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  1. biblepoet

    When a patient states "something isnt right..."

    I agree my last time it happened the patient eventually died in ICU.
  2. biblepoet

    Nurse Relocating to Indiana, Indianapolis

    Jobs you can find but unless you have two years ob experience no ob jobs. I work in Indy most hospitals are hiring for med surf and critical care.
  3. biblepoet

    Is Nursing as Stressful as Nursing School?

    More so at nursing school not responsible for pt. And hard to get out in time; trying to keep multiple pt.s healthy when to call or not. Are all decisions you make and host of others all night long
  4. biblepoet

    No light duty for RN's in my hospital - is this typical?

    We have light duty at my hospital lots of auditing charts. Right now on short-term disability due to a meniscus tear Dr. Will not release me to do it oh well.
  5. I think psych pts. Are hard to deal with on the normal floor because we are not equipped for it. LOCKED units or protocols for it. We are stuck with their behavior along with the five other pts. Noone to keep them safe because our techs have 10 other pts.
  6. Teach pt. Suctioning makes me want to hurl. Pts. Who feel the need to show me what they coughed up like I do not believe them. Spine pts pain control issues. Lazy pts. Who will not get up and would rather pee on themselves then use the bedside commode. Pysch pts. For obvious reasons.
  7. biblepoet

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    In Indianapolis it is 21.65 plus shift diff at night of10% and 15% on weekends.
  8. Love my job but physically and emotionally draining. I am on shortterm disability because of my knees. Miss my coworkers and pts. If yo are in nursing school already suggest you get a tech job it helps with finding a job and gets you in a hospital. In Indiana my hospital hires its tech as RN's. If you are going in for the money I would discourage it not worth it too hard although I make a good wage stress is high and money is no reason to get into s profession.
  9. biblepoet

    Rejection Galore

    Try to email her to remind her of your interest in the position. Be proactive and aggressive. I landed a job that way. Hope you sent a thank you for the interview. Keeps your name in front of her And remind her of you'd qualifications for the position. Just a thought in tight market.
  10. biblepoet

    Considering leaving hospital after new grad internship

    Try to find somethings to meet people on your days off. Try to hang in there you get more organized the more you work. Everyone was disorganized when the started. Good luck you eilldo fine.
  11. biblepoet

    Is it a Medication Error

  12. biblepoet

    New Grad RN-->No Jobs, Then what?

    I graduated in October 2009. Started 2010 in a prison infirmary with an Aa in nursing and Ba in chemistry . I interviewed about 12 places and not sure amount of resumes went out. I talked about my experience that I did have. First few interviews were on contacts. I landed three positions one in mental health. Overweight but personable. Took a hospital job they were hiring we were in fact understaffed til this yr. Still have prn positions. Been there a yr and half. Just goes to prove out of the box does work. Some things they needed to train me other things they did not you need to go and find opportunities that you might not want to do rather think you are better than the job. In Indiana all my friends ended up with jobs just took time.
  13. biblepoet

    What area of nursing works well for a mom?

    I have children and I work three 12's used to work 3 nights in a ROW. WOrks well until I tore my minescus. I slept the first day and still had3 more.
  14. biblepoet

    Rejection Galore

    Stupid auto correct. Tons of different types of pts. Not sure how it got that. THE prison I worked at there was at least three of us. Two of us in the infirmary and one in the clinic. CLINic more er type pts, infirmary not so much.
  15. biblepoet

    2nd degree nurses

    I taught school make money nursing. Hubby thinks my two yrs. Nursing I am happier than previous career.
  16. biblepoet

    Leaving a job while in orientation

    Sorry guess you will have to try other avenues. Depending the area jobs might not be as plentiful how long did you work at the Ltd?