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IMOKAY has 5 years experience as a BSN.

Hospital acute care

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  1. So much writing in NP program

    Rant: Hating all the APA paper writing. I can barely tolerate the APA referenced discussion posts. So much theory, philosophy, BS fluff. I want to learn anatomy, pathophys, tests, procedures, determining diagnoses. Feeling annoye...
  2. Brilliant insights. I wish you could mentor me in person.
  3. Is learning wound care hard?

    I'm interested in learning wound care and being a certified wound care nurse eventually. I've been looking at wound care education institute and other reputable sites for learning. This specialty looks very complicated with so many wound types...
  4. adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner

    @time2go. Very helpful. Thanks for taking time to reply.
  5. adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner

    Hi @time2go. I'm also interested in becoming a hospice NP. Did you have a difficult time finding hospice NPs to precept you in school? What is a typical day/duties expected for you as a hospice NP? Thanks!
  6. @vargasnurse Im considering Herzing AGNP online. Did you have a hard time finding preceptors?
  7. Any Walden University AGPCNP students?

    @Elrn I decided to go with Herzing University. It's 100% online. 8 week courses. I'm still in the application process but hope to start in September.
  8. I have my BSN and want to get my PMHNP MSN. Im discovering many programs offer a post grad certificate to specialize in mental health. Are there PMHNP programs that take me directly from BSN or do I need MSN first?
  9. Regis College Direct Entry MSN

    What did the interview focus on? Previous experience or why choosing MSN?
  10. Regis College Online FNP Program Fall 2020

    Im working filltime and considering this program. Thanks for the warning.
  11. AGNP Job Prospects

    @SierraM, did you end up enrolling in a AGNP program? Primary care? I see Davita hires NPs. Not sure if the role focuses only on renal care or not.
  12. What happened to all the Walden Haters?

    Thanks for this! I'm currently considering Walden.
  13. Any Walden University AGPCNP students?

    Im considering this exact program as well.
  14. Switching Careers from Nursing because I hate it so much

    Yup. My daughter wanted to follow in my career footsteps and I said no way, absolutely not. And all this talk about how leaving your staff job to travel is the way to enjoy this career is total B.S....the 2 travel nurses in the news recently th...
  15. Switching Careers from Nursing because I hate it so much

    lizet4455RN Can you please tell more about your job? Do you do dialysis in people's homes or is it all education and case management? Is there on call shifts required? Tell us more, I'm interested.