god is great, and he will grant you your wishes. may he be with you , always. good luck
  10. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I failed NCLEX today

    I am so sorry to hear that you have failed. I too failed my first attempt which was on June 22 2009. And I just took my exam the second time and passed it. The same will happen for you!!!!! Things happen for a reason, and God always gives us whats better for us.. I always think that my second time passing was better for me, so thats why God decided that. I wrote my story about how I failed and passed the second time which includes nclex study tips and advice. Im sure you will find it useful. Here is the link https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/i-passed-nclex-415221.html . God is great, and He will grant you your wishes. May he be with you , always. Good luck.
  11. 2bNurse4life4ever

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    this should help you as the trick worked for this person.
  12. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    i did all the stuff for NCSBN, but some of their review content is REAL long, so i would only focus on the important topics. However I did do all the questions which included post tests after each review section, and the qbank. This website also has questions that a are one or two line questions, very similiar to the nclex. And trust me, the more you do questions, the more you will learn. You will always learn something new from every question you do. So it helps. Plus I did this review course in the matter of 2 weeks. I would do about 100-200 questions per day, and I was done in no time!!! The review is pretty fast, and will help you, it will also re inforce alot of what you already know. I think you will like the review stuff that NCSBN has to offer, it is simple to understand and right to the point. But some content material can be very long, so in that case, try to read what is most important. I would focus on procedures such as bronchoscopy ect , you will atleast get a couple of those on the exam.. and the website has a whole section which explains in short about each diagnostic procedure.
  13. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed!!! hehehehe....

  14. 2bNurse4life4ever

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    Good luck with your exam. I know you can do it. Kaplan is the best. If you do everything that Kaplan asks of you which is complete the entire qbank and question trainers, you WILL pass the exam!!! If there is absolutely no way for you to enroll in the live class, then I would buy the Online Complete and watch the videos which explain about the decision tree and also watch videos where the instructor is reviewing questions using the decision tree. They have a lot of videos under each category of the nclex content such as safety and infection control, health promotion and mainetence , pharmacology , ect..and you can click on the video for that section and watch the instructor drill you with each question by using the kaplan strategies. And like I said, for the most part the assessment vs. implementation strategy is not going to work on kaplan, but watching those videos you will be able to learn the "determine the outcome" strategy, because in that strategy either all answer choices are assessments or all are implementations. And ofcourse you will be able to better critically think and will learn exaclty how to use ABCs and Maslow. And yes the others books are going to be helpful to you, and the NCSBN site is really good, after all, they are the makers of the Nclex. But if cant purchase that, then the delegation and priotization book along with kaplan will also be enough. It is very devestating to fail, I was in your shoes just a few days ago. It hurts, and especially in the beginning stages, and thats where you are. But dont lose heart, you will pass this exam. With determination and perserverance , we can achieve anything!!! Good luck, I will keep you in my prayers. :)
  15. 2bNurse4life4ever

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    i passed with 75 questions, took me an hour and fifteen minutes to do, but left thinking that i failed and crying my eyes out ..lol thank God this exam is behind me!!!!!!!!!