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Pediatric Nurse

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  1. LoveThisNurse

    Looking for tips on Home health clinical

    After 3 months? that's so cool! I'm 3 weeks into home health. I have about a year and a half of peds experience and i jumped into home health. learning about wound care just makes me so nervous! I'm getting the hang of it. I see my first pt tomorrow with my educator.. yikes! How did you feel your first time going out? When did you start to get comfortable? It would be great to hear from you! Thanks =o)
  2. LoveThisNurse

    Working Makes Me Feel Mental

    Oh politics, it's at every job =o) Just some places have it more worse than others. Definetly take a good look at your situation. I thought about quitting my job 2 months ago and since being on my own financially, I couldn't leave as easily as I wanted. Try no to make your decision purely on emotions. Thank God I didn't. It's hard to want to get out of something while you're still in it. Try looking at your situation differently. Try a new perspective. Look at other jobs, apply, interview and see what's out there. Hope that helps a little =o)
  3. LoveThisNurse

    Is it too early to switch from full-time to part-time?

    I'd say go for it but just be careful. Make sure you have a position lined up. I'll have my 1 yr in nov and I'm thinking of doing the same thing =o)
  4. LoveThisNurse

    Any one else annoyed?

    nothing wrong with new grads wanting to leave their jobs. Hey, I felt the same way 2 months ago after being on the job for 7 months. It's tough. Instead of being annoyed, why don't you stand in line behind those who are leaving their jobs and take the opportunity! Look at it that way. I had a really bad night and I took to my facebook to complain and a friend said that "I should be happy I even have a job. There's so many people that don't". WHATEVER. She totally disregarded my feelings. Am I happy I have a job when I'm busting my behind off at work sweating bullets? At those times, I'm not thinking happy thoughts! I'll just say those who have a job are blessed, but that doesn't mean we don't have a right to complain about our circumstances at work.
  5. LoveThisNurse

    Love/Hate relationship with nursing..........help

    I took my "dream job" as a pediatric acute care nurse 7 months ago. Believe me, at that time, I was sooo excited. I loved my job. Now, not so much. The hustle in acute care is just way too much. I don't look forward to going to work. I actually recently called off for the first time. People are noticing a change in me. My passion and fire is gone. My patience is out the door. Acute care is freaking hard work. And that's what I feel like it is now, "work". Med passes, admits, crying babies, abused children with no parents, etc etc etc. I was told, "You haven't been in it long enough to know if this is for you." I KNOW it's not for me. I am too starting to have physical symptoms of STRESS. I AM BURNT OUT. I NEED something slower paced. We can't escape stress and hard work. That's life. I know. But why not find something that I enjoy. Even though I work 3 days a week, why is it that I feel like I'm at work all the time? I work nights so when I have 2 nights off, it's really on 1 because I spend one of those days sleeping. And if I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sunday then even though sunday is the start of the next week, it's like I worked 4 nights a week 12 long hours long each. I don't want to end up hating nursing because at this rate if I don't leave my current position, I'll end up hating it. The whole, "you need 1 year experience" really depends on where you go. I've seen it time and time again where 1 yr experience didn't matter when being hired. I've had a fantastic experience clinical wise at my job.. i will say that. But if I continue at this rate, I'll drop dead and that's not what I'm going to do! Unfortunately even my manager told me that the times in acute care are becoming increasingly tough and that's just how it is. Let's all find where we are destined to be.
  6. LoveThisNurse

    Can a new graduate be a hospice RN?

    It's very possible. I know a friend who graduated with me that is RN Case Manager for a Hospice company here in CA. She got the job as a new grad and LOVES it. So it is possible. Talk about "1-2 years experience is required" from acute care is not always true. That company loves hiring new grads and they stay. I'm actually looking into hospice care because bedside nursing is not for me anymore. Been a peds acute care RN for 7 months and I'm just about done! The hustling around back and forth is a little bit much and you know what... It's OK. I have some experience in home health and when long term care... You don't have to be in acute care if you don't want to. Find out where you are comfortable and be satisfied and love what you do. =o)
  7. LoveThisNurse

    Sleep study for infant

    thanks for this info!
  8. LoveThisNurse

    Sleep study for infant

    I had a 2 month old male baby that had a sleep study done. His dx includes apnea. Would that be a reason why he had a sleep study ordered?
  9. LoveThisNurse

    CSU San Bernardino or Loma Linda University?

    Cool, then welcome to my alma mater! You'll have fun there. Meet new people. Get connected with CN, get involved! Go to the events! And make sure you're always in compliance!I know the girls who did the orientation and they're good people =o) so I hope they didn't scare you =o))))) .. it's cool to scare new students! lol jk The instructors that left were FANTASTIC.. it's just they moved on to other opportunities.. advancing their careers.. but yes, hopefully there will be great instructors to continue where they left off. Goodluck and enjoy your vacation while it lasts!
  10. LoveThisNurse

    CSU San Bernardino or Loma Linda University?

    So what did you choose?! If you don't mind ..
  11. LoveThisNurse

    CSU San Bernardino or Loma Linda University?

    No, I ended up going to CSUSB. My sis went to LLU for nursing school and yeah, the debt IS FOR REAL. Her monthly payment is HORRENDOUS It's good to know what you'll be going into before you apply, but don't let that stop you from applying anywhere you want. The money issue is a real issue and I don't want to blow it over like it's not a big deal. BUT, you are not going into a profession where when you get a job, you can't pay your bills or can't just live. I mean, at the rate CSUSB is going, fees are going to be equal to any private institution! You go there, so you know exactly what I'm talking about Yes, so make sure you've got what it takes to enter nursing school (grades, test scores etc ) because if you don't have that, you won't even be able to make the decision on what school you can attended. Goodluck I'm sure you're doing great
  12. LoveThisNurse

    CSU San Bernardino or Loma Linda University?

    [Edit: Sorry, I didn't know this question was directed towards a specific person] Before I applied to nursing school, I applied to LLU too. That was about 4 years ago. For me, they really just wanted to know about you. Kind of like a job interview. Remember the things you wrote in your application essay so you can be prepared to talk about it or refer to it. And YES you do have to write an essay before your interview. I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed. When I arrived for the interview, there was a lined sheet of paper with a question ready for me to answer. I was SHOCKED! I wasn't prepared!!! But I just kind of wrote from my mind and heart. Not sure if it's timed. Can anyone else add to ivonnebon's question?
  13. LoveThisNurse

    Any advice for a new grad??

    Goodluck! I'm starting a new grad program in peds soon too and I need advice too! But from one peds nurse to another I hope you have a great orientation and get to work with great nurses who are going to support you in your journey =o)
  14. LoveThisNurse

    Patton State Hospital?

    My mother works there. I also did clinicals there to. It's 8 hr shifts. She is always getting "mandated" meaning she has to do overtime. So she stays 16 hr. But she also does her own overtime a lot. They seem to be cutting her pay. Since the budgets cuts started it was I think about 2-3 times. They cut about 10% each time. The benefits and vacation is great as you may know working for the state. I don't know if u should leave but just don't rely on a good feeling. Think about long term.
  15. LoveThisNurse

    Western Governors University MSN

    How was the application process. One of my former BSN instructors is mentoring students at a HCA hospital. After I was denied by one my the local universities for their MSN nurse educator program, I started looking for online schools and then I remembered she mentioned WGU. I will be working for a HCA hospital as a new grad. Is there any special requirements to receive the reimbursement like years of service? Please let me know! Thanks
  16. LoveThisNurse

    LLU MSN Progran Fall 2009

    Hello! Is anyone starting in Loma Linda University's MSN program this fall? Or is anyone attending there or applied? I applied for Fall and was told to wait until September to recieve feedback. I'm just so anxious! Can anyone share any experiences? Thank you so much :typing