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  1. ICAN!

    Wrong Dialyzer

    Check the doctors order before you set up the machine. Very easy to do in our clinic with chairside computers.
  2. ICAN!

    Nurses regularly assigned tech station

    It happens in our unit when a tech calls in. We are supposed to have one nurse for 12 pts and 1 tech for every four pts. When I have to take a bay I am usually responsible for 4 pts as a tech while also performing all nursing duties for those 4 pts and the other 4 in that same bay.
  3. Wondering if there are any travelers that work for DaVita or Fresenius that are willing to share their experiences. This is something I would like to do some day.
  4. ICAN!

    Need advice

    Have open wound and been using triple antibiotic and covered with bandaid. This isn't working and I would like to know what else I can try before going to MD. The band aids are irritating my skin too. This is on my forehead, it's small but noticeable even with bangs. It's driving me crazy and looks horrible!
  5. ICAN!


    What do you do when your pt becomes hypotensive, asymptomatic, and says, "I feel fine?" I have a couple of pts with BP that goes into lower 70's/30's and feels perfectly normal. Protocol is trendelenberg, turn UF off, give NS, O2. These pts are acting perfectly normal and do not want any saline at all. I'm curious about what others do in this situation. Thanks!
  6. ICAN!

    The New Grad & Charting

    I bought Mosby's Surefire Documentation - How, What, and When Nurses Need to Document.
  7. ICAN!

    Lpn in dialysis

    the lvn at our unit works as a pct with 4 patients, she can also give their medications and if they are catheters she can start and end their tx and do catheter dressing care. we have a 24 chair unit and the lvn is usually on the side of the room where the charge nurse is so she can help the cn by taking 4, out of 12 of her patients, leaving the cn 8 pts. the other 12 patients are managed by another rn. all our rn's assess, pass meds and are responsible for 12 pts. each (this doesn't include the cia's and other paperwork that we do). this leaves the cn doing the same amount of work with 8 pts plus her charge duties. when the doctors are making rounds the day gets even longer with things to do for both rn's on duty. i don't know if i want to be cn anytime soon although i'm sure she makes a much larger hourly wage than i do.
  8. Try Timberlawn in Dallas (they have a website), Trinity Mother Frances and East Texas Medical Center (Tyler, TX). I have had interview offers from all three as a new nurse and a job offer twice from one but decided to stay where I'm at.
  9. ICAN!

    Finding it hard to be positive

    I was offered a new job yesterday and my new schedule came out the same day. As soon as I saw my schedule I wanted to quit. Since I wasn't at work I threw a temper tantrum in the privacy of my own home, calmed down, and looked at the schedule again. He made me a closer and I thought you had to be checked off on the water treatment part to even do that. It's really true...... the job I was hired for (4/10s daytime job as an RN) is no longer part of the picture. The manager said there is an end in sight but I just don't trust him anymore. I told the other place that I would let them know on Monday so I can have time to really think this through.
  10. ICAN!

    Timberlawn MHS

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me what this place is like to work for.
  11. ICAN!


    Is there anyone that works/worked for Timberlawn in Dallas that could tell me how they like the hospital and staff?
  12. ICAN!

    Patient's question put me on the spot!

    I believe he missed a tx and wanted more taken off during the same time frame.
  13. So a patient asked me, "If my BFR is at 450, wouldn't 500 do the work that much faster?" Another machine was alarming so I told him I would get back to him shortly (I really felt like I was saved by the alarm). I'm pretty new to dialysis but this made me realize that I need to read more and know my stuff! I went back over to him and he had turned his machine up to 500. I told him that the high BFR increases his AP and too high of an AP could cause hemolysis and also that he needs to speak to the MD about changing his prescription. This pt is very intelligent and imparts his knowledge on all of us, including the MD, so I'm thinking that he was just testing me. Regardless, I have never responded well to being "put on the spot" and I am going to try to be more prepared next time.
  14. ICAN!

    Finding it hard to be positive

    Nurses that have been there since early morning are closing out first and second shifts. Evening charge nurse is doing assessments for 8 pts and putting on any catheter pts in her bay. I and one other nurse are assessing, stringing up machines, putting on pt's, taking pt's off, charting and giving meds in our bay; we each have 4 chairs. The new nurse helped with some of the machines and put in a new admit on computer but other than that I don't know what he did at the computer the rest of the evening. He did come around and documented team leader rounds on my patients then left. I have been there 4 months and part of that was training and the other part hasbeen working as a registered nurse. Since orientation I have not cannulated a patient or set up a machine but have no problems putting on a catheter patient.