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  1. nicunana

    Car seat testing after discharge in car bed

    All of our patients that are discharged in a carbed have follow up appointments scheduled with pulmonology within 1 month. They are instructed to continue to use only the carbed until they are told otherwise by pulmonology. Sometimes pulmonology repeats the carseat challenge or does a sleep study with a carseat component.
  2. nicunana

    Carseats for premies

    Thanks so much for your replies, so far. I'd also be interested in knowing if your NICU has any certified carseat technicians on staff to assist the parents with their questions and help them with installation, or if you have access to one from a different department, like PT? What is your actual responsibility, if any, to ensure a safe ride home? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  3. nicunana

    Sept 15th National Neonatal Nurses Day!

    Happy Neonatal Nurses Day to all!! The Neos provided lunch for everyone from a local restaurant that was really yummy. They've done this for at least 4 years, now. We also got small gifts (bookmarks,etc) from unit management. In the past, we've had large banners over the entrances proclaiming the day. It's really nice to feel "special."
  4. nicunana

    For the Student or for the Teacher

    Everybody keeps saying that the teachers were wrong to withhold food, but I just re-read the original post & that is NOT what happened. The student was given food, became angry, and threw it out. He CHOSE to refuse the food. It seems to me that all the teacher did was say "OK, you threw away your food, now you have nothing left to eat." Don't we all have to learn to make good choices? Didn't the OP just reinforce that no matter how bad your choice is, we will always make it better for you? Unfortunately, that is not how life works. More often than not, good choices have good results for us and bad choices have bad results for us. A VERY valuable lesson, indeed. No food was ever taken away from him, and 1 skipped meal will not affect growth & development. I think he was deprived of one of life's lessons.
  5. nicunana

    What to give a nurse when they retire?

    Does she have a computer? How about a journal that everyone has signed and written a favorite memory in, along with their email addresses & facebook addresses. Now that the retiree has more time on her hands, she may welcome a way to keep in touch with her old friends & coworkers.
  6. nicunana

    Carseats for premies

    What is your hospital doing (if anything) about carseats for infants that weigh less than 5 lbs? Some of our nurses are very uncomfortable sending home babies that weigh less than 5 lbs in a carseat that is clearly labeled 5 to 20 lbs. I'm talking about babies that have passed their carseat challenges and do not have other problems that would contribute to airway obstruction. A large segment of our population is economically challenged and unable to replace the carseat that they already have with a more expensive model. Our carseat technician really feels that carbeds are not as protective in an actual crash as a carseat, so we are hesitant to recommend or provide those to infants without airway or other medical issues that would require a supine or prone position. Thanks for your input!:)
  7. nicunana

    Need Advice....

    Yikes! I had no idea that daycare could cost that much. It's been a loooong time since I have priced them--my grandaughter is in college now, (and it's a darned sight cheaper than daycare!) I'm glad to hear that you are seeing that he gets a chance to be with little people his own age. Hope you feel better soon. I worked nights for 2 years & aged at least 5 to 7 years during that time. A few of the people I worked with thrived on those hours, but most of us were just biding our time until we could switch to days. Good luck to you.
  8. nicunana

    Need Advice....

    Why are you so dead set against daycare? Most of the really messed up preschoolers that I know have never been to daycare & don't know how to share or get along with other children. Do your little one a favor & take a second look at good daycare situations.
  9. nicunana

    Babies discharged on caffeine

    We just found out this morning that Medicaid will no longer cover the cost of caffeine. Virtuallly all of the babies that we discharge home on an apnea monitor are also on caffeine. A month supply will range between $105 & $300, which is way too steep for most of our parents. We were able to get Childrens Medical Services to pick up 2 months for this particular baby, but they may not be able to cover all of them in the future. Have you encounterd this? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. nicunana

    Long...but HELP!

    This behavior can not be condoned. If it is indeed related to his illness, then a true assessment would be that his plan of care is NOT working & needs adjustment. Regardless, unless steps are taken to modify this behavior, even your female patients who may inadvertantly walk into his room are at risk. More than once I've read in the newspapaper that a nursing home is being sued because 1 resident has raped or molested another resident. The other residents, who are unable to look after themselves, also deserve to be protected from this type of threat. To ignore his behavior is to accept legal resposibility for whatever consequences may occur. I hope risk management & corporate are also willing to accept this risk, or your DON may be out on her ear when your facility is the center of a nice juicy scandal/lawsuit. Perhaps someone should report this behavior to them? Good luck! No one should have to work under those conditions without support.
  11. nicunana

    Need an education topic for annual evaluation

    How about the National Patient Safety Goals for Hospitals? I'll bet your manager would love to have something to show JCAHO,when they pop in for a visit. I recently went to a 1 hour presentation & believe it or not, it was VERY interesting. When I left, I was "pumped up" & really gung ho to be a true patient advocate.
  12. nicunana

    Should you treat a prisoner different

    If your patients were not in prison, their private insurance that they purchased or their medicaid would not pay for motrin for headaches. Why should the taxpayers? I don't see that as treating them differently. I see that as treating them exactly the same as John Q Public ( who BTW is paying the taxes that support your patients and also may not have extra money to buy motrin before payday.) Don't be so hard on your co-workers, who may have seen more abuse of the system than you have, yet.
  13. nicunana

    teen breast-feeding

    It may be "selfish," but it's also age appropriate. Just because their bodies can reproduce, doesn't necessarily mean that they have maturity. Hopefully, that will come with role modeling, encouragement & support. It happens all too often & the best outcomes are usually the teens that have a good support system. Sometimes that includes people outside of the home as well.
  14. nicunana

    Med Errors and Job satisfaction (or disatisfaction).

    Kieta, Near misses need to be written up because they indicate a systems issue, not an individual error, and need to be corrected. By tracking the near misses, it's possible sometimes to see a specific trend & fix the problem. Most errors actually are as a result of a flawed system. The fact that you are able to catch the potential error before it happens shows that you are paying attention & doing a good job. Maybe the next person won't be able to catch the error in time & that's why it needs to be reported, tracked & hopefully fixed. Does that make sense? Otherwise, no one knows the potential pitfalls out there. It goes back to the "It's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled." I hope you see this as a positive thing now & don't feel so threatened by having to "write it up."
  15. nicunana

    teen breast-feeding

    How about to offer ongoing support to moms who do choose to breastfeed. Refer them to a lactation specialist and if possible a support group, so that if things get discouraging in a week or 2 or several months down the line, they will have additional help & support to maintain breastfeeding, when they otherwise might quit?

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