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ArtClassRN has 8 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med Surg.

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  1. I think this "Who are we to judge?" approach is killing people. It is our responsibility to judge. It is our responsibility to NOT help people kill themselves. The caregivers who refused to make exotic diagnoses, or to place unneeded ports, PEG tubes, fistulas, or to provide unlimited IV Benadryl, or refused to escalate the use of narcotics for chronic pain - those are the ones who looked out for her. The doctors she successfully shopped, the ones who "refused to judge," the ones who provided treatments that made her worse - they helped kill her.
  2. Following following up on this, the person known as Chronically Jaquie died yesterday. While she certainly had chronic illness, I don't think that's what killed her. I think her caregivers helped her kill herself. I don't know if I'm just noticing it more but I'm seeing so many cases were people just aren't being told "No," and it is leading to great harm.
  3. ArtClassRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    I have a pretty quick trigger for pushing conflicts like this to management. That's what they get paid for. Many CNAs simply have no respect for RNs and will act as insubordinate as they can. I don't waste my time with them. If management is fine with CNAs behaving as you describe, I'd find another job.
  4. ArtClassRN

    Best way to study from PowerPoints??

    I'm going to guess that there IS a textbook for the course, but you opted to not buy it? If this is the case, go buy the textbook.
  5. No! Change of scenery sorely needed after a few years.
  6. ArtClassRN

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    I was 44 when I passed the boards. So, yes, you are very old.
  7. ArtClassRN

    Nursing Ethics Question!

    Where does the funding come from? The only issue I see is if the funding comes from the patient's own money supply period Then it could be that you would holding his own money from him if he doesn't comply. If Community or government funds are used you have a situation where fellow patient might say "Hey where's my money for taking my meds??" I've seen situations where a provider puts himself in the position of Good Samaritan and provides some special service but then when that person leaves, the subsequent staff gets the deal with the tantrum when the patient doesn't get it.
  8. ArtClassRN

    Nurse misrepresenting self?

    "Don't call me "doctor" I work for a living."
  9. ArtClassRN

    Nurse misrepresenting self?

    Smells a bit like homework. But I think it is illegal for *anyone* to misrepresent themselves as a physician in a medical setting.
  10. ArtClassRN

    Navy Nurse

    Perhaps an appointment with a Navy or Air Force recruiter would be helpful?
  11. I was in an identical situation. I sucked it up, threw out my previous transcript and retook every class. My science classes were so old I would have had to retake them anyway. So I ended up having to retake only a couple classes. My poor performance was my own fault; I took the consequences and rectified the situation. Applied to nursing school with a 4.0 GPA and left with the same.
  12. ArtClassRN

    Does she look in pain?

    Well, did she look like she was in pain? The MD was asking you for a specific reason. You reported her prescribed meds were far less than PTA and the patient told you it wasn't touching their pain. It is your fault for letting the conversation even get to that point, but since you were there, why didn't you say "YES!" Which would presumably get increased pain meds for this patient? Don't have a pissing match with the MD, do what it takes to help the patient. For instance, what dose did you want the MD to order? Whatever that does is, - ASK for it. You will either get that dose or you will force the on-call say "No." If you get what you want - great. If you don't, you can document the heck out of the situation, "Informed oncall about uncontrolled pain and asked for . Oncall declined." Use whatever format you want, SBAR or whatever, but if you appear organized and knowing the situation and what you want to do about it, you will have more success with on call physicians. If you just describe situations and say, "Well, what do you want to do about it?" then you are going to get silly questions from MDs.
  13. ArtClassRN

    Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    So naturally you chose a discussion board. For crimony sake.
  14. ArtClassRN

    coworkers constantly checking your charting

    It can be a form of harassment. I have coworkers who will do this to a nurse that isn't in their social clique in order to pressure them to find a different job.

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