How did you celebrate your nursing school acceptance letter?


Did you Have a party? go out to eat? Jump up and down?

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I ripped open my letter, and then told my mom. She has supported me throughout this entire journey so I felt it was appropriate that she be the first to know, even if that did mean waking her up from a nap:lol2:

For celebration, I went out to a nice restaurant with my mom, sister, and niece.:)


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I jumped up and down for a while, clapping and screaming, and then called my hubby and mom. I made my hubby take me out do dinner, even though he said, "I'm not surprised you got in...I knew you would!" :)

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Said "About ******* time" and breathed a sigh of relief


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did a happy dance in the kitchen!!!!!


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I freaked out, I was more scared than happy. My first thought was how i was going to pay for it. The only person i told for the first few days was my girlfriend. But deep down inside i was jumping up and down.


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I opened my acceptance e-mail (a letter soon followed), and could not contain my excitement. I quickly called my boyfriend, mother, and anyone who would listen to me!!! Then went out for dinner that night :)

Jumped up and down, screamed and hugged my daughter (she got hers the same day I got mine). Then promptly burst into thankful tears!!


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I was doing grocery shopping at walmart when my sister called me with my letter in her hands. I walked around walmart for about an hour crying and calling family and friends. :D

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I started crying like a baby lol After waiting four years to get in, yeahhhh...


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I was alone at home about to head to work but decided to check my email before heading out... after reading my acceptance email i jumped up and down... then texted my mom dad brother and sister and updated my facebook status, then headed to work. lol

I hadn't been able to sleep the whole weekend after someone told me they'd mailed out our acceptance letters... I opened my letter, sent out a mass text, then took a nap. :p