How long do you wait from graduating nursing school to further your education?


I am just graduating nursing school with an associate degree this December and have heard from several different nurses to wait a little while before going on to my BSN because they see the new grads who go right into their BSN get really worn out, and then I have heard from other nurses to get right on getting my bachelors because going back to school after a break is hard! What would you recommend?

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I would go right for the BSN- 1) Times are changing and there are few hospital job prospects for ADNs in some places. 2) You are in school mode still, don't get out of that, just keep going!



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Depends on if you already have a job? If you do wait at least a year because you will need all of the brain power to learn everything you need to know to transition from student to actually being a working nurse.If not working, start taking classes right away, because you are in student mode still and will be pleased with the easier pace of BSN classes, yet you'll be more marketable as a New Grad in a BSN program or once you complete it.I went back after a break, I was working while in school from LPN to RN. I am starting my first acute care hospital position since graduating in 2012 and I will tell you that I do not plan on doing much school work while training for this position.

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I started my BSN right after finishing my ADN and worked 12 hr. shifts at the same time. I didn't regret doing this as I was able to continue deferment with my student loans and was able to get the basic courses done before I started the nursing classes. I went the minimum number of credits to remain full time student. It was hard, but I did it. Tuition and books/computer downloads do not get cheaper as time goes on, your best bet would be to start working on your BSN right away. It is true when you are in school mode it is an easier transition. If you wait you may not get back in the study mode and it might actually be harder. Keep on truckin!!!


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I would continue, even if only starting with one course. You will be able to tell a prospective employer that you have a BSN in progress.

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I didn't wait at all. Heck, my employer is paying for it and giving raises after you finish. I seriously have no idea what anyone at my job is complaining about.

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I waited a year, which was a great decision on my part. The learning curve is pretty steep on my unit and I think adding coursework to that crucial first year would've been too much stress for me. Most RN to BSN programs can do done in around a year so I didn't miss much. My employer paid for my tuition and I had 5 years to complete my BSN. I did it in 14 months.


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Well I graduated with an ASN 5 years ago and still haven't gone back. I'm casual (per-diem) so I don't get tuition reimbursement. I haven't wanted to spend the money after paying off my other school loan.

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Do it asap. You never know when something will come along to get in your way.

(And schools graduate students with degrees; students graduate from schools with degrees.) :) Congratulations on yours!


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I graduated with my ASN in May and began my BSN in August of the same year. I knew the longer I waited the harder it would be to go back. It was a great choice. Getting my BSN has opened up new opportunities for me.


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I graduated may 2013 and started Bsn Aug 2013. I did have to take a break though due to moving and financial aid.

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I agree that you should do it ASAP, but I would wait till you are through your orientation in your new job (if you are hired of course). That was a wild 3 months that wore me out. I graduated in May this year and started on my BSN in late August. Worked for me.