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  1. I think this "Who are we to judge?" approach is killing people. It is our responsibility to judge. It is our responsibility to NOT help people kill themselves. The caregivers who refused to make exotic diagnoses, or to place unneeded ports, PEG tubes, fistulas, or to provide unlimited IV Benadryl, or refused to escalate the use of narcotics for chronic pain - those are the ones who looked out for her. The doctors she successfully shopped, the ones who "refused to judge," the ones who provided treatments that made her worse - they helped kill her.
  2. Not very often, but quite a few of them lately in a row with frighteningly common traits.
  3. ArtClassRN

    No, you can't do that!

    I ask them why they are refusing or objecting. I consider the patient's goals, the reasons for the objection, and which of their requests I can grant and those I will not. I try to calmly explain what I am going to do or not do in response to their requests In some cases (specifically cases where the patient or my job is in danger) I will call the attending (or security if needed) to come help explain why I will not grant their request. These patients invariably end up firing me and quite easily finding another nurse they can push around at will.
  4. Hello, First, Ehlers-Danlos is a real disease that afflicts people in various ways. However, I have recently noticed a huge upswing in patients being admitted with the EDS hypermobility type. These patients share very specific traits: Chronically ill. Laundry list of diagnoses (or claimed diagnoses) including Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, mast cell activation disorder, gastroparesis, POTS, dysautonomia, Mold toxicity/sensitivity (but reactions don't occur when they don't wish them - say with friends visiting). Always on medicinal marijuana. They seem to be able to walk perfectly fine, but also have very sporty wheelchairs. They almost always have ports. They are able to eat when they want, and swallow pills when they want, but they have extreme desire for GJ PEG tubes, which they immediately insist all of their medications go through. They are always young, 20's or early 30's and female. They appear healthy looking. And they demand, and get tons of PRN IV benadryl. The first patient I had with these traits got her coveted PEG tube, but was ravenous during her NPO period after surgery. She was disappointed to be told she could not eat until 24 hours after the tube was placed. I went in to start her tube feeding (and tell her she could eat) and when I checked her gastric residual, I pulled out what looked like chocolate shake. She said, "Oh...my tube is telling on me!" I said, "What did you do?" She had drank an entire carton of Kate Farms (they ALWAYS demand Kate Farms) chocolate tube feed. Then she proceeded to order a regular lunch tray and eat the whole thing. With zero nausea or vomiting. But then when tube feeding started at 10ml hour, she complained of "bloating." What the?? Is anyone else seeing an increase in this type of patient? Has EDS hypermobility type become a "desired" diagnosis?
  5. ArtClassRN

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    "Dropped pill" means the floor.
  6. ArtClassRN

    Dr makes me feel so incompetent?

    There are many ways to advocate for your patient. In this case, consulting with more experienced nurses would have helped you a great deal. Because they might have said, "If the patient is asymptomatic, don't call the MD - because what do you want them to do about it? - You should continue to monitor the patient." Had you done this, the patient's BP would have normalized under your careful guidance and the MD would not be annoyed at you. I think it was a mistake to call the MD in this situation. Sure the MD could and should have been nicer, but that's the way it goes. I would also advise you lose the "poor me" attitude. Good luck!
  7. ArtClassRN

    SHHHHH, dont tell anyone I'm a RN

    I think the real problem here is that leadership at your place of employment is a bunch of idiots. That being said, you should not lie to your idiot employer.
  8. ArtClassRN

    What would a single payer system look like?

    Whatever it looks like, it would sure as hell be better than not having any insurance at all.
  9. ArtClassRN

    I hate the politics in nursing

    My Daddy used to day, "Sure, I'll have another drink..." So not much coming from that end. My mommy's policy is that the last check she writes is sure as crap gonna bounce. So that's zero to me and my siblings. My step-mommy, on the other hand, well, her parents sold their house my step-granddaddy had lived in his ENTIRE life - and they cleared about $200. Don't think that is lasting long though. So, looks like I'm working till I drop.
  10. ArtClassRN

    Mad at myself right now. :(

    Well, often that's kinda how you get good at it.
  11. ArtClassRN

    Does anyone here like nursing?

    Yes. I like nursing.
  12. ArtClassRN

    Is hospital nursing an unbearably dirty job?

    When I was doing my peds rotation, the RN supervisor said, "I worked for a hospital as a maintenance man. I never thought I could be a nurse and deal with poop, pee, and blood. Then I had 2 kids and found out that I could deal with it. I cut the hospital's lawn on a Friday and started as a new grad in the ICU the following Monday."
  13. ArtClassRN

    How long did it take you to find your first job as a new grad

    Do you have any experience (as an assistant) doing direct care for patients in the environments you are applying? Along with demand where you are applying this makes a big difference. I passed the boards on a Tuesday and was offered a position that Friday. I also had a hospital internship and 2+ years experience in Nursing Home, Home health, and hospital as an NA. ac
  14. ArtClassRN

    Has anyone overmedicated a pt?

    Never did anything a little narcan didn't take care of.