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gapeachRN2009 is a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU.

married with 2 kids

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  1. gapeachRN2009

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

  2. gapeachRN2009

    NURSING DIAGNOSIS (hypokalemia)-help?

    Decreased cardiac output related to increased heart rate??? Whatever nursing diagnosis u choose just make sure u have the evidence to support it!
  3. gapeachRN2009

    Thank You Note to GPC's Nursing Program

    I know that GPC program is really tough....but trust me when I tell u I was really prepared for the NCLEX!!! I know the frustration with the program, but it was well worth it!!!
  4. gapeachRN2009

    How many got SELECT ALL THAT APPLY QUESTION? pass or fail?

    I had about 15 SATA and passed with 75 q!!!!
  5. gapeachRN2009

    August Nclex Repeat testers, please share your feelings

    Good luck and think positive....a lot of the reasons people fail NCLEX is not because of difficulty of the test....it has a lot to do with test anxiety. Just relax, u know this information, U GOT THIS!!!!!:yeah:
  6. gapeachRN2009

    How many questions did you get ?

    75 questions and found out I passed this morning........whoooppeeeee:balloons::hpygrp:
  7. gapeachRN2009

    75? in 40mins= a hot mess

    I like u took my test this morning.....it started at 7:55 and I was in the car on the way home at 9am. I did not find it very difficult. I started getting SATA questions at about question #3 and thru out the exam. I did the pearson vue trick and I got that pop up menu that said I could not register because......etc...... I find out on Saturday...will f/u with u guys!!
  8. gapeachRN2009

    Job Interview Tomorrow

    Good Luck!!!!
  9. gapeachRN2009

    GPC Fall 2009

    I just graduated from GPC in May 2009...... and the third semester you will be doing mother/baby and pediatrics and I took both of those classes at the Dunwoody location. I am not sure if anything has changed. Hope this helps!!!
  10. gapeachRN2009

    GPC Spring 2010

    I was accepted with a 3.5 overall GPA and 3.8 science GPA with an 83 on NET exam....hope this helps and Good Luck....GPC has changed tremendously and it is a very good school despite what others may say!!!
  11. gapeachRN2009

    SNOTTY MA claiming to be a nurse!!!!

    That sounds like a horror story...... 1 up for your four yr old, she deserves a treat!!!:roll
  12. gapeachRN2009

    GWINETT or GRADY new grad program

    Did you get an interview?
  13. gapeachRN2009

    Applying to Piedmont Hospital

    Has anyone else heard anything from piedmont hospital or have they stopped interviewing candidates?
  14. gapeachRN2009

    Gwinnett Medical Center Residency Program

    Hi all, Has anyone interviewed at Gwinnett Medical Center for their residency program? And if you have interviewed have you been offered a job yet? Thanks in advance for your posts :typing
  15. gapeachRN2009

    Should I even begin to pursue this?

    I did not have a 4.0 but I had very good science grades. I think you should pursue it.....good luck and do not compare yourself to everyone else b/c all situations are very different!!!!
  16. gapeachRN2009

    3 Interviews and No Offers!!!!!!!

    Greetings everyone, I will be graduating nursing school in May and I am very excited....exhaused but excited:yeah:!!! But I have a serious problem. I went to a new grad career fair beginning of this month, and I got lucky. I was called by 3 different nurse managers for interviews. The first interview in med-surg went very well, I got a tour of the floor and she said that she will have to get more information on their budget and she will contact me in about a month. The second interview on orthopedics went very well, at the end of the interview she said that she was very impressed and I was very professional. The last interview on telemetry...(the position I REALLY want), she said that I passed the first screening. She also said I was the definately the type of person she was looking for and she told other nurses in front of me that I will be back for a second interview....and the interview ended in a "high-five" literally. But guess what NO CALLS. It has been a week tomorrow for ortho and almost a week for telemetry. I even sent 2 hand written thank you cards to the med/surg and ortho managers and I sent a thank you e-mail to the telemetry manager. I don't know what is going on!!! :banghead:. Someone please help me....my confidence level has bottomed out!!!!