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  1. I am currently in an RN program that has an LPN exit option. I will be eligible to take my state boards for my LPN in December. Originally when I started school I planned to go all the way through for my RN, but now I am getting stressed as to how ...
  2. TeresaRN2b

    Warning:Never check up on student loan balances!

    I feel a little better after reading this thread. I thought I was the only one in massive student loan debt. I definitely have to finish this now. Teresa
  3. TeresaRN2b


    Our school has that here and just about everyone who applied got it. In fact I don't know anyone that applied and didn't get it. I got it. Ask at your school about it. Teresa
  4. Why on earth would you expect her to have an abortion just because she has an abusive partner. There is absolutely no reason she can't be an excellent mother to that baby. You have all rights to your viewpoints on abortion, but to throw that in thi...
  5. God is this a judgemental thread! Abuse is progressive. It doesn't usually start out as a bad relationship. It just gradually gets worse and worse. I know I was in one before. First you try and be nicer thinking it's you and then one day and wak...
  6. TeresaRN2b

    HELP, my first exams!!!

    My best advice is to look through the test before you start answering questions. Circle and mark any question that has the word BEST, ALL, or EXCEPT, especially the word except. When you go through the questions you will be less likely to misread t...
  7. TeresaRN2b

    Feeling like a complete idiot - pharmacology help

    Thanks, for the advice. I think I got it now though. I have a habit of overcomplicating the questions and after re-reading the questions I think I get it. Protein binding mostly affects drug-drug interactions. I guess I was thinking it was some...
  8. Please tell me someone has some good sites marked that explain this stuff so I can understand it. I am sure I will do ok once I get to learning about particular drugs, but this drug metabolism stuff is killing me. Can someone please explain to me p...
  9. TeresaRN2b

    Pharm question

    Oh and thanks everyone for your help. I appreciate it! Teresa
  10. TeresaRN2b

    Pharm question

    I am thinking that this is maybe where they are going with this question. Catagorizing the types of drug interactions as pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic, but still not sure. I will see what I find out in class. Teresa
  11. TeresaRN2b

    Pharm question

    That's the thing, it didn't give any drug examples. Perhaps they just want us to be able to do that within specific drugs. I am not sure. This is all very foreign to me. Teresa
  12. TeresaRN2b

    Pharm question

    Ok, this is one of my objectives and I just can't find the answer anywhere. I don't have to turn this in or anything, it's just for my own studying, but I really would like it to make sense. So here's the question. Discuss drug-drug interactio...
  13. TeresaRN2b

    4.0 Students...do people ever say...

    There are some people that are 4.0 nurses that I think will be horrible nurses. Now that being said, I have very high grades and am quite proud of them. It isn't about the grade, book smart or not. The 4.0s that are problems are the ones that are ...
  14. TeresaRN2b

    first semester jitters

    Good luck to you. The first couple weeks will be pretty intense, but if you pace yourself you will do fine. Congrats and have a great semester! Teresa
  15. TeresaRN2b

    Woot Woot

    Congrats! Good luck in your next semester. Teresa
  16. TeresaRN2b

    School, Work, and Family... HELP!!!!

    You might want to check out the distance learning section above. I believe Deaconess (spelling?) college has an online ADN program for people with no medical experience. Not sure how it works, but it is another option. Teresa