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  1. studentLJinCA

    Nervous About Dosage Class

    I start school next month, and I felt the same way! It had been so long since I had needed to apply any extensive conversion/math skills. But once you start reviewing, it's easy! Besides reviewing a quick "How To" book, I also have this website (http://www.dosagehelp.com/) that emails me a dosage question everyday. Just to keep it fresh in my mind :)
  2. studentLJinCA

    grossmont ADN application

    Don't rely on my word alone, but that should be sufficient! I would include that printout and also your SAR (go to fafsa online - http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/) From there, there is an orange "Start Here" button. You can access your 2010-2011 fafsa results from there. However, since we are in the 2011-2012 school year, you might want to include that one as well. If in doubt, just call the Nursing Department at Grossmont. "Hey, I qualify for the BOGFW, but what proof do you require? I can provide a print out of my SDCC Awards list and a copy of my SAR. Is that sufficient?"
  3. studentLJinCA

    grossmont ADN application

    Best to speak with a counselor about a lot of your specific questions. However - I know a couple things :) Your official sealed transcripts need to be submitted with your application to the nursing department. However, another set (yes, that's two sets) needs to be submitted to Admissions & Records in order for your counselor & the financial aid office to review them. The two departments will not share one copy. If you are eligible for the BOGFW, this should show on your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is available to you if you completed a FAFSA for the previous year. If not, there should be an online service through SDCC that shows your unofficial transcripts and financial aid history... If you have CNA certification, provide a copy along with verification of your past healthcare-related employment. For me, I had my boss write a letter of recommendation as well. All of your questions can be directed to the Nursing Department - they are all very friendly and willing to help. Specific questions about other college requirements (any missing classes, etc.) will need to go through your counselor and they will need an official copy of your transcripts to do that. If you order online, they come in less than 5 days! Good luck to you!
  4. studentLJinCA

    What color is your uniform?

    Good ol' Hunter Green! Not bad, but not flattering either :)
  5. studentLJinCA

    How to NOT gain weight in Nursing School??

    We were told the same thing at orientation! Some advice we were given is to take up a P.E. class in addition to your nursing classes. They are not hard, do not require a lot of time, but it motivates you to work out a little during the week and can also be a great stress reliever :)
  6. studentLJinCA

    CCAC drug test...please help!

    Yeah, is there a reason your dentist did not RE-prescribe the medication? Or was it a scenario where you took it upon yourself to treat the pain? Did he recommend it and you can get further documentation from your dentist? Unfortunately, most schools & hospitals have zero tolerance for positive drug screens - because for them, they are going off a simple drug test. They have no way of knowing what the real explanation is... You at least need to bring in your old prescription and explain the situation to your school and/or drug testing center. Hope you are able to figure something out!!
  7. studentLJinCA

    Venting... and questioning my path...

    It seems like your friend is just jealous. You got into a program quickly, whereas for her, she may have endured a bit of a waiting period and feels like you should too. I've seen that kind of reaction before... Try to not let it get to you - and if you're worried about the credibility of your future school, look up the retention and NCLEX pass rates online - or simply call the school for their information. Good luck in your future studies!!
  8. studentLJinCA

    dosage calculation question...

    If that is the question stated in the book, then the book's answer would be wrong. I think the real answer is 4 too.
  9. studentLJinCA

    New Student Advice

    If you are fearing the math part - best to get a head start now! Not sure if it is like this at all schools - but there will be a math-based test each semester at my school that is IMPERATIVE to pass (I begin this fall). I freaked out when I read that! So I started reviewing math that I hadn't done in a few years, including unit conversions. It's helped me A LOT and now I feel a lot more at ease :) You could try getting a cheap book on dosage calculations - or there are plenty of helpful sites that provide instruction and practice questions for free.
  10. studentLJinCA

    How did you celebrate your nursing school acceptance letter?

    I opened my acceptance e-mail (a letter soon followed), and could not contain my excitement. I quickly called my boyfriend, mother, and anyone who would listen to me!!! Then went out for dinner that night :)
  11. What makes you think that one person's experience at nursing school would apply to the whole field? There will always be difficult people to deal with in different professions - and sometimes they will be downright rude. There are "horror stories" that anyone can tell you. It's part of life, and that is just part of growing/maturing as a person and learning how to deal with it. I can't comment on your friend's situation since I don't know the specifics, but it shouldn't affect your desire to enter nursing which should have something to do with wanting to help people and have a positive impact on their medical care. If it's a true career choice for you - go for it!
  12. studentLJinCA

    Any Grossmont College nursing students on here?

    Hi Luv2helpppl - Grossmont does not disclose point totals whether you are accepted or not (I think so people don't go around comparing point totals and looking to contest different application evaluations). So I was unable to find out how many points they gave me. But based on my own guess, I landed somewhere in the mid-80's (?). I had points for every piece of criteria except for previous degrees (I have none). Other than that, I had straight A's and other criteria that helped me make up for those 15 missing points. For the TEAS, I JUST made the 90's mark. I think as long as you have good grades and a decent TEAS score (plus you mentioned you volunteer), you have a pretty good chance of getting accepted. I believe they are still taking 25% from the existing waitlist as well. Good Luck!! :)
  13. studentLJinCA


    If you have the same exact publisher, edition, title - you're fine. If there are ANY changes, they will be very very minimal.
  14. studentLJinCA


    TIP: In order to make it easier on them in making the decision - you should enclose a copy of the class descriptions from your Florida school catalog. Photocopy or electronic copy. That's what I had to do when there was not a pre-established equivalency agreement between the two schools I attended. Good luck!!
  15. studentLJinCA

    Any Grossmont College nursing students on here?

    Hey Calinrse2b - finally, a future classmate! Haha I've heard good things as well - and August cannot come soon enough! Look forward to meeting at Orientation in June :)
  16. BOTH! It's nice to see what others are going through, and gain advice from those with experience. But on the other hand, I also spend WAY too much time on here just looking & reading posts that have no relevance to me or my situation. I'm just nosey! :)