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  1. winter_green


    Just wondering, at your hospital, are you given any education hours or even a dollar amount that you can use to take classes or conferences? If so, how many hours and what dollar amount? I know sometimes if this benefit is offered, the amount is also different depending on if you're full time, part time and per diem. I'm just disappointed that at my new hospital, we are only given 16 hours of ed hours for 2 years and $0 amount!! (full time) My old hospital offers 72 hours and $2,000 to use for any travel expense, class cost, etc. Is this rare to find at most hospitals? Any suggestion on what to do? I love attending conferences and try to attend at least one every 2 years.
  2. winter_green

    Do you always keep emergency meds on hand for deliveries?

    Yes. It's standard at our hospital we have emergency medications at every delivery. You never know when you really need them, always good to have them. And if you don't need it, you can always return them.
  3. winter_green

    Should I donate all my scrubs?

    I've been in L&D at this new facility for about 2 years now. Here, they provide our scrubs for us and they wash them for us. My previous hospital did not provide scrubs for the nurses. We had to provide our own and we had to wash them ourselves. Before I left this job, the hospital was in the process of providing scrubs for RNs in labor and delivery. I'm wondering if most hospitals out there provide uniforms for their registered nurses in labor delivery? Is it a good idea to just donate all my scrubs that I have? Or should I keep some of them just in case I may change jobs from now and may need them again? I would hate to buy them all again because they are not cheap.
  4. winter_green

    How to cope when you had a bad delivery

    I hate the feeling... Can't stop thinking of what else I could have done... Or what I should have done... Even moments of "maybe this isn't for me anymore"... Even as far as" i think I should quit... Find something less stressful " Is it normal to feel this way? Or should I consider quitting? My self-esteem really affects me...
  5. winter_green

    Who out there is doing standardized pitocin orders?

    Standard order, start at 1 mU then increase by 1 - 2 every 30 minutes to a maximum of 20 mU.
  6. winter_green

    how to do 8 hour night shifts

    Currently im jobless. I resigned from my last job because I was going to relocate to the East coast but plans changed after i reigned
  7. winter_green

    how to do 8 hour night shifts

    I just accepted a job offer in my specialty that is 8 hour shift x5/week and x4/week alternating since is. 9 not full time. The pay is good. I will have to relocate and they are helping me with relocation but is asking for at least one year commitment. The new community where I will be relocating is right on the coast, beautiful but majorly a retired community however it is highly a tourist attraction as well. My question and concern is, what if 3 months into working the 8 hrs night shifts, I can't tolerate it? I've always done nights before but only 12 hr shifts.
  8. winter_green

    Need ideas for a new career when nursing career is over

    I'm still new in the nursing field but there are some ideas... * Try public health... look into county jobs? Your public health department? How about the World Health Organization? or the CDC... You might surprise yourself. * Be an nurse educator either for a unit or for the public? You have alot of experience and knowledge. * Nurse recruiter... I've learned that most recruiters used to be nurses themselves... * or become an legal nurse....
  9. Unit manager: What skills would you bring to our facility, our unit when we hire you? ??? I only have 1 year and 4 months of experience of L&D as a new grad... I can't say, I have loads of experience and skills... so what do you say??? She's asking in particular, SKILLS....
  10. winter_green

    Travel Nursing in CA

    Did you end up taking the assignment?? How was it? I'm also looking into the area as well....
  11. winter_green

    How to get into a Kaiser facility?

    Any advice on how to land a job with them?
  12. winter_green

    8 hrs night shift, x5/week

    I was called for an interview and I'm just weighing out the schedule bc at this facility they do 8 hour shifts.... currently 1 open position of full time 5 nights/wk and another position of .9 which is one week 5 nights the next week 4 nights on... I'm so afraid I'm just going to be miserable on my days off unable to get anything done and no social life...
  13. winter_green

    Perform Leopold's Maneuvers

    I have a little over 1 year experience in L&D and rarely was trained doing the Leopold maneuvers...JW how it is at other facilities.... Am I'm in trouble that at my place we don't practice it???
  14. winter_green

    How to get Advanced Fetal Heart Monitoring

    I currently have Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring. JW how do I get Advanced? Do I have to first be Intermediate? Do I need so many years of experience with L&D to get to Intermediate and Advanced? I have about a little over 1 year. Where can I get it done?
  15. winter_green

    8 hrs night shift, x5/week

    Just wondering if any of you guys work 8 hours night for 5 nights/week.... How do you do it?? It's different from 12hrs night for 3 nights/week. I feel like I will always be tired and won't be able to do anything when I'm off....if I do this shift. Any thoughts?
  16. winter_green

    Certifications required for OB/Nursery

    We have 150 births/month. Stables not required. But the usual, BLS, ACLS, NRP...

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