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  1. Hi, I understand that AN is trying to broaden their audience through the use of FB, but does that decrease our chances of remaining anonymous? I think it does and feel that AN should ask users before posting posts on FB. Does anyone else feels this way? Do they already do this? I personally would not want any of my posts showing up on FB. Annie
  2. AnnieOaklyRN

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    Does your phone need to be nearby for it to register that you have texts or a phone call? Annie
  3. AnnieOaklyRN

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    Once you go Mac you never go back! This is coming from someone who always had PC and android based phones... I switched to apple computers a few years ago just before I started school and now an Apple phone recently and I will NEVER go back! Apple computers are just fantastically fast and easy to use, and did I say fast?! You cannot beat the reliability and the customer service. Here is an example: I bought a new IMac (freaking awesome computer), thus I had to sell my Mac Mini, which it being a Mac it sold in a day on Craigslist. I needed to erase the hard drive and couldn't figure out what sector to delete so I met the Craigslist buyer in the Mac Store and went to the genius bar where a friendly genius was happy to help me, despite Apple gaining nothing other than a continued loyal customer. The Genius even explained the computer to the buyer and how to restore it etc and asked him if he had any other questions. You would NEVER get that service with a PC in my opinion, you would be talking to someone in India trying to explain it over the phone! This is just one example... Apple is great! Annie
  4. AnnieOaklyRN

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    so the apple watch is compatible with VOCERA??? Do you have to download an app or anything or does it just automatically link up???
  5. AnnieOaklyRN

    Lessons Learned as an Expert Nurse Witness

    IO is indeed used as a last resort; however the reported child died, so I would have considered that child in peril. Kids can be in peril way before we realize it, since as the OP said they compensate and then crash. IO is actually minimally painful to insert, its the actual infusion of fluid/medication that causes the pain. Pre-hopsital we administer Lidocaine for that pain if the patient is awake enough, which seems to help a little. Pain is better than dead, remember that. You can also give 2-3 boluses as needed through the IO and then look again of PIV or central line access since it may be easier once the patient is less dehydrated. If you educate the parents in the case of a child, I am going to assume they would agree to it, especially if it means their child will get the help they need. In the case mentioned the patient was sick enough to warrant trying central line access. Annie
  6. AnnieOaklyRN

    o2 @ 2L

    People forget patients can feel air hundry because thier co2 is high and not just because thier oxygen is low! Dont forget the other part of the puzzle! In EMS we can measure conrinuos co2 which is very helpful and I wish more hoapitals would do this as well! Happy
  7. AnnieOaklyRN

    What can the prehospital crews do in your area?

    nice of you to make the assumption that I do not know anything about this procedure or neonates and that I am not smart enough to know that I need to review infrequent procedures, or that I have never cared for neonates, and that I do not have NRP, NALS, and PALS. You just keep assuming, your not worth this response, nor should I even need to explain myself to you. You must be one of those critical care transport nurse or just a nurse that thinks everyone is beneath you...keep dreaming, thats one of the reasons I left nursin, to many catty people with large egos with no reason! I JUST LOVE THE AUTONOMY IN EMS, Nothing like NOT having to ask a physician before assessing and treating patients! your the cocky one that started this conversation, remember that! Happy
  8. AnnieOaklyRN

    Does this mean I'm hired ?

    Wait till you get the job offer in writing! Happy
  9. AnnieOaklyRN

    Life after nursing school:STUDENT LOANS

    It is reality college is very expensive and most people have no choice, but to accumulate a lot of debt. You could go to a community colleg which would cost less in the end. Apply for scholarships as well, that may help.... You just have to accept it really or win the lottery... Happy
  10. AnnieOaklyRN

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Well you should remember as a floor nurse that ER nurses dont have the privlage of refusing patients, they just keep comming in. We cannot tell our patients to come back in say an hour when we are less busy, it just doesn't work that way which is why we get annoyed when we call the floor to give report and get told that the nurse is "to busy" to take it right now, what do you think we are, not busy? Happy
  11. AnnieOaklyRN

    Rude Nurses

    Well speaking as a former ER RN and as a pre hospital provider it does get rather frustrating when nurind homes send ou patients that really do not need to go. It sounds like this patient need tylenol and the antibiotics that were sprescribed instead of being moved and shipped out of your facility, which for the patient, I am sure is not the most comfortable thing when you do not feel good. Don't take it personally, but after you are the nurse/emt/paramedic/MD who sees this kind of needless transport to the ER over and over again it starts to get to ya! Sorry about any tyepos, on an IPAD and typing is not so easy! Happy
  12. AnnieOaklyRN

    What can the prehospital crews do in your area?

    No, this is for the regular 911 ambulance at the ALS level, UVC is at the paramedic level only of course, and no you do not have to be a paramedic on a specialized neontal team to do it. We can carry either umbilical catheters or use an IV catheter, it is up to the individual service to decide what they want to carry. Fluids and whatever medications are needed, whoch for the most part would be Epi... If a neonate needs epi, I would guess that a hospital isn't gonna wait for xray confirmation either before pushing the med! Happy
  13. AnnieOaklyRN

    What can the prehospital crews do in your area?

    In NH the state goes by its modo " Live free or die" when it comes to protocols! We carry a huge amount of drugs and the only one that is a med control is Heparin, everything else is standing order! We can pace, cardiovert, defib of course, needle decompress if needed, intubate obviously, sedate ( for medical or psychotic patients), yes we carry Haldol! Can put in umbilical lines, have not had to do this though. Can alao access central lines including ports. Oh and lets not forget the IO, love that thing! CPAP whixh is the greatest thing ever in EMS, works fantasticly! We even have IV nitro, which not to many systems carry. For drugs we carry for 911: Ativan fentanyl morphine versed valium albuterol atrovent xopenex magnesium ( eclampsia and adult and pedi asthma) Epi 1:10000 and 1:1000 Atropine Benadryl IV/IM and PO SoluMedrol Solucortef Norepi ( as a pressor) dopamine lidocaine (bolus and drip) Cardizem Amiodarone (bolus and drip) Sodium bicarb ( TCA overdose or suspected hyperK) Adenosine D50, 25, 10 Narcan Calcium chloride Glucagon Pit Lasix Bumex PO tylenol and Mltrin Toradol NTG IV, SL, and paste Heparin Proparacaine (optic) Hurricaine spray neosynephryn (nasal) ASA Haldol Romazicon Zofran ( thank god!) Compazine Phenergan I think I got them all, probably forgot 1 or 2, but you get the idea! I love working EMS in this state for this reason and because of the off line medical directio unless you need to consult them. Happy
  14. AnnieOaklyRN

    What can the prehospital crews do in your area?

    Yes new guideline per AHA use blidly inserted airways on cardiac arrests instead of intubating. Takes a lot less time! Happy
  15. AnnieOaklyRN

    Is it legal to rewrite nursing notes 3 months later?

    You need to write an addendum and keep the current notes. Do not write them all over this would look suspicious in a court room! Happy