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  1. CandAmommy

    CNA Salary?

    I just started to work in the Kissimmee, FL area and make $10 an hour. I have to drive about 30 min though. The hours are perfect for me anyway. Not that bad.
  2. CandAmommy

    what does "on-call" mean?

    LOL no you don't get paid the whole weekend. On call means anytime between those days and hours they can call you at anytime they need you to come in..As in if it is 3am and they need you, that is when you would go in.
  3. CandAmommy

    PCT FL hospital Waterman

    May I ask you how much experience you have? I am just wondering. I have been applying to FL hospital like everyday. Good luck with your interview!
  4. CandAmommy

    I Got The Job!

    That is great! Congrats! Keep us updated on how your first week is :)
  5. CandAmommy

    CNA wanting to be a MEDICAL ASSISTANT...will this be better

    I'm not going to discourage you from wanting to get you MA. I would just suggest researching the schools closely. They have certificate programs for the under a year and done thing and than a 2 year degree. It isn't true that you are just stuck at LTc with an MA. Here in FL, I have been seeing the jobs everywhere from Pediatric offices, OBGYN, and hospitals. If that is what you want, go for it! I think you would like it better having an 8 hour day in a medical office setting by the sound of your post. I have an AS I am not using and am a CNA. It's not a waste of a degree when you can't find a job for what you graduated in. After I pay off some of my loans I will get my LPN. Good luck to you!
  6. CandAmommy

    Need some advice on CNA exam

    LTC facilities (some) will hire people and train them to be NAs. They have a certain amount of time, usually around 6 weeks, where they than have to take the exam to become certified. Some pay for it as long as you commit to stay to work for a certain period of time.
  7. CandAmommy

    Part time job while in school?

    Anytime they need you, they will call for you to come in. I am sure some have it to where they are PRN only at nights and so forth, but that would be something I am sure is discussed and worked out during or after the interview.
  8. CandAmommy

    Part time job while in school?

    IT means that they can basically call you anytime to come in plus one weekend a month with every other holiday.
  9. CandAmommy

    Patient Care Technician Course!

    I was also going to post that a lot of the people who are PCTs in hospitals get trained on the job and don't have to pay for extra classes. That is my plan :)
  10. CandAmommy

    Florida CNA's

    The only salaries posted that I have seen here are all between $9-14 BTW...It's ideal to want to work in a hospital, but easier to get into a nursing home (LTC) there you will get the experience you need per resume and than can apply and hopefully get a job easier in a hospital. I am physically going to go to all places in the area tomorrow and talk to any available HR. It's easy to submit resumes online, but who knows how many of those they are really looking at.
  11. CandAmommy

    Florida CNA's

    I just passed my state exam 2 weeks ago and have been looking for a job since :) I am staying positive. Central Florida here by the way.
  12. CandAmommy

    How Do I Know If I Passes?

    Not sure in your state, but in Florida they tell you about 20-30 min after your skills test, and you find out almost immediately with your written. I have heard others say up to 30 days and they will notify you by mail. Good luck!
  13. CandAmommy

    Highschool and CNA?

    You will be way too tired if you plan to work nights during the school week. That is just my opinion of course.
  14. CandAmommy

    Highschool and CNA?

    When do you plan to actually work? I think it would be difficult while you are still in highschool. Most shifts you would be able to do would be 11-7 or 12 hour 7-7, but than when would you sleep? Or did you plan to just work on weekends? It is hard work. If you think you can do it, go for it!
  15. CandAmommy

    CNA interview questions

    What were all of your answers? Just curious :)