How long after you finish CNA course do you typically take the state exam?

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Hi everyone! I start my CNA class on Monday. I am nervous and excited. I was wondering how long after you finish the class do you typically take the state exam? My class ends July 1st and we are going out of town on July 21-24. I am hoping that this does not conflict with the state exam. I know they will probably tell me next week but I was curious what the average was.


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Depends if your school has state proctors exams at the school or if you have to go out of town yourself. ask the administrators


I took mine at the end of my program at the school.

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We had to schedule our own. My last day of class was a Friday and I scheduled my exam for the following Tuesday.

On the first day of class, we did a sort of orientation. We talked about what to expect in class, etc, but also where they recommended we take the exam and what it was like. Your instructor will be able to answer any questions you have.

If I were you, I would take the test as soon as possible after you finish your class so everything is fresh in your mind.

Good luck in class! Enjoy it while it lasts because it's over so quickly!



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i start my class on tues june 2 and it ends on july 2. its nice to see someone else getting ready to start this class then in august i start LPN school. i'm sooo excited! good luck to you.


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Thanks everyone. I am very nervous to start. I have never done anything in the health care field before.


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We had to schedule our own. My last day of class was a Friday and I scheduled my exam for the following Tuesday.

Same here, my class ends Friday July 3rd, I scheduled my test for Tuesday July 7th. I am taking my class through the tech college, and I registered for the test just the same way as I did for classes. There were 2-3 testing times offered each month.

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In my state its a little different than others. My final test counted as a CNA competency exam. Then I went to the BON & received my 90 day temporary CNA license while I waited for the results of my fingerprints & background check to come back. In order to work in a nursing home here you have be licensed as a GNA so the school where I took my CNA exam is a testing site so the following month we were scheduled to take the test.


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I start my cna classes on july 27th and it ends august 18th. I really hope i get to take my exam right after, because I have to move 3 hours away to go to school for my LPN. I have a few friends that are CNA's and I am definately going to pick their brains for information throughout the course...I really want to do a good job....Good luck to all those starting their classes soon!


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Ours was scheduled for the last day of class. The test was really easy...don't panic. I slept through the class & made a 96 on the written and a 100 on the skills portion.

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My CNA course ended in late March, and they made us wait till May 15th in order to take the state exam.


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My classes ended the 5th of May and I take my exam on June 22nd. I wasn't able to sign up to take it right away, so I missed the cut off for the test last week. Here it just depends, if you are lucky your class will end and than you can take it right away if the dates fall right.


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I would say take it asap!! my instructor says, do it quickly because if you don't use it, you lose it...I took my state exam 4 months after finishing the classes due to illnesses in my family and boy I tell ya, I took 2 refreshers courses at the school to get back up to speed eventhough while I was dealing with the issues, I still read the books but it wasn't the same. You will be fine, you're on the right track, good luck to you!

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