He's jealous of Allnurses. com !


so my fiance and i are cuddling watching t.v. together and so forth and so on. next, i reach for the lap top because ofcourse i'm totally addicted to this website. before i can even get to it he pulls me back and says " you aren't getting on right now" i look at him like he's crazy and he says i can't get back on for 30 minutes. so i asked him if he's jealous and he says yes. apparently he thinks i spend a little too much time on here that i can be giving him. so being the submissive, loving person i am... i tend to his wishes and gave the website a break. anyway, he just left to go home so now i have you guys all to myself ! ;)

i love this website:redbeathe


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if he is jealous sent him to garbage and replace him right the way... yucky ones!


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Huh?? You have someone who loves you, wants to hold you & cuddle and you want to log on to a website? Not even THIS website can compete with that! What were you thinking?????? If somebody did that to me, I'd feel so rejected that I'd start taking a long hard look at the relationship & seriously wonder if I was being taken for granted. When all is said and done, I guarantee that your last words will not be "I wish I had spent less time cuddling and more time online."


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Same problem here. My girlfriend always wants to cuddle and I always want to be on this allnurses.com!


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Well, I do like to have my time on here, but cuddling far exceeds this site...sorry guys! :)

leslie :-D

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cuddle schmuddle.

get back to me when you're 50, cranky and tired.

hubby sometimes (ok, often) complains about my love affair with "that website".

i remain right.here.on.an's.



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I love this site too! I should be studying for an Algebra test right now but here I am. I also like to get online when my husband turns on the tv in the evening to do his marathon of channel changing and watching 10 things at once.

Well, I guess I really should go study.


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He is not jealous, I think he just kidding with you

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Thank goodness my husband works evenings, so, he doesn't really know about this AN addiction.


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I laughed a little at this title because I can totally understand. My fiancee gets 'jealous' of a lot of my habits (if it were just allnurses that'd be the least of the evils haha) and she's currently trying to break me of my 'bachelor and loner' ways. It's cute. We're still getting the hang of living together, it's very awkward.

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My DH is not jealous of AN, he's just trying to get me away from the computer so he can play WOW. :lol2:

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