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My gold fish has been swimming on her back for weeks. She looks ok but floating like a balloon on her back. Can a vet help?


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this is a joke right?????




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i have just the cure.

carefully remove your fish from the tank being careful not to disturb his (or her) gills.

carry the fish (in your left hand) to the bathroom.

gently place the fish in the bowl of your toilet and push down the handle. the circular motion of the water will reorient your little fishy to swim the right way.

this is a common occurance in fish. its called fisheimerz disease.

let me know how that works out for you.

Peeps Mcarthur

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Consult with a Pet Store.

If your HMO has an icthyologist on staff, then your in luck!


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Hi. Apparently, many of the fancy goldfish get this problem. From what I understand there is a blockage in a gland and air (gas) builds up and it causes them to not be able to 'right' themselves and swim normally. My dad has 2 with the same dilemma! They have been swimming (floating is kinda more like it) for over a year! But they go after the food, and eat and seem otherwise very healthy!

There is a procedure that can be done by someone who is qualified, where they puncture the gland, and it allows the trapped air to be released and they are then better!!

Good luck with your fish... ignore the heartless remarks from others. :)



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I don't think they mean to be cruel. I, myself, have replied sarcastically funny, too to this thread but retracted it to avoid a conflict. But I have to admit that I did find the topic absolutely ridiculous and the replies hilarious. Unfortunately, my ignorance played a major role.

May your fish be okay... and I mean it this time. ;)



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You fish has swim bladder disease. It's easily cured, but talk to a tropical fish store (NOT just a generic pet store...they'll kill your fish) first. ANYHOO, a salt water bath is the best cure out there for just about anything, swim bladder disease included. I had a tank full of fancy goldfish for years and inevitably ONE of them would get it about once every couple of months. Go get a book specifically written about care of goldfish (that's what I did), and follow their instructions on how to do a salt bath TO THE LETTER. It's not difficult, just time-consuming, so save it for a saturday. Websites specifically geared towards goldfish lovers may give instructions too, but a book is best.

Hope your fishy is okay!! :)


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I am impressed with the knowledge base available for access on this bb.

hoolahan, ASN, RN

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I am glad even fish can get help here. I don't mind anyone asking for help on any topic, as you can see, many of us have fish here, pets, and tons of other problems, just maybe it would have been better recieved (I hope) in the Off Topic Forum.

Hope your fishy gets better soon welcare!! :D


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As I read downward I was impressed with Frustrated RN's answer, but than I read even further.

Either you all are the best perpetrators of humorus fiction I have ever had the pleasure of knowing or I have a lot to learn about Goldfish. I fear I have flushed more than one ( that appeared to be floating upside down) down that watery path called toilet in to goldfish never,never land.

Am I than, guilty of murder of a goldfish(or two)?????:eek: :o :confused:


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Debbye.. You probably didn't kill any of your fish. If they weren't moving.. they are dead. lol. These goldfish (with swim bladder disease) are very much alive and you can tell it! They can maneuver all over the place.. and eat and everything.



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To SOME individuals - UMMM NO this wasn't a joke.

To Kday - you were right on. I've had that problem with my fancy goldfish before.

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