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future speciality interest: Nurse Midwif
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Nurse-One specializes in future speciality interest: Nurse Midwif.

I am determined to became a Certified Nurse Midwife. I love the thought of being able to deliver little mircacle babies into the world. I'm interested, overall in Women Health. I'd also like to practice as a Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. Nurse-One

    I Love being a Christian Nurse

    I love being a christian nurse and as a overall individual myself.
  2. Nurse-One

    How to get started with Excelsior exams

    Thanks so much for the answers!! I have registered like suggested, But now im wondering, if I register to take the exam (health and saftey and transitions LPN to RN) does that mean i will be given a test date or do i pick the test date? I didn't continue with that section because I havn't even begun to study. I don't want to be assigned a test date and not be ready. Can I register for the exams and have the practice exam made available to me with out given or asked to pick a test date? Hope my question makes sense. Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been reading all the fourms on excelsior and I have a pretty good understanding of completing this program in a timely manor. I would like to finish the program before 2012 (if CPNE date is not months away after finishing all theory exams) I've been searching Excelsior site for the Practice exams but I'm not sure where to find them PLUS im not sure which practice exam is specific for each individual exam I have some questions: 1. Can anyone put up the link of where these practice exams are located? 2. And also these "study guide" that are free on excelsior site are they the ones in the 'exam content guide and documentation' which are PDF files? 3. Also any advice on NCLEX RN practice question CD that could be of help? Any other advice would help. thanks in advance.
  4. Nurse-One

    Excelsior College Online Nursing Exams

    Hi, Id like to ask how you did your studying. I purchased all the required books for the 1st exam Id like to take, the health and safety one. with so many books and chapters to go through how did you focus your study. Did you only have the practice exams to help? Also, would you mind telling me how you were able to take the practice exams. I know there's a fee, but I'm not sure how to access the correct practice exam for the Health and Safety exam. I have all these books and im lost and don't know how to study efficiently. thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Nurse-One

    whinny nurses

    I take it you're a perfectionist. This is a forum, not a nurse's note or research paper. True. But after a while, one year after graduation the most, you should know what to expect. Expect the unexpected. True. I agree, we shouldn't let our frustration build up inside. The frequency, attitude and delivery of these frustrations being expressed is another story.
  6. Nurse-One

    whinny nurses

    Okay I got some good laughs out of the "whinny" reply post. To correct myself it's "whiny" I did write a disclaimer at the the bottom of my original post that there are misspelled words. I must admit I didn't bother to try to correct, so sorry :) But its good to be able to laugh at yourself. I was venting a bit, yes. But unlike some coworkers I've come across it's no longer venting when it's done every time they come on their shift. I can't even get through my report without getting interrupted. I've worked at other facilities so, no, it's not only this current facility. I have tried to sympathize with the nurse's responses and of course I relate with what they say, but it's when they have the attitude like they didn't realize they walked into a building with sick people and they carry the title of a Nurse. I get questions like, "Why did they put such and such patient on my wing?" How do you answer such a question?...woman, I don't know maybe the admission department doesn't like the shape of your head and they want to make your shift miserable....okay, I'm just kidding. I do give empathetic responses. I'm done :) I love being a nurse and I do love my fellow nurses, just for the record. later.
  7. Nurse-One

    Excelsior College Online Nursing Exams

    Questions: i was lookingon the excelsior website for the practice exam for the Health and Saftey but did not notice it listed can anyone help me locate (with a link, if possible) to find the health and saftey practice exam?? I bought the recommended textbooks, should I also buy the study guides? how can i properly read/study to get the information I need to pass the exam how many exams are there before the CPNE (sp?) I see 16 nurse exam listed, but i read in another fourm that there were only 5 or 6 anyone able to help clear this up for me pls. Thanks!! Im so ready to learn and get my RN. I've ordered all the recommended books and am waiting to recieve them...
  8. Nurse-One

    whinny nurses

    I can't stand it when im giving report to nurses who whine about their job duties. the stress and some of the nonsense of the work environment comes with the territory. "Oh my gosh, another admission" "why do I have so many peg tubes" "Omg I have so many wounds to treat" etc... yes its stressful yes the drug seeking patient can be annoying but stop acting like you didn't know what you where getting into when you entered nursing school. See, my feet hurt after most of my shift (even with the best shoes) I do my job to the best of my abilities including skills and go home not expecting a phone call about me missing something or not completing a task. We are human and we can make mistakes but nursing is WORK. If you cannot handle stress dont go into nursing (or any other profession) which requires you to mulittask, think critically, and serve it all with a smile and keeping a compassionate heart. My advice, find your balance. Let the stuff that took place from the previous shift go. start new again. Don't hold any grudges against a patient or coworker. you see them everyday (most likely) Empathize, sympathize. how would you want to be treated if you were in their position. when I feel myself getting annoyed and stressed I think to myself, "I thank God Im not the one in that bed with that Dx. I am an able boided person who can treat and help this human-being inspite of their such and such..." you get the point. anyway i didnt mean to write so much. lots of misspelled word, I know. later.
  9. Nurse-One

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    Ounce I clock out of work I leave work behind. I don't want to think about the patients or coworkers, etc until its about an hour before my shift. I dont get why nurses would carry the stress and nonsense of the work environment out side the building The most I'd do is vent to a close friend/family where our conversation is private where other ears will not here. and that would be the end of it...
  10. Nurse-One

    Do they hire LPNs as travel nurse?

    Okay Thanks. I'll keep searching...hopefully I'll find one
  11. Nurse-One

    Do they hire LPNs as travel nurse?

    Just wondering if I should bother finding a company that hire LPNs to travel. I have to move back up North to New York on a short notice (brooklyn or one of the other boroughs) Even if the assignment is short term, I need a place to just transition, work, save money hopefully find work in the meantime. So does anyone know of these companies hiring LPNs Thanks:)
  12. Nurse-One

    Getting started with Excelsior College

    Question: How many exams in all are there to take? I know the first one you can take without being enrolled.. the 2nd one you're exempt as an LPN... and the 3rd one you do have to be enrolled to take it... so how many exams are there all together from the 1st to the CPNE? thanks :-)
  13. Nurse-One

    What purpose does the HESI test serve?

    any test required to enter into nursing school or exit nursing school, i believe is to weed out the "weak" ones. more like if you really want this, you'll have to lose sleep, lose/gain weight, lose family time....lose, lose, lose. the NCLEX should be enough! when I took the NCLEX it was NOT as hard as those other exams that i had to take in school, it's so stupid what they make someone go through just for a freaking LPN, RN license. too many individuals want to become nurses now-a-days. AND THE MOST ANNOYING PART IS GRADUATING BY BUSTING YOUR BEHIND STUDYING AND PASSING JUST TO GO OUT TO THE WORK FIELD THINKING YOU'LL FIND WORK CAUSE IT "NURSING AND NURSES ALWAYS HAVE A JOB" BUT FINDING A JOB IS LIKE FINDING A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK. Even experienced nurses with YEARS under their belt cannot find a job. NURSING IS NOT WHAT I READ IT TO BE BACK IN THE DAY:down:
  14. Nurse-One

    "obama" grant to go back to school

  15. Nurse-One

    "obama" grant to go back to school

    Thanks everyone...more inputs encouraged. Im ready to reapply through fafsa again. Hopefully this increase in grant will get me through the program as a single mom. Im so ready to get my rn and be done with school. Can anyone give me some info on excelsior?? I just need the main nurse courses and clinical portion.
  16. Nurse-One

    "obama" grant to go back to school

    Im seeking to find out more info about this grant. Has anyone applied for it, and what were the things you have to have to be approved. I'm an lpn and want to go for my rn asap. Id only do the program online through excelsior because of my situation. I'm wondering if the grant would pay for me to get my rn degree through excelsior. I have all my preq's and coreq's done from my college. I just need the main rn courses and the clinical portion. Im tired of the limited job opportunity i have as an lpn and want to move on to the area of nurses that i really want...ob please help, with any info regarding this grant and if i could us it to get through the excelsior program....b-t-w, i most def make less than $40,000

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