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Jaybird310 has 4 years experience and specializes in ER, Peds ER.

I am a son, brother, uncle, Godfather and friend. I define myself with the people I love. And I just found out that in about 7 months I'm gonna be a dad myself and I couldn't be happier about it.

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  1. Jaybird310

    hours of sleep you get per night in RN school?

    I don't sleep a lot anyway, I've always been a victim of insomnia. But my sleep patterns were completely jacked in nursing school. I'd come home from class or clinicals and sleep for an hour or two, the get up study, do care plans, etc, for about 6 hours or so then sleep another couple of hours and get up and start my day all over again.
  2. Jaybird310

    Long shifts---how long is too long?

    I work in ER and have for most of my nursing career. I'm an insomniac and not someone who's naturally needs a lot of sleep. Long shifts are never fun and personally anything after 15 hrs (which I pull or come close to pulling at least once a week) I wouldn't consider a good idea. Fatigue, and just a general lack of focus comes into play for me around the 15hr mark. I've pulled quite a few 15-16 hour shifts due to under staffing and call ins. I've also been subjected to emergency situation hospital lock downs where you're 12hr on shift and then 12 hr on call while sleeping at the hospital. My longest single shift ever was 17.65 hrs (per time clock and it wasn't under 'normal' curcumstances). A 12hr shift is long enough but it's rare my shifts are only 12 hrs.
  3. Jaybird310

    Staying for Meetings after Your NIGHT SHIFT!

    I didn't read all the other posts. But I totally feel the OP sometimes. I had to stay for a meeting this morning after a 12hr night shift, despite the fact that my fiancee and I were leaving to pick up friends in Knoxville and then back home to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras weekend. Thank God I don't mid her driving my truck :) Sometimes the meeting times suck but you just have to suck it up and deal.
  4. Jaybird310

    He's jealous of Allnurses. com !

    I laughed a little at this title because I can totally understand. My fiancee gets 'jealous' of a lot of my habits (if it were just allnurses that'd be the least of the evils haha) and she's currently trying to break me of my 'bachelor and loner' ways. It's cute. We're still getting the hang of living together, it's very awkward.
  5. 1) Pay attention and STUDY first and foremost. Learn that until you are finished with nursing school your head will stay in a book and everything else will have to be dealt with once you're finished studying. 2) If you don't have thick skin, grow it and grow it quickly. I have very thick skin and there were times I had instructors make me want to cry. On several occasions I ended up the shoulder to someone who was crying 3) Be organized or at least as organized as you can possible be. This will help you in several areas of school and work 4) Learn to get along with your fellow students, you will have to work with them often and they're going to be great for support. 5) I don't know if this is helpful to you but in nursing school we had a mantra that "77 = RN" I.E. You cannot ace nursing school. Just do the best you can.
  6. Jaybird310

    Any smokers Out There?

    I've been a smoker since I was 15, I managed to quit for a about a year but then I moved here to Kentucky and in the stress of moving and not knowing anyone I picked the habit back up. I like a couple of other posters actually enjoy smoking. Plus with the anti smoking laws around here, it gives me an excuse to go outside and get away from groups sometimes. Now I'm at a point in my life where I want to quit and have to quit. My lifelong non smoker fiancee has just moved in with me and she's pregnant so I'm quitting for my family. Now does anyone here have advice on how to stay quit? Because through the year that I was quit the awful craving never went away.
  7. Jaybird310

    How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    Yea I've been assured by all my friends up here this isn't normal. I'm not worried about myself, I'm gonna be a nervous wreck next week when my girl starts working up here, she's got to commute over Louisville from Lexington. That's when getting to work in the weather will bother me. But the storms and cold sure don't sit well with my Louisiana blood either. Luckily driving in mud kinda helps you prepare for ice.
  8. Jaybird310

    Name your poison

    Mine are the cliche coffee and cigarettes. I drink coffee all through the day, which is horrible I know and I have to give the cigarettes up by June 4th.
  9. Jaybird310

    How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    I didn't read through all the posts, but I know getting to work in my area has been hell this week. I'm from Louisiana and this is my first winter in Kentucky, so I had the learn to adapt quickly. It usually takes me about 25 mins to get to work and with the ice on the roads it's taken me anywhere from 45mins to an hour to get there. They excused people being late the 1st day but after that we were all expected to adapt. My poor pregnant fiancee moved up here from Louisiana Monday and she hasn't even attempted to leave the house. She told me today if I were anyone else she'd have hightailed it back to Louisiana already.