How did classmates who didn't get into nursing school react when you got in?


I just wanted to know what everyone's experience is whether it is similar to mine. I recently told a few of my old LVN classmates that I bridged into an RN program. Of course they all congratulated me but, a few questioned how I got in so quickly or that they too needed to work on bridging too. However, the classmates which I was really good friends in LVN school have become jealous of me and are ignoring me and one has flaked on me twice when we planned to go out to dinner. :crying2: I'm sad that it came to this but, I worked REALLY hard to get to where I am at right now. I don't know how to approach this situation and don't want to burn bridges or have to break friendships.

Thankfully, I have made some new friends in my RN program. Has anyone encountered this kind of jealously with former classmates once you shared your good news?

Thank God everyone here at allnurses is supportive. :)

Thanks for listening everyone.


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I would just concentrate on your new friends and the friends who are not acting childish toward you. You don't have time to waste on those who no longer seem to care about your company.

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I would tell you to forget about those people and concentrate on you, similar situation except I am a pre nursing student and when other pcts find out that I am applying to ADN program they become jealous and quit talking to me, it is what it is, thats life some people aren't happy to see you succeed. You made it this far don't let no one stop you. I wish you the best of luck.

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You didn't break the relationship-- they did.

They need to get used to the fact that life doesn't always deal in their favor.

I don't understand adults kicking the dirt and pouting.

Let them pout for a bit.

They'll get over it.

If they don't, it wasn't much of a friendship.

Jealousy brings out the absolute worst in people and breaks up so many friendships. I think it's wonderful that your getting a chance to continue your education and your former classmates are being childish. Instead of looking to you as inspiration and motivation they are just seeing what they don't have right now instead of what they could have. Focus on the positive and leave the negative behind you. I hope your former classmates get over their jealousy and and can be apart of your life again.


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Yep. I agree with HQ, you didn't break the relationship they did. Real friends would be happy for you and encourage you to better yourself. I say go for it and you will make more friends.


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IMO, this is one of the hardest things about nursing school! One of my better friends didn't pass the pre-nursing classes, and while I was sad for her, I didn't want it to affect our friendship. did. :down: I think that she felt embarrassed that she didn't pass. Ultimately, you just have to do what you have to do! True friends would be right beside you cheering you on!:yeah:

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I understand that others get disappointed that they didn't apply or make it into a nursing program. I see the same thing with single people when a friend gets married or a childless couple when their friend who was on birth control pills get pregnant for the 3rd time. Sometimes it takes time to ease the pain of disappointment and sometimes people are too pi$$y to ever get over it. I do like the crab bucket illustration.

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By the way, I think it is awesome that you did all the work and put in the effort to get into a bridge program. There is some serious sacrificing that goes into working and getting good grades at the same time.


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What great replies so far! My closest friend started the nursing journey way earlier than me, but I am in a nursing program and she is not-we are still close and supportive in eachother's journey. Sometimes it takes these types of situations to see the true side of people-do you really want people close to you that are insecure/jealous? you have to take care of you-who else will, right? keep up the hard work!

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This brings to mind a quote I like: "No one beneath you can offend you. No one your equal would."

Perhaps I get to this conclusion a little quicker as I've gotten older, but friends who aren't supportive aren't friends. Period. Walking on eggshells will tear up your feet pretty quickly. :uhoh3:

Best of luck to you; hang around with folks that will celebrate you. :hug: