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  1. That would work on a person not addicted to drugs....Won't make a bit of difference except in your own head. What they actually heard was that they have cancer and now when they come in they need more and better drugs.
  2. babynurselsa

    Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    Most of our cyclic vomiters are related to marijuana use. There are actually some good articles out there that you can find to read about it.
  3. babynurselsa

    Been away a long time. Thought I would say HI!

    lots of familiar names! Thanks everyone!
  4. We used to be able to do dip urines and hcg in the ER way before CLIA regs. Not anymore. If your lab is taking 4 hours to get labs back I would be writing a vriance each and every time. That is not stat and can be way dangerous. There should be no reason especially on a test that is complete in under 2 minutes.
  5. If you check your drug references it is contraindicated in pregnancy. We do ucg first. Toradol is also contraindicated in early pregnancy. FDA pregnancy category C. This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Taking Toradol during labor can increase the risk of bleeding during childbirth. Do not take this medication during pregnancy unless your doctor has told you to. This medication can affect fertility (your ability to have children). Do not take Toradol while you are trying to get pregnant. Toradol can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not take this medicine without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. Do not give this medicine to anyone younger than 18 years old.
  6. babynurselsa

    Been away a long time. Thought I would say HI!

    Dang that must have been the year after I was nominated! Life stays busy here. Schooling kids working, tending to my ever growing menagerie.
  7. I haven't been on the boards in quite a while. I just thought I would pop in and say hello. Soooo, what has everyone been up to since I was here last???
  8. babynurselsa

    Best ER Nurse quotes

    I don't remember working with an Eric.....
  9. babynurselsa

    Nursing myths. Stories that you know cannot be true

    Our main Hospital campus doesn't have a 13th floor.
  10. babynurselsa

    Help..fellow RN breaking into co-workers E mail

    Call the corporate compliance hotline. This takes it out of your managers hands.
  11. I think the Walmart greeter should be required to get it.
  12. babynurselsa

    pyxis dilemma

    You can also be sure that pharmacy hasa system in place to see how much medication that this nurse is taking out. If all of your facts are true you will actually place your own license in danger by not reporting. anonymous isn't going to work later, everyone might decide to claim that they were the anonymous tipster. You can call your ethics hotline. Umm and palliative care is an awesome place to be for someone with a diversion problem............ She may not have pyxis access, but these pts may be on pca devices, some folks will actiually steal pain patches right off he patients. Or how about. "You look busy, how bout you pull out some pain meds and I will give those for your." Then her name appears no where and the documented care giver take the fall in the end. Oh and people who NEED the meds aren't getting them and suffering.
  13. babynurselsa

    Where Do People Dream This Stuff Up?

    No one smokes more than a half a pack a day.......... No, 99.5 is a high fever for me because mine normally runs low......... I am havinga seizure.....right now in fact......... ooohhhh these contractions hurt soo ba......OOOOWWWWW that IV hurts.....
  14. babynurselsa

    got shouted at yesterday night

    oh i would have had "a little chat with him," it would have had nothing whatsoever to do with a breakdown of my patient load. i would have informed hime that i understand that you are unwell but at no time is it appropriate to speak to me in such a fashion. i will take very good care of you, you will recieve very good medical care. your part of this relationship is to be respectful no if's and's or but's. i have had this conversation with many patients, i do not care how old they are.
  15. babynurselsa

    Immediate Bedding. Thoughts?

    We do this to some extent. The patient will be brought to a room by either a tech, or a nurse. Either will at least get vs, give them a gown, and sent to collect a u/a if applicable.