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  1. Jessicias85

    I feel so unprrepared

    With the phone call situation, I never got a chance to talk to the family. They answered and I said Hi this is jessicia with ABC Hospital, (the nurse walked up to the desk) The nurse would like to speak to you regarding Mrs . X.
  2. Jessicias85

    I feel so unprrepared

    After all of this, I began floating to other floors as much as possible. I even put in for a transfer to the step down unit. I really liked working there and the nurses were open to answering questions if I had them. I had no more incidences for quite a while then I mistakenly took a temp without a probe cover on. I did it before I thought about it. I knew I screwed up and even went to the charge nurse and told her. I tried to make light of the situation to myself and tried to not dwell on it as I get myself in a funk if I have messed up. I get a call out of the blue on a Monday from my DON that I will no longer be needed. I was PRN and census was too low. I asked if she just ment for the week or I would not be needed at all? She said at all. I had no clue why or what had happened. That Friday I get a call to come in with her for a meeting. It was for Monday so I go in and meet with my DON and the head of HR. It was basically a meeting to throw everything up in my face. There was a list of things that I had supposedly done. The “Mistake #2” was not brought up but the phone call issue was. When I was taken into the office the first time, it was just to say let the nurses handle that type of stuff. When it was brought up in this meeting, they said there was a patient complaint about it, and that several nurses complained about it. I was never shown the patient complaint. I was told that I had reset the volume on an IV pump of heparin and that the house supervisor pulled me aside and talked to me about it. I had NEVER been talked to by a house supervisor and I had never adjusted a pump. I told them this and I was told that I should not argue and that not listening is what got me into trouble. I was also accused of questioning a nurse on where she should or should not give an injection. There were supposedly several emails from several nurses on both my unit and the step down unit complaining about me but I never saw those emails.
  3. Jessicias85

    I feel so unprrepared

    I was a tech at a local hospital from Dec 2011- April 2012. Everything was great during my 9 wk orientation period. I was praised for how quickly I caught on and observant I was. My DON came to me about 5 weeks in and said that she was considering switching me to a different unit. I did not want to at the time as I liked who I worked with. As I came off orientation and began working on my own, attitudes changed. The nurses were no longer nice and were actually quite rude to me. I was the only tech on the floor that was in nursing school and I think they held that against me. One incidence of this, i had a pt who was a very sweet old man who had not asked for anything all day. about lunch, he asked me if he could have a couple of Tylenol that his legs were aching. I told him I would ask the nurse. I went to the nurses’ station and told his nurse that Mr X would like some Tylenol. Her response was given with the most annoyed look on her face "You don't have to come to me with everything a patient asks for, you are getting on my nerves." I responded with "I am just relaying what the patient asked" Her response "well, you need to learn when not to come to me about stuff" Mistake #1: I had a patent that was being discharged. I was off the floor so the nurse took her down to meet her family. They came right back saying that the family was not there. They put her back in her room and the patient asked me to call to see where they were. i went to the nurses desk and call the number that the pateint gave me. the nurse came up demanding the phone so I told the family to hold on the nurse wanted talk to her. I handed the nurse the phone. End of story. Mistake #2: Pt was bed ridden and had been awful for 2 days this had been the first day that I had cared for him. He had hit kicked punched spit cursed screamed. You name it he did it. He had family finally arrive that evening just before change of shift. I was sitting at the station fininshing my charting when the family came and said he had messed the bed. I went in to change the bed (he refused to wear a brief) and he said that he was not done that he was still trying to go. I told them to let me know when he was done. I was REALLY fed up with this guy at this point. The family came back and said he was now done. This was right at 1900 shift change I asked the night nurse if there was going to be a night tech and she said no. I told the family I would be there in just a few I had to fininsh my charting as it was time for me to leave the floor. The night nurse and charge nurse went in and as I saved my work I went in as well to help change him. The family called in an complained that I was allowing to sit in his own mess and that for days I had not treated him well ( as I said I only had him 1 day) After these 2 incidences I was pulled in to the DON’s office. No write up was given just a watch what you do and be mindful.
  4. Jessicias85

    I feel so unprrepared

    I was a tech, but I was let go. There were a lot of false accusations that led to me getting let go. I did make some mistakes that I did own up to (nothing life threatening) but there were things that I ABSOLUTELY did not do that I was let go for and I was then told that if I did not learn to listen and to work with in my scope of practice, I would be a very dangerous nurse. I think that has messed with my head too. I don't mind to share details if any one wants to know
  5. Jessicias85

    I feel so unprrepared

    I have 2 more semesters left of school, but I feel like I am so unprepared to be a nurse. We have covered so many disease processes but if you presented to me with symptoms I doubt that I would know what to do. I am terrified that when I graduate I will cause harm because I don't know lab values or I did not handle something appropriately. I know this is silly as I have done well in my classes and have averaged higher grades than most of my class but I feel like I need to handle some more stressful situations in clinicals to be comfortable. I am one that works well under pressure.
  6. Jessicias85

    care plans

    I'm not really certain what you mean by "cellular level" but your R/T is in your N ANDA book under related factors. For example I am working on a care plan for hyperthermia. The Pt has pneumonia. She cannont thermoregulate because of the medical diagnosis of pneumonia. You can NEVER use a medical diagnosis in your nursing diagnosis, but according to NANDA, illness or dz process is an acceptable Related factor. So my nursing diagnosis is Hyperthermia r/t illness AEB oral temp of 102.3 Does this help????
  7. Jessicias85

    what procedures would you like to see?

    Gender reassignment would be quite interesting!
  8. Jessicias85

    what procedures would you like to see?

    so far I have found out that I will be watching Valve replacements, a couple of CABG's, a couple of fistulas, and a couple of carotid's
  9. Jessicias85

    New NS, What's your first "nursing shoe" gonna be?

    I have had a pair of Nurse Mates and they were really comfy. I worked a factory job and they were handed down to me. not the cutest but saved my feet! In regard to the Timberland Pro's we have to have black shoes and they came highly recommended. Spending $100 may seem like a lot, but if you are going to be on your feet all the time they are SOOO worth it. The Timberlands have an anti fatigue insert that absorbs shock. I am doing a nurse shadowing thing next week so I will be able to check them out in the hospital!
  10. Jessicias85

    New NS, What's your first "nursing shoe" gonna be?

    I just bought a pair of Timberland's nursing shoes hella expensive but are SUPER comfy!
  11. Jessicias85

    Calling all pen aficionados...please report here

    I have recently fallen in love with fountain pens not really the most practical for clinicals and what not but I LOVE them for taking notes and such!
  12. Jessicias85

    what procedures would you like to see?

    The second week of August, I will be shadowing a nurse practitioner who works for a vascular surgery practice. I will be observing in the OR while I am there. She told me to think of some procedures that I would like to see and she would see what she would be able to get us in on. I am SOOOOOO Excited! Surgery is something that I am interested in as well as cardio/ vascular. If you were able to see any type of surgery/ procedure, what would it be?
  13. Jessicias85

    Can I go directly into a Nurse Practitioner program?

    as far as I know you can go straight through. Each school is different so the school that you choose my require some prior experience
  14. Jessicias85

    has anyone used a "clicker" device for tests?

    I had a clicker for a math class that I had. We used it for attendance and daily quizzes. You are able to chance your answer as long as the slide is still up but once it is changed, there is no going back. I don't think I would like these for anything bigger than an in class quiz
  15. This may be better directed at your local board and to maybe mention which school you are attending
  16. Jessicias85

    best book sites?

    I sometimes use textbooks.com I will allow you to compare prices. I ordered all of mine from Amazon and Ebay this semester.