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  1. rob4546

    BSN-MSN Education

    Hello, I just finished my first class for the BSN-MSN Nursing Education Track. So far it hasn't been exceptionally stressful other than currently having two jobs and trying to fit in school work.
  2. rob4546

    When they're SO sure they're right...

    After returning a patient to our Med/Surg floor a nurse thought I promptly deserved an incident report. Seems like I returned the patient to the floor with make-up (blush) across the abdomen. How careless I was to drop it on the patient and then not clean it up. Couldn't stop laughing, "sweetheart, that was Chloraprep from the patient's abdominal surgery." My manager would not give me the name of the nurse who submitted the report. Best thing that has happened to me in my career.
  3. rob4546

    T-shirt Sayings

    Found it quick: Hoodie: NURSE - BADASS LIFE SAVER | Teespring T-Shirt: NURSE SHIRT | Teespring The hoodie comes in red, I have the t-shirt in blue...
  4. rob4546

    T-shirt Sayings

    I will search for it tomorrow, it is late tonight. It was printed on a lot of different types and colors of shirts. It was a couple years ago so I hope it is still around..
  5. rob4546

    T-shirt Sayings

    Front of shirt: NURSE Back of shirt: Only Because Badass Lifesaver Isn't Actually A Job Title One of the first things I bought with my first paycheck.
  6. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    I can understand your frustrations about the instructors but the list going around has been quite useless for most of us. Only one of my instructors were on the list so it was not helpful. The best strategy is to open the classroom the Friday or Saturday before and look for extra or unrealistic changes the instructor adds to the curriculum. Stuff like "will take off 20% for APA errors", or "No questions about assignment requirements will be answered." Just stuff that does not fit with the usual GCU requirements. If you get one of these instructors then do not post in that class and get in touch with your advisor and state you want to be removed and wish to have a new instructor. The classes are set by GCU and the instructors are merely facilitators. They grade papers and make sure that the class functions. You will get a instructor or two that will be great and very helpful, but it is not the norm. Hope this helps calm some stress.
  7. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Congrats!!! Feels nice, doesn't it? Don't worry about the final grades, it wont change anything. just get on with your life. within a month I had my diploma and transcripts.
  8. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    If I remember correctly I found all the entries in the weekly reading articles for the current week and the following week. This assignment only took me 45 minutes and I got all 10 points. But remember that all instructors are different......
  9. Can you relocate to a more favorable state? In the rural area in which I reside you could be accepted in the ADN program I completed in the fall, assuming that you have the required prerequisites. There is usually one or two positions that are not filled or are filled by an applicant that barely makes the minimum requirements. The NCLEX pass rate is 95% plus and the tuition is somewhere around 12-15 thousand total for an ADN degree. With financial aid I only spent 4,000 out of pocket total for everything (books, tuition, housing for clinicals out of town, food, snacks, and supplies). I earned my BSN over the last 15 months from GCU which cost me around 14,000 with financial aid. The problem is you are in a saturated market both for schooling and employment. This could be an adventure and a chance to grow wings and fly. Like said above, 80,000 is far too much for a nursing degree.....
  10. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    I wanted to echo what most people stated before me, the list of instructors were useless to me. Looking into the class before it opened is the best option because the class is set up by GCU not the instructor. They (should be) are bound by the rubric provided and are merely facilitators not instructors. Don't get me started on this, being self motivated is a function of online education. The "instructors" only maintain flow of the class and provide grades for work completed. Be aware of the instructors that state in the announcements that they will make changes to the assignments or the expectations. Avoid them like mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. Here are a couple thoughts about handling the coursework. I always tried to have the discussion posts done the Sunday before they were due. Then I merely had to cut and paste Monday night. Monday should be used to go through the assignment and all questions should be asked then. You may not get good responses so it gives you a few days to ask the question again. If by Friday you do not know how to complete an assignment then come here and see if there is anyone that can help provide understanding. When completing the assignments use the rubric as a guide to complete the papers. The first paragraph is the introduction and thesis statement then each section or paragraph should follow the requirements spelled out in the rubric. Be weary of the word counts; many instructors require sticking to the minimums and maximums. Also do not wait till Sunday night at 2300 to submit the assignment to turn it in, you will not like the wait. Paraphrase most all the information pulled from resources and limit direct quotes. This will keep the turn it in similarity scores low. Once you get the hang of it the papers will be easier to complete. Five hours a week for the required work? Pffftttt.... Uh, no. It usually took 3 hours three nights during the week and then another 8 hours Saturday and Sunday. That is about 25 hours a week on average which I think is what is necessary. Then again I tend to overdo everything. If I think of anything else I will let you know.
  11. At this point I would not beat myself up about a perceived lack of knowledge. Like it was said above, not every nurse will know all drugs but should be aware of the common and useful meds. Of the drugs you learn try to understand the physiology and pharmacology of the medications and then understanding the S/E is much easier. It is the difference between memorizing and knowing the facts. If you have prior knowledge of the patient and their meds then you should be aware of them for clinicals. If you are surprised with a med then you need to know how to look it up and find the information you really need. Be resourceful and it will come with time and use. Start making lists of the common meds you see and study them.
  12. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Thank you. You will be here in no time at all!! It is hard to see it that way because of feeling overwhelmed but it will happen. I didn't have to take Patho because I got credit for a Patho class I took during my ADN Program. I have heard that the DQ are really long.
  13. rob4546

    Should I "waste" my time getting an ADN?

    Well I guess I wasted my time. It took me 4.5 years to go from nothing to my BSN. I first earned my ADN and worked while obtaining my BSN (which i graduated from a week ago). During the time while I was working toward my BSN I earned over $100,000 and moved up a couple positions at my facility. That money has made me nearly debt free because I spent only around $21,000 total for my education. So no, I don't think it would be a waste of time. The questions you should be asking should be about the NCLEX pass rate of the schools in question as well as the attrition rate of each program. Then you need to determine if you can work as an ADN in your area. Answer those question and it will guide you towards the correct path. What does a more competitive school have to do with anything? Is their NCLEX pass rate better?
  14. rob4546

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Received my final grade for the Capstone. I managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA. Doesn't mean much but it does feel somewhat good. Maybe in a couple weeks I will post some reflective comments here but right now I am just happy to have some down time. Thanks for everyone on these threads (GCU threads) that have helped. There are so many that participated in my success that I am afraid I would miss them if I were to list them. Thank you everyone.
  15. rob4546

    Boards vs NCLEX?