How common is it at your facility to do an overtime shift?


How common is it at your facility to do an overtime shift??? I know for some places it is very unlikely... and if you must do OVERTIME shift, it must be approved beforehand...

How strict is it at your facility?

madwife2002, BSN, RN

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It is very strict at my facility but if there is a call off or staffing shortage then we have no choice. Not many people like to work overtime to be truthful, they like to milk the clock but not do an extra day

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Well they are pretty strict about incremental overtime, which is when you clock out 15 min late because it puts you into double time and all those 15 min add up and cost the facility a lot of money. However, when we are short staffed they will call around and try to get someone in to work an extra shift and since we are union they have to do this before they call a registry person.

Annaiya, NP

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In the winter you can work as much overtime as you want. In the summer you're sometimes lucky to just get your 3 shifts a week.

loriangel14, RN

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I can work overtime every week if I want to pick it up.Especially in the summer.


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We are short staffed in my department so they are always offering overtime. I end up sometimes earning overtime due to the amount of charting we do.


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If I wanted to right now I could probably work overtime every day of the week. Not strict and have a list sent out each week or two.

Kyrshamarks, BSN, RN

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Put it this way. The three hospitals that are in the chain I work for have almost FIVE HUNDRED overtime shifts available this schedule alone. They are offering bonuses of 50 to 100 per shift just ti eork them. I average five to six twelve hour shifts per week.

tokmom, BSN, RN

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They prefer not to and if you trade a day that will put you into OT, the Kronos nazi lady will hunt you down. Otherwise if we are short staffed, then it's ok.

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I'm not sure how it is in other departments in our hospital, but in my department it's next to impossible to get an entire shift of overtime unless you count weekend/night call. That's more due to a lack of a need than anything, though. There's often an opportunity to pick up a little OT by staying late when we're busy or down a person.

Flo., BSN, RN

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In the winter we have tons of extra shifts available. In the summer we are usually low volumed at least once a week. For some reason people just don't get as many elective surgeries when the weather is nice. ;)


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Very common . . . due to sick calls, short-staffing or high acuity. Some of the "OT hounds" on the unit have worked 48 hrs OT in a 2 week pay period. Apparently, it is more cost-effective to pay the OT, than hire more staff!?