How many babies are nameless after birth?

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Ok, just curious how often you come across parents who have no name for their baby when it's born? My husband and I are so clueless right now and wondering how common it is for parents not to have something picked out in time. One of our kids was already named after birth and it is looking like it will be a repeat with this one. This should be entertaining for the nurses us arguing about names.


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Hi Teresa,

Just wanted to share my experience with you. My first son's name was chosen prior to birth. My second son was named four days after his birth. I had a name picked out for a boy, but then a relative named her son the same name. I wanted something different. Then, just this past Novemeber I gave birth to my third son. I had a name for a boy that my husband did not like a lot. Well, after the birth my midwife asked what his name would be and my husband said the name I had chosen. I was completely shocked! Well, it still took us about four days to figure out a middle name. Needless to say, we always end up mailing the birth certificate paperwork back to the hospital. That drove the hospital nuts. They called us for both children that we had not named yet looking for the paperwork. Good luck! Anne :D


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1 in like thousands. It has happened maybe once in my experience. It did not drive us nuts, they simply finished the paperwork when ready.


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My BIL was so certain their baby would be a boy that no girls' names were picked can guess what happened. Took them almost a week to figure out a name!

I have friends who didn't name thier kids until the day of D/C. THey wanted to see the babies first and think about it. Good thing they were C/S and she had the extra couple of days to think!


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:confused: I have quite a few that are nameless at birth. Well, I'd say it's about 50/50. They HAVE to name them before they leave the hospital, but some peopel take every minute of their 2 to 4 days to decide.


My hubby and I didn't have a name for our 1st son til the day after he was born. With our 3rd baby, we had decided to name him Clay. However, the day I went into labor I heard the name Preston and fell in love with it. So hubby was in waiting room telling everyone we had had a boy and named him Clay....hehe little did he know I had changed my mind...his name is Preston Michael. :D

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None of my four were named before birth...the name has to fit the kid!

I was one of those weird moms..the neighborhood radical if you will. It started when I nursed my kids instead of bottle feeding...I washed diapers ..then I began to homeschool (remember this is early '80's- not as well know/popular an educational choice) and THEN I had 2 born at home instead of the hospital.

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Had the first ones name picked out early on, the second we named on the way to the hospital, and teh third we had a name by the end of the first day.


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Jay's uncle's "GF" named her son..then after awhile went to court to change it..decided she didn't like that name after all...WTF...she's a freak anyhoo....


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OK, true story, I wasn't named until I was about a week old.

And my friend Marjorie was actually named Paulette until she was 8 years old. Then her mom went to court and changed it to Marjorie because her husband (Margie's father) never liked the name Paulette.


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Not too many, though I recall with the birth of my first son, they wanted him named within two days, period....Were not releasing me until I coughed up the name, which fortunately, I had already chosen...

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