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babynurselsa RN

ER, NICU, NSY and some other stuff
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babynurselsa has 12 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER, NICU, NSY and some other stuff.

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  1. babynurselsa

    Best ER Nurse quotes

    I don't remember working with an Eric.....
  2. babynurselsa

    pyxis dilemma

    You can also be sure that pharmacy hasa system in place to see how much medication that this nurse is taking out. If all of your facts are true you will actually place your own license in danger by not reporting. anonymous isn't going to work later, everyone might decide to claim that they were the anonymous tipster. You can call your ethics hotline. Umm and palliative care is an awesome place to be for someone with a diversion problem............ She may not have pyxis access, but these pts may be on pca devices, some folks will actiually steal pain patches right off he patients. Or how about. "You look busy, how bout you pull out some pain meds and I will give those for your." Then her name appears no where and the documented care giver take the fall in the end. Oh and people who NEED the meds aren't getting them and suffering.
  3. babynurselsa

    Where Do People Dream This Stuff Up?

    No one smokes more than a half a pack a day.......... No, 99.5 is a high fever for me because mine normally runs low......... I am havinga seizure.....right now in fact......... ooohhhh these contractions hurt soo ba......OOOOWWWWW that IV hurts.....
  4. babynurselsa

    Bullying in the workplace

    My facility has a very concisely written policy written on its non-tolerance of lateral violence. It also covers that subtle stuff such as body language, facial expression, etc. Fortunately my department is a great group and I see very little of this here. Now there have been places that I have worked over the years that I would have loved to see something like this in place.
  5. You may be referring to a tilt test. This is when you take a patients pule and bp in a lying position, then in a sitting position andd then in a standing position. An increase in 15 or more indicates that the patient is probably dehydrated and needs some fluids.
  6. babynurselsa

    Anything seem hinky about this to y'all?

    Female abd pain = pelvic exam, especially if you say you are spotting.
  7. babynurselsa

    You Know You're a NICU Nurse When...

    I have on more than oe occasion threatened to tube patients to the lab. Especially when the new lab tech who will only accept the "perfect specimen" call for the 3rd redraw from my 500gm baby, or that cranky gut kiddo....
  8. babynurselsa

    Tricks for putting down NG tubes?

    We get an order for lidocaine 2% neb tx. Makes it comfortable for the patient. This makes it easier to pass because the patient is not reflexively fighting the tube going down.
  9. babynurselsa

    We took a stand against our Clinical Instructor...

    You know noone shauld have had to say a word to her about being late. Does no one think she didn't or shouldn't have known better? What I would have done initially is start calling the school office asking if anyone there knew if the indtructor was ok. I would show obvious concern for her safety as she was 15 minutes late........
  10. babynurselsa

    racist comment

    I have had my heritage called into question, but not my nationality......
  11. babynurselsa

    Gout vs. Cellulitis

    Still needs to be evaluated. Gout has treatments also. If it is a cellulitis and it is allowed to spread, could be very bad.
  12. babynurselsa

    nicu schools in atlanta?

    Actually you will need to attain your RN,(if you haven't already). Then just apply to local units in your area. The specialized training will be given in an actual NICU. Good Luck
  13. babynurselsa

    how to determine blood loss by weighing sponges

    weight of dry sponge minus weight of bloody sponge.
  14. babynurselsa

    Tuition for Platt's RN Program?

    Commuter have you also checked into TCC, I believe they have some sort of bridge from LPN to RN. It would probably be many thousands cheaper. Are you relocating to the area????
  15. babynurselsa

    What nursing "invention" would make you famous?

    Sippy spouts on Non-rebreather masks. That way your CHFer can still have that cup of coffee once their resp rate is under 50.....
  16. babynurselsa

    Moving to Tulsa

    OU has their reidents out of St John mainly. Thier OB is out of Hillcrest. Peds residents also round out of St. Francis. All of the ERs in town are in desperate need.

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