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AnnieOaklyRN BSN, RN, EMT-P

ED, Pedi Vasc access, Paramedic serving 6 towns
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AnnieOaklyRN is a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in ED, Pedi Vasc access, Paramedic serving 6 towns.

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  1. AnnieOaklyRN

    New Grad changes Preceptor. Help!

    Welcome to nursing they are all witches
  2. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    If you read my post then maybe you would see that j am on orientation ans need no coverage! It absolutely isnt about the commute, whether I had to drive 10 minutes or take the bus (which was absolutely an option) i still wouldn't have gone in. I had minimal sleep, which means I am unsafe to care for patients. I took responsibility and called out rather then trying to care for people when I brain would not have been sharp! I do hope you stay up for 36 hours some day and then go to work knowing you will be up for another 15 hours! Totally unsafe. Please stop passing judgement on others. I took a job with a 50 minute commute if you consider minimal traffic ans I was promised an off shift and also told some other things that were untrue! Read the actual posts before you judge me, make sure your are a mistake free human first! ONCE AGAIN READ THE POSTS RUBY VE AS I SAID I ASK FOR DIFFERENT OPTIOND AFTER I AM OFF ORIENTATION, AND NOT DURING!
  3. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    ..and I slept soundly for 12 glorious hours! I felt like a new woman today!
  4. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    Thank you everyone for the comments. I did call out sick, as again it just wasn't safe for me to care for patients or drive! Alas the applications and resumes are out there, so I am hoping I find a closer to home job soon, that doesn't involve flip flopping shifts and catty people stuck in an office space the size of a small closet! annie
  5. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    LOL... Too funny! I never called out sick when I was a full time medic, because I loved it (sigh). Nursing not so much...
  6. AnnieOaklyRN

    RN volunteering at the border?

    It's nice of you to want to help, but I think you would need some sort of organization backing you up for both safety, and for licensing and insurance. It is likely if you went alone you would just end up getting hurt, and to be honestly 90 percent of these people are young men and not women and children, as the media wishes us to think. Remember you will have little to no protection once you cross the border, and may even get arrested, or you may end up getting hurt by our border patrol if they do not except you there. Annie
  7. AnnieOaklyRN

    Rising insurance premiums through work

    Thank Obama care for this!! We now have to subsidize insurance for people who do not get it through work, but who are required to have it. The private insurance companies have to make up for this loss of revenue somewhere, so guess who gets to pay! "Affordable Healthcare" is why we have a deductible as well, they are trying to make it so people think more before they get testing they may not really need. I think this more or less backfires since people who don't have the money will wait to get seen for potentially serious issues, and when they do get seen, usually in the ER when it becomes an emergency it become far more expensive then it would have if they just went to the doctor early on. Annie
  8. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    I would love this, but right now I am being precepted and am subject to my preceptor's preferences, which is to not have clustered nights. Also our team is so small it is hard for the scheduling person for what they want. I have tried to work with the manager as far as when I get off orientation and she has been unwilling. I was also told I could have permanent 11a-11p shift when I interviewed which was clearly not the truth! Read my later post above, the physical commute is only 50 minutes, it's just that the traffic is just that bad at all hours. I have a hybrid so gas isn't a huge issue, especially since it switches to the electric motor when I am sitting in stop and go traffic. There are no tolls. Hotel rooms in this city start at 200.00 plus a night! I have looked at many different options and they are all more expensive or worse then just driving in for each shift, or taking the bus. The only solution is to find a new job.... Annie
  9. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    Just to clarify the actual physical commute driving, with little to no traffic is 50 minutes which is more then doable. The only time I get this is when its a saturday or sunday shift that starts at 7 am, otherwise its horrendous. I figured it wouldn't be nearly as bad as it is during the off shifts (11a-11p and 7p-7a) but it is unfortunately. I also try and take public transportation to avoid having to sit in the traffic, as I find it a little more relaxing, the problem is is that it takes 2-3 hours going that way. No easy solution I have tried to work with the manager, as the traffic is a bit less during off shifts and it takes 1.5 -2 hours instead of more during those times, but she says she cannot do it. I was actually told could work 11a-11 pm during my interview once off orientation, and clearly that was missinformation. I was also told I would do a couple nights per a schedule (it is actually 6 plus a schedule), and that there would only be 2 or so call shifts per an entire schedule (there are usually 1 to 2 a week for each person!). Just to reiterate my decision to leave is NOT just based on commute time, its the team dynamics and the job itself, and the schedule which they were not honestly about during my interview. Since I started 5 plus people have left, the team has very poor morale and it isn't getting any better anytime soon. The city where this job is, is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, as in a 1 bedroom apartment in a slummy part of town cost about 2000.00 a month. A hotel room is 200.00 plus a night, so those are not options. I own a house in the woods and prefer that, and I would never live in any city! I have always wanted to work at this hospital, thus I accepted the job knowing that it may not work out, or it may end up being my dream job. It hasn't worked out, so I am looking for a new one. There are many people in this world who have taken jobs only to realize it was a big mistake... it happens! Annie
  10. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    umm, this has nothing to do with the commute, and more to do with the fact that I got no sleep and it was unsafe for me to drive or care for patients! Nothing to do with my commute, I just literally couldn't fall asleep because I am not used to sleeping during the day, and flip flopping between days and nights certainly isn't helping. Also as an added bonus we had a meeting Thursday morning AFTER a 12 hour night shift and were forced to stay another hour and 15 minutes which is just ridiculous! Post the minutes, but don't make your night shift stay 13 plus hours! Please read the entire original post before accusing me of not going to work because of my commute time! Annie
  11. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    Unfortunately I have a mortgage ans other Bill's so I cannot resign until I have another job offer in writing! I do have an interview next week, so hopefully that will pan out.
  12. AnnieOaklyRN

    Would you call in sick?

    Hi all, Just want your opinion on whether or not you would call out for this. I took a new job, which I sincerely regret because I hate almost everything about it, except for the kids I care for. The job itself, the hours, some of the team members etc. I love caring for the population, but all that stuff coupled with a 2 plus hour commute each way is making the job insufferable! I am of course in the process of looking for a new one... I have been schedule on nights this week after being on days for a few weeks and today is night number two and I have slept a whopping three hours in about 36 hours. I tried sleeping today and woke up after about 2 hours and I could not go back to sleep, so I ended up just getting up.. Because my commute is so long and the shifts are 12 hours there isn't more time for me to try again, thus I am truly beyond exhausted, to exhausted to safely drive or care for patients. If this were you would you call out? I am on orientation and I don't want to get fired for calling out, but at the same time it means I don't count as a body on the shift. Annie
  13. AnnieOaklyRN

    Lost 15 yrs of Senority by changing departments

    I think the seniority thing accounts for the amount of vacation time, and other benefits that come with being in the same hospital for that number of years, but NOT seniority within a department. In my opinion you should not be upset, as people who have been in a certain department longer deserve to get first choice for their vacations etc. That is the sacrifice you make when you move departments. My sister just moved from regular X-ray where she didn't have to do a lot of hollidays and got first choice for vacations, to CT where she is the new person, and she is now working Christmas and gets last choice for vacations. She didn't loose of the benefits for her longevity, but she did loose seniority department wise. Annie
  14. AnnieOaklyRN

    Is Giving 2 Weeks Notice Ancient Practice?

    I have only had three nursing jobs in 11 years, and have given two weeks notice to the first one (I still work at the second two). I was per-diem at the first one and gave them three weeks, since the schedule was out that far. I always attempt to give at least two weeks and I would put that in a letter of resignation just to have proof of that, in case I got a bad reference etc. You don't want to burn bridges. If it is a job you were only at for a few weeks, and you are still on orientation it might be ok to leave sooner. Just remember not to burn bridges and that the hospital you are leaving may own the one you want to work at in the future! Annie
  15. AnnieOaklyRN

    Is it worth going back to get my rn when I make 57,000 a year?

    Only you can answer that. I make 95K a year as an RN, but I live in an expensive area. LPNs here only make probably 50K maybe. It isn't just about the money, it is also whether you want the increased responsibility, if you want to work in a hospital, and whether you want to take on student loans if you will have too. Just understand you will have to get your BSN at some point since that is becoming the standard in most places. Strangers on the internet can't answer those things, only you can! Annie
  16. AnnieOaklyRN

    Nurse sponsor/mentor

    I think most, if not all users on here prefer to remain totally anonymous. I think you will have trouble finding someone to be a mentor on here, as the last poster said you may want to look for one where you work, or in your area. Annie