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bigsick_littlesick has 1 years experience and specializes in General Surgery.

Just coming up on my golden first year of being an RN and it's been quite the ride I hadn't expected but I still wouldn't change anything about my journey!

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  1. bigsick_littlesick

    What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit?

    5:1 - Surgical (post-op) floor in Northern California.
  2. bigsick_littlesick

    First successful IV start

    Good job! Keep at it. I did my preceptorship in an ER so I got LOTS of practice and I loved, loved, LOVED the catheters they stocked. Never missed one. Now when I see an old field start or a bothersome AC, I can't wait to restart another one. I have a weird fetish for starting IVs We carry Insyte Autogards and Intimas (the butterfly one) at my hospital. I prefer the Insytes, I miss with the Intimas. The one I really like is the BD Nexiva's... But yes, practice makes perfect and sometimes no matter what you do, you'll still miss
  3. bigsick_littlesick

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. California 2. Still on orientation! (6th week to be exact) 3. Inpatient surgical floor in a 300+ bed hospital 4. $49/hr (hired as per diem) 5. $7/hr per diem differential; $2.70 = PMs, $4.60 = NOCs, $1.60 = Weekends 6. Yes, California Nurses Association
  4. bigsick_littlesick

    A mother's touch: NICU nurse helps dying mom bond with newborn

    Daaaa... I tried not to cry but the FEELS were too strong... What a beautiful story... I think the mom knew as well!
  5. bigsick_littlesick

    Staying in Shape

    Whatever you got to do to get that heart rate going, do it! Even if it's just to maintain where you're at during nursing school; 30 minutes of brisk walking, workout DVDs, YouTube videos, etc. I gained about 17 lbs. in nursing school and by the time I got out, I felt like a fat lump 'o' lard. Now that I'm working as a per diem RN, I have lots of time to fit in workouts on MY time. I've lost 22 lbs. this year so far! I feel healthier, I've toned up so much, lost inches everywhere, my old clothes fit loose and I feel so much better about my body! I looked at pictures we took at 4th semester clinicals and can't believe how chubby I had become! I cannot rave enough about Jamie Eason's LiveFit program. It was a great starter workout program that incorporates weight lifting, plyometrics and HIIT cardio workouts. It's FREE on bodybuilding.com's website. I will say that some of the workouts do take an hour sometimes longer so looking back, I don't think I would've been as consistent with this program then as I am now. Takeaway message is just to get some exercise, most days of the week!
  6. bigsick_littlesick

    FY 2014 Air Force Nursing

    Thanks for the info! Really helped. I just got hired as an RN so I can't take off the time to get it repaired anytime soon. Maybe in about a year. I am very healthy and the knee doesn't bother me unless I do anything that requires any cutting movements, that's when I feel the instability. Hopefully the reconstruction can get me back to where I was pre-injury. That yahoo link was great
  7. bigsick_littlesick

    Has the job market gotten better for new grads?

    No, they have a very high crime rate due to cutbacks on police force and homicide rate is ridiculous. Probably an interesting place to work at for traumas but I'd rather live/work somewhere a bit safer. Just my opinion.
  8. bigsick_littlesick

    FY 2014 Air Force Nursing

    Hey all, been reading this and other military nursing threads for a while. Regarding the physical, I'm assuming a torn ACL is a DQ? What if I were to get it repaired?
  9. bigsick_littlesick

    How long did it take you to land your first job?

    I worked as a CNA for almost a year a half during nursing school. I graduated in Dec 2012, got my license Jan. this year and was just offered a per diem position at my hospital a couple weeks ago. Went to computer training today! I was very persistent with the manager. She had a shortage of aides on her floor so I would float to her floor a LOT and treated it as a working interview. I love their staff and they grew to love me and now I'm one of them! I'm so excited! Good luck to you! There were BSNs that graduated with me and got jobs right away so there is some hope!
  10. bigsick_littlesick

    Has the job market gotten better for new grads?

    It's all bad in California still. I'm in the Sacramento area to be more specific. I graduated in December 2012 and am just now getting offered a position on the surgical floor I work as a float CNA at. Out of our whole class, I think about 6 out of 28 have acute care positions with 2 of those having to move to South Dakota and Montana to gain employment. There's 2-3 that took SNF positions right away and 1 became a dialysis nurse where she worked as a tech during nursing school. There are quite a few people from the graduating class a year ago (May 2012) that still don't have jobs. I've heard that the situation in the Los Angeles area is pretty dire as well. Central California is a bit more promising but you'd have to be willing to work in places like Bakersfield or even Stockton (no thanks on the Stockton). I'm sure the Bay Area is even worse. I work with a nurse who happens to be an instructor at a couple of local programs and she goes to all these conferences about nursing education. The last one she went to said the average time from graduation to getting a job has lessened from 8-12 mos to 6-8.
  11. bigsick_littlesick

    Any advice on IV insertion skills?

    LOVE those Nexiva catheters! I did my preceptorship in an ER and they stocked those. I never missed a vein! Found it very easy to thread using finger flick method. Poke, flash, drop angle, advance slightly, then thread, DON'T move the needle. You have good tips above. After doing so many in the ER, it got pretty easy. I think I still need practice searching for a vein, however, like when I can't see it but I'm supposedly supposed to be feeling the "bounciness" of it and I don't :/
  12. bigsick_littlesick

    On The Verge of Deploying as an Army Nurse

    So very sorry to hear about the passing of a fellow soldier. I look up to you tremendously as I have aspirations to become an Air Force nurse in the future. Stay safe and we'll be thinking of you!
  13. bigsick_littlesick

    Having a nursing student/partner in crime

    As others have pointed out, it is inevitable that you will make friends or be close to someone. It wasn't my sole purpose or first thought when I started nursing school but I eventually made really good friends with another girl in my class. She was my POC (partner in crime) and she will be my friend for life. I also made friends with other girls and we're still very tight knit. We studied together and really helped each other out not just in clinicals but being emotionally supportive to each other. Nursing is a team effort not just in nursing school but also in the real work. It's only natural that you will become close to someone.
  14. bigsick_littlesick

    All CSU will soon require same pre-requisites

    This is what I wish they did years ago! It never made sense to me that they all have different pre-reqs for the same licensure in the end. I think the schools that have way more pre-reqs than others were trying to get more tuition $$$ for a highly sought after degree! This is good news for future to-be nurses, IMO.
  15. bigsick_littlesick

    Im in the cool kids club!!!!

    Congratulations! Not gonna lie, I'm super jealous over here! ER is my dream job and need that experience to get into flight nursing. Good luck, I'd be just as psyched!
  16. bigsick_littlesick

    Praying in the work place

    Wow, meetings start with prayer?! I would definitely be fighting that if it were me. I would ask to come into the meeting after prayer was over. I think that is completely asinine since not everybody prays or if they do, prays the same way. I'm an atheist so I would be insanely uncomfortable if that started happening at my hospital. EOL, I am assuming is end of life. I think it's very insensitive for your co-workers to judge those patients for their beliefs or lack thereof. If someone said a Christian prayer for my Buddhist grandparent, I would be livid. That is why we ask and document if they have any religious or spiritual needs on admit and if they want to see a chaplain sometime during their admission. If religion comes up with patients, I always try to keep it on them and all about them. As for prayer and religious talk in the workplace, I think it's unprofessional to try to force it on everybody. I think it's a pretty easy way to offend someone.