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  1. Vasovagal during procedure

    Thank you!
  2. Vasovagal during procedure

    I tried again, and made it through. I did start feeling a little flushed around the same time, but was able to hold it together. Got a little confidence back, but I'll be on my toes from now on trying to catch it before something happens!
  3. Vasovagal during procedure

    I know there are a lot of stories about nurses passing out, but how common is it to also vomit? I'm not in the OR, but posting here because I think I'll get better response. The MD I work for does minor procedures in his office. I was observing a ...
  4. Manual vs electric lifts

    The nice thing for us is that every patient has their own lift (assisted living community). It stays right in their room. Hospice provides them, or they are rented through a 3rd party. We do have two that belong to the facility as well.
  5. Manual vs electric lifts

    My issue is the amount of effort to operate the hand crank lifts- when my aids are hopping from room to room and sweating like pigs from all the lifts, watching them makes me fear for a thrown out back or shoulder, especially with obese patients. A...
  6. Manual vs electric lifts

    Does anyone have a resource that differentiates the pros and cons of each? I'm trying to rid my building of the hand crank type and would like something to support my argument that the battery operated ez stands and hoyers are better for patient AND...
  7. Health and Welless Co-ordinator

    Yes, those are definite duties for a HWD at Brookdale. Along with MOD rotation, and assisting with marketing.
  8. NON-medical homecare provided by LPN

    Thank you for the clarification! That was what I was thinking, but wanted another's input! Thanks!
  9. Hoping I can find some advice on a couple things on this forum. I am an LPN looking to provide non-medical supportive homecare services. NOT nursing services. I have been approached by a few potential clients, and one of the questions that keeps ...
  10. I'm an LPN currently enrolled in an ADN bridge program. I'm having second thoughts about being back in school and becoming an RN, but I'm afraid if I don't do this there will be very limited job options for me in the future. As it is, in my area th...
  11. Hello! Can anyone tell me if there are any schools that offer CHA1 in the summer? Thanks!
  12. I am thinking of apply for an lpn position at a county jail. I have worked in a family practice clinic and nursing home, home health. I was thinking about applying for this same jail back when I first graduated, but didn't have the required experie...
  13. Nursing Home Blues

    You take your experience with you whether you use an employer as a reference or not. And honestly- the cattiness and backstabbing is pretty typical in nursing. It doesn't matter if you are in LTC, a hospital, a clinic... whenever you get a bunch of...
  14. Unit manager as first job?

    This is exactly how it worked at every LTC facility I've worked at and done clinicals at. Except there were usually 30-35 residents per nurse. Completely do-able after orientation.
  15. Most definitely!!! :)