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  1. mcknis

    Nurse Manager Opportunity

    I recently made a transition to another department within my organization and during the two interviews I had with various members of maangement (including the Director of the department) the question was posed two different times about considering b...
  2. I recently switched specialties and am working in an outpatient (hospital affiliated) ambulatory surgery center. The position is posted as a full-time position, but I have found that many of the staff fall short of the full time (40 hour) status. Hav...
  3. mcknis

    Helpful Tips for New OR Nurses

    Such a great post to share! I have no experience in the OR but will be starting Monday. It is scary to think of everything I don't know as I am coming from a 5 year stent in the ER. I can swim in the ER but I hope to not sink in the OR. Always scary ...
  4. mcknis

    My New Life as a Transport Nurse

    Thats great to hear! I, too, am hopeful that I am able to do MICU one day and keep up my critical thinking skills all along the way. Keep enjoying!
  5. mcknis

    New MICU and Employment...

    Thanks for your advice Flyingscot! I definitely don't think that joining a new MICU is the best decision as I would be the first that would be eliminated/accused if something were to go awry. I have accepted a position with the company that will have...
  6. mcknis

    Satisfaction scores

    Anonymous, most of us do understand the role that the PG/Patient satisfaction surveys play in the financial makeup to an organization and we do understand that patients do occasionally have bad circumstances and/or poor care. This forum is designed t...
  7. mcknis

    New MICU and Employment...

    Have been interested in CCT for some time and have already done some ride time with a large company in my region that does ground and flight transport. However, I am not able to work for them due to the travel requirements (1.5 hour drive for a 12 ho...
  8. mcknis

    Please help, career advice for the tired ED nurse

    I often feel the same way and am in a similar boat right now, however with little prehospital experience. Start making a list of the things you love, and focus on that. I love the 3 12 hour shifts, or at least most of the time. I would love lunch, bu...
  9. mcknis

    Rn to medic

    To the OP, I had the same curiosities, and still do. This is the reply directly from the NREMT... “RN CHALLENGE CHECKLIST” for EMT-Paramedic NREMT entry requirements for Registered Nurses challenging the EMT-Paramedic Training Letter of Approval S...
  10. mcknis


    I live in Ohio and the sad thing is...that 5th degree felony crap is a slap on the wrist. If you see the wording, one must have been charged and convicted of an assault before the 5th degree felony can be attached to it. So, if a slap occurred the fi...
  11. mcknis


    I am hoping someone from Ohio may have been trough a similar situation as well.
  12. mcknis


    Does anyone know if an RN in the state of Ohio with an EMT-B certification can challenge the paramedic certification exam? or...if the medical director can sign off the RN with EMT-B certification as being competent to provide care at that level? I h...
  13. mcknis

    Things you'd like to say to....

    I love the dilaudid comment as Im sure we have all heard it...if nothing else "just give me the one with a d. it makes everything just disappear." To management: just because you get to take a break at your lunch, and enjoy it...and by lunch I mean e...
  14. mcknis

    Can NP's self prescribe?

    I know an NP who self prescribes her warfarin. Has a POC PT/INR machine and then self-adjusts her dosing. Just like others have mentioned, have never heard of legal barriers, but ethically it isn't wise.
  15. mcknis

    Best snack food

    I try to always pack my lunch so that I can grab and go. PB/J or just PB is a great little pick me up. Granola and/or granola bars. Yogurt with granola. Trail mix. Really just anything that is going to provide some protein while getting some other nu...