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6 yrs LTC, 1 yr MedSurg, Wound Care

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  1. Dorali

    Nursing Medical Symbol: What is it about?

    This is something that makes me crazy! Personally, I wouldn't want to wear something knowing that it was incorrect. My hospital has a statue of Asclepius in one of the flower beds out of front, which made me happy the first time I saw it!
  2. Dorali

    My TEAS V Story

    I don't really know what's on the HESI, but with a quick Google search, it looks like it covers what's on the TEAS and then some. So if you did pretty good on that, I bet you'll do pretty good on this one too. If you want a suggestion, I think you should take one of the practice tests in the back of the ATI manual and see where you're struggling, then brush up on that. Also, study the terms/definitions and look up anything you don't understand. Knowing and understanding the definitions will help a lot! I'm SO glad you caught that and understood! Ha ha!! That made my day!
  3. Dorali

    My TEAS V Story

    I had started to study a little here and there, but I guess not taking it too seriously. I know that if I need to retest, I have to wait 30 days between tests, so I can retest during the first week of July. Everything, the test scores, application, etc., all have to be turned in by July 15th. In my application packet, there's information about the TEAS: what it covers, how many questions, how many points you get for each section, and the contact information I need to schedule. Let me just say right here, that I wasn't even sure how to *pronounce* this test. Is it like "tease" or t-e-a-s. So I went to google. No help, believe it or not. Apparently, I'm the only one who has had this problem. I hate when that happens. I also hate sounding like an idiot. Then, I had an idea. I remembered reading that YouTube was a good place to find videos to help you study and during a previous search with TEAS in the search bar it came up with videos like "How I passed the TEAS" or "How to study for the TEAS." YouTube, here I come! Multiple videos came up from people that had taken the test already. (Oh, how badly I wish I could be one of those girls! They already have this test over with and bragging about their awesome scores!) I watched the first one, she said "tease." Another, and she said "tease" as well. Third time's a charm...yep, she said "tease" too. Ok, now I can call and schedule my test with confidence. I'm goofy, I know! I look in my application packet for the contact information and the woman to contact is named Denisa. Seriously? Is this a misprint? Should it really be Denise? I have never heard that name before. I have no room to talk, my real name is Dondrea and I go by Dondie. Good luck to those that have to contact me in the future, if my name is printed somewhere. I decide to ask for this woman by her last name, which was less complicated. I dial the number and call. Guess who answers? Denise-uh! "Hi Denisa, my name is Dondrea and I am calling to schedule my "tease" test." Skip the dialogue, I quickly learn that they schedule their tests once per month. My test is on May 28th, which cut my study time in HALF! I hear Spongebob in my head the first time he goes to visit Sandy Cheeks at the Treedome and there's no water. "This is not good, Patrick, this is not gooooood!" I paid $70 for the test, even though I knew going in that I wasn't going to do very well. When I hung up the phone, I told myself that I would use this as a practice test. An expensive practice test, but, still, just practice. My retest will be the real deal, but I needed to study just the same. Now, my absolutely, without a doubt, most FAVORITE way to study is by using flash cards. I started this technique during my CNA class trying to learn abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes. Your question is on the front and either you know it or you don't. There's no accidentally glancing ahead in your book to see the correct answer. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone and I discovered a while back that there are flashcard APPS. (I have an iPhone.) Best. Invention. Ever. For the student, anyway. You take your phone with you everywhere. If you're waiting in line at the bank, study. If you're cooking dinner and have a minute, study. I probably downloaded 5 or 6 apps, made a few cards in each to see how easy they were to create, options within the app, and so on. I finally settled on one called Flashcards [+] by NKO Ventures, LLC. Let me just do some advertising here. I LOVE this app! It's easy to make cards, they can be separated into folders & sub decks, import from Quizlet, you can add images & sounds to the front and/or back, you can highlight, change the color of your text, bulleted & numbered lists, bold, italicize, and underline, there are about 7 games, and most importantly you can LISTEN! A Siri-sounding voice reads the cards to you. Driving in the car, plug in your earbuds and listen; however, I only put in one earbud. Newer cars probably have a way to listen through the radio, but I don't have that. I purchased the full version (which I rarely do in any app) for $6.99 which gave me unlimited cards and decks and more games. I've even emailed the creator with a suggestion and received a polite response with directions on how to better utilize the app. Not automated either, which means a lot to me. They continuously have new updates. I can't say enough good things! Back on track now... I studied every spare minute I had. I got on YouTube and watched math videos, pausing and working the problems out for myself and then watching to see if I answered correctly. I used KhanAcademy.com for science which gives you great visual and he's entertaining. ("Mitosis. Myyy-tooooo-siiiiiiiissssss. Gets me every time!) In high school, I don't remember taking anything past biology and I got out of algebra by taking consumer math class (balancing check books, running a household) and things like that. I HATE math. I shot myself in the foot. I'm 30 years old and trying to teach myself the FOIL method. I love to read so I wasn't too worried about comprehension, but grammar was a big refresher. On test day, I had an hour drive to get there. I tried to listen to my cards but I was so nervous I couldn't concentrate. Plus, stupid Siri kept interrupting trying to tell me how to get there! I used the restroom when I got there, and they told us to go but I didn't need to until I was starting the first portion, of course. My beloved coffee had betrayed me. I finished the reading section with time to spare and hurried back to the restroom. Now I could concentrate. During the test, it's timed but you don't wait for everyone to finish before starting the next portion. As soon as you're done with a portion, you continuously move along until you're finished. I didn't watch the timer, but I checked it every time I moved to the next page. There are only about 5 questions on a page. It seemed a little more manageable that way instead of have 54 questions on a single page. It says at the top of each page 1-5 of 54 questions, and so on, so you know where your are. I liked that aspect. I did notice on my math section I was spending too much time figuring out my answers. I didn't realize how bad it was until I realized I had about 10 questions left and only 3 minutes to do them in! Panic mode! Keep in mind that any question left unanswered is counted wrong. If you get to that point, you're better off guessing and possibly getting it right than just flat out getting it wrong because it was blank. I don't support that, and I ended up just reading the questions and giving my best estimate and trying to do any simpler questions quickly. I submitted that test with 21 seconds to spare! The science portion wasn't as bad as I had thought, although that is the section that I studied the most. Don't get me wrong, it was still difficult. I made 357 flashcards for it. There should have been more, but by the time I was nearing the end of the section in my ATI study guide, I was so fed up and confused I was ready to wing it. Not a good attitude to have. I retained more than I thought, thank goodness. When I submitted the last portion, I raised my hand and let the proctor know I was finished. She printed off my score and it seemed to take forever. She showed me my score and how it related to the points I received to get into the LPN program. It's a maximum of 3 points per section (reading, math, science, and grammar) and I received a total of 12 points! I even asked her, "does this mean I don't need to retest?" She smiled at me and said, "you don't need to! You can't get any more points." I said, "I can't believe it! I just KNEW I was going to fail!" She laughed at me a little and I laughed at myself. I received a print out of my grades and a list of the things I messed up on and where it was discussed in the ATI manual. It wasn't exact questions, more generalized: "Describe the structures and functions of nucleic acids. (TEAS V Study Manual Page 137 and 138)." If I had needed to retest, this would have been invaluable information. My overall score: Adjusted Individual Score: 79.3% Preparedness Level: Advanced Mean National: 64.3% Mean Program: 56.0% Percentile Rank-National: 87 Percentile Rank-Program: 97 Individual Reading: 83.3% National: 70.5% Program: 63.7% Individual Mathematics: 86.7% National: 69.0% Program: 60.3% Individual Science: 75.0% National: 53.6% Program: 42.7% Individual English: 73.3% National: 63.8% Program: 57.4% I wish I had done better, but I'm pretty hard on myself. Considering the amount of time I seriously studied, the fact that I graduated high school over 10 years ago, and I haven't taken any prerequisite classes, I am very pleased with my results! Im going to be honest here and say that God absolutely had a hand in my score. I still have no idea how I did so well. Once I realized that nursing was the field I wanted to work in, things have miraculously fallen gracefully into place for me. I couldn't have accomplished this without His help. I called my husband on my way home and told him I was waiting for the school to call and say there was a mistake with my score. I am just that surprised! I know this post is long. I discovered during my studying that I am an expository writer. I would be happy to offer any suggestions on studying. I wouldn't have known what to spend time on, good websites, study tips, and all that without the help from those on this site. What I've done is mentioned above, but the best thing you can do is look up anything you don't understand because the manual is basically an overview of the things you need to know and, honestly, it isn't that great at explaining if you don't understand. You have to go beyond the book. Good to luck to those testing soon! If I can do it, then you definitely can too!
  4. Dorali

    Just a update

    Congratulations on your job! My facility didn't give me any scrubs, I have to buy my own, but we are not required to wear any certain color. I've only worked in one facility, so just from my own experience I've never heard of anyone getting an advance on their paycheck. We all just usually wait for payday to roll around.
  5. Dorali

    Horrified by lazy CNA's, is this the norm?!

    When you first start working, you have all kinds of compassion. After working for several months, it starts to wear down on you. The pay is terrible, the stress is terrible, the residents can be abusive, and after a while, you don't have as much compassion as you did in the beginning. I'm not saying that what these CNAs did was right and ok, but I remember coming home from work one day about 6 months in, and crying on my husbands shoulder and telling him that I felt like they had taken everything out of me. I had so much to give when I started and now there was just nothing left. So, I understand your enthusiasm and wanting to make a difference, that's a great thing! Keep that as long as you can! Cut these girls some slack, though, and understand all the weight they have on their shoulders. We would all LOVE to be able to provide the care for these residents that we would want for our own family, but the TIME just isn't there. If ratios were better than 10 or 15:1, then yeah, Id be putting curlers in ladies hair, listening to their stories, and so on. I've done things that I'm not proud of and I bet everyone else here has too. One of these days you'll be the one training and some girl will be on here talking about you. It's the sad truth.
  6. I would try offering to help them finish whatever it is they are in the middle of, and then drag them down to where you need them. I don't mean help them finish rounds, just whatever they are currently working on. Also, get as much of the care done as you can by yourself, then when they get there they can come in, help with what you needed them for and let them go. Don't make them do the dirty part, your resident-your mess. If you tell them ahead of time that, for example, everything is ready, lift pad underneath, etc and you just need them there for the actual transfer, maybe they won't mind so much. Try to figure this out for yourself before going to your charge nurse. I just dont want you to be labeled a tattletale or something. If it continues, then by all means get someone else involved. This job requires teamwork.
  7. Dorali

    Anyone here work as a medication aide?

    Every class that I have been able to find has been at a Vo-Tech. I Googled something like "medication aide courses Oklahoma". Got a few websites that had lists of every place in the state, then looked at the websites for the school to see when the classes were starting (it was usually in the course catalog). Hope that helps. :)
  8. Dorali

    How did you get your job?

    We were moving out of the city to a small town with one NH. I called a few weeks before we closed on our house to see of they had any daytime positions available. They said yes. Went in the next day to fill out an application and they hired me on the spot, even though I was a brand new CNA. Easy as pie! :) If you're looking for a job, that's what I would do. No point in filling out an application if they're not hiring. People call my facility all the time; I know because I've answered the phone when they ask. Hope that helps! Dondie
  9. Dorali

    do I have to take the class again?

    Look to see if a local Vo-tech offers a refresher class. A friend of mine took her class in high school. She didn't do the work for a few years and took a refresher course a while back.
  10. Dorali

    First day tomorrow (yikes)..wish me luck!

    Anytime! :)
  11. Just wondering how many of you are CMAs. I start my class this week and I know I'll be having questions soon! Dondie
  12. Dorali

    partial bed bath/gathering supplies

    A lot of these things are common sense. If you take a second think about it, would you want to wash your hands with something you just cleaned your armpit with? Lol! I'm not trying to be sarcastic, just wanted you to think about it. :) A few more tips: •If you do the face, remember to always do the eyes first. No soap. •Never put a used wash cloth back in the basin. •It never hurts to take more linen than you think you'll need. Be prepared.
  13. Dorali

    You know what I hate?

    I look at them and smile! You've acknowledged they are there and come across as friendly. The worst thing that happens is that they don't smile back. You could always make a face. Stick out your tongue and cross your eyes! Ha ha! So yeah, that's what I do. :)
  14. Thank you, that makes sense!
  15. Dorali

    Busy...busy..busy.. Start the 30th!

    Yes, I have several sets of scrubs from Wal-Mart, had them for a over a year and don't have even a stitch missing. When you have more, you won't wear the same ones over and over and they won't wear out as quick either. It doesn't matter how many hours you are scheduled, it has to be over 40 in a work week. Yes, you work the day before and the day after if you're scheduled to. If you're scheduled off then it doesn't matter. The policy there may be different, but that's how it is at my job and my husband's also.