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NJ license status: active - non renewable

I use to have a NJ RN license. In 2014 I moved to AZ. In 2015 I let my nj license expire. I didn't know I would be punished severely for that. I couldn't afford the CEUs and fees. 

In 2021 or 2022. While living in az, bc of my job and before nj was a compact state, I renewed my license. They did it for free. Weird. So it was active unencumbered. 

This is the punishment part: 

Dec 2023 I became a resident of nj bc came back for cancer tx. 
I changed my az address online to my NJ address right away. I emailed n called them asking how I can change my nj license to a primary license multistate now. 

Suddenly, my active license status the next day changed to active-non renewable with a 3/31/24 ecpiration date!! 

 DAILY calls, email, and voicemails to many numbers and emails since Dec 2023 to current march 2024 and not one person at NJ board of nursing can tell me why this happened. I came across a lawyer in Nj who said it's a 5 year penalty for letting your license lapse. He said  u paid 9 years of it but when u changed your address, they started the clock for over again and added an additional 5 years that you are not allowed to have your license back so will be penalized a total of 14 years. 

the board of nursing refuses to tell me why they did this and refuses to lift the non renewable saying it can be there for life. 

In 16 years as full time nurse n many licenses later, some still active, I never had any disciplinary or suspensions or criminal accusations or charges against me. No child support either.

I also read I will have to take an NCLEX again and also do school again tho I been active nurse for over 16 years! This is insane! in addition they want allllll the employers I ever worked for since I last used my nj license. How insane is this?!? Other places just want the last 5 years! If Beas a criminal it would require less penalty time n requirements to get it back. 

NJ board of nursing has no appeals for nursing license n no one will return my emails or calls not even the reactivation/ reinstatement dept, the web site won't allow me a multi license, renewal, or reinstatement. I was told by one of a million calls to them already that they aren't allowed to say why they cannot let me have my license anymore after 3/31/24 expiration which is coming up I n two weeks from now. 

If I was a criminal I could have my license back in 2-4 years! But I'm not allowed to ever have it back I was told. 

Is there any way to fight this? I face homelessness bc I'll be jobless soon and cannot simply break my home lease and move back to AZ where I have a current multistate license. 

I need help to resolve this. 

Anyone else had their nj license  taken away from them  bc they simply let their license lapse over 9 years ago? 

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Effective 1/2/2024, upon a change of "permanent residency" one has 60 days to apply for multistate license in new compact state.

I've never heard of NJ board of nursing reinstating a license for free--? clerical error; or possibly given a temporary license for out of state nurses to work in NJ due to COVID-now rescinded.    Wonder if because you are eligible for NJ compact license, they termed single state license. 

Best way to get this quickly resolved is to go in person to NJ BON Trenton address.  Upon finding out BON license issues, if they are unable to resolve same day, then immediately contact your NJ state representative's office who are experts at cutting through red tape at state agencies.

Please let use know result so any other nurses having similar issue can get quick resolution. 

You are correct on most of the things you said could possibly be the reason. I found this out yesterday after I had to get someone else involved with my case and demanding answers and applications. The web site wouldn't let me do anything but apply for a new license. 

I changed my residency in Dec when I moved into an apt. At beg of Jan (now it makes sense bc that's when they changed the multistate law) they termed my license as non renewable. When I applied for a reinstatement by endorsement a year and half ago, they did not process the application as I applied for it, but instead reinstated it as a non active RN for covid reasons as u said. They made expiration dates every 6 months but then would change the expiration date. I thought that strange but still assumed at the time it was how they did the Winter thing now. I didn't live in NJ at the time so didn't think much of it. Stays was always just "active". But what they did was mark me as retired though I uploaded all the documents for reinstatement. I had no idea. They said I was not active for 10 years with them because I had moved away (I notified them I was moving in 2014). They simply did not care I was active in AZ even before my NJ license expired. I never had a gap in employment but they aren't concerned w that because I was working in another state. They said since u did not work in NJ for 10 years you are not an active nurse. So when they noticed my address change to NJ, two weeks later (my timelines were a bit skewed until I relooked at my documentation) they put that non renewable on me. They stated they had, without notification to me, dismissed my application for reinstatement and used the non active/covid status application instead which made the application wrong. Clerical error. so for two months after I moved and tried to make them change my license to primary, I was told they have to send me the reinstatement application via email. I called daily because it never came. I started the CEUs I know they require while waiting for the application to come. I kept uploading documents they deleted. Then approaching my deadline, aka the expiration date which is 60 days, they finally said - yes we never sent u the application that can only be sent email because it takes 15 business days. When I got another party involved however, they told me their supervisor doesn't plan to even sent it til one day after my expiration on 4/1/24 which is the 15 business days exactly from the last time I requested the application. What I was unaware - if they do not ask for your license number and just your name when u call, they do not record the call in your account so they claim u never called and they won't help u even if they say they will. So tho they told me each day they'll send the application, they never applied for me to have it. 
anyway, after getting another party involved, I got the email application later that day at end of their business day. They will not say if handing it to them in person will be faster processing than overnighting it thru fed ex or ups, they only said it will save the mail travel time if u come in person. I wasted a month and half of phone calls trying to get them to give me ANY application. I even had one call tell me they locked my license up for life bc of clerical error so I have to apply for a new license. It didn't make sense but I did and paid the fees for nothing. I was willing to try anything to not expire. They also told me AFTER they get my app and documents, they let it sit 6-8 weeks BEFORE they even pick it up to look at it which is too late. The entire process takes more than 60 days so I don't see how their multistate new 60 day rule will even work w this current slow processing times. I also moved a month before this 60 limit law was passed. But now im getting a month shaved off my time frame and I hardly think that's fair. 

"Winter thing"typo - two year license term thing 

Long standing nurse said:


... The entire process takes more than 60 days so I don't see how their multistate new 60 day rule will even work w this current slow processing times. I also moved a month before this 60 limit law was passed. But now im getting a month shaved off my time frame and I hardly think that's fair. 


This is how it worked under the original Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC); when you relocated to another NLC state you could work for 60 days on your previous state's license.  The enhanced NLC (eNLC) removed the 60 day limit, allowing you to work on your previous state's license while your request for licensure by endorsement was being processed.  While it was always expected one would apply for licensure in a timely manner, neitherbthe NLC or eNLC specified a time-line to do so.  The new 60 day rule, which took effect 2 January, requires all applicants applying for licensure by endorsement after 2 January to do so within 60 days of their relocation.  Regardless of whether you submitted your application before or after 2 January, so long as your AZ license remains active you should be able to work using it while NJ processes your application.

And, I completely agree with @NRSKarenRN's suggestion to contact your state representative as he or she is in a much better position to work through this bureaucratic mess than you. 

Best wishes.

ETA: Interstate Commission of Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators Adopts New Residency Rule

unfortunately tho I'm being terminated from employment on 4/1/24 which is a day after my single state non  renewable license is termed in NJ. I was told the NJ BON told them I cannot practice in NJ after 3/31/24 no matter if I applied before term or not or if I have a az multistate or not it doesn't matter. And for the fact I lived here when the new rule took place, I cannot practice after 3/32/24. It was also told directly to me from NJ BON several times on their customer service line, even tho they knew I lived here since Dec 2023, I cannot practice in the state of nj after my license is termed despite me applying because that  rule of multistate only applies to nurses who never had a license in NJ before. so I'm standing losing my home, car, and child now 😞 bc they are taking a long time to reinstate my soon to be termed license 😞 

What representative do I need to call because I'll do it first thing Monday morning. I don't want to lose my entire life over this just because I moved to Nj for cancer tx. 

Long standing nurse said:


What representative do I need to call because I'll do it first thing Monday morning. I don't want to lose my entire life over this just because I moved to Nj for cancer tx. 

You need to contact your representatives to both the NJ state senate and assembly.

Again, best wishes.

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Had responsibility to maintain 10,000 physician database along with my nurses license status when Home Health Central Intake Manager for multistate locations, so can understand your frustration in dealing with BON.

Did you notify AZ of your change of "permanent residency" so you could get NJ multistate license--- that might be part of the problem.   All compact states license verification available via NURSYS.  Since you changed your NJ license address from AZ to NJ = permanent residency now in NJ.    As you just became aware of new 60 day requirement to APPLY for NJ multistate license upon this move,  hope you applied for the NJ multistate license.  You can still practice in NJ with  AZ multistate license  until your NJ multistate license approved per NJ BON FAQ.  Expect they would have a grace period in 2024 as nurses become aware of the changed law.


Proof of primary state of residence can be submitted through documents such as a driver's license, voter's card, federal income tax return, military form no. 2058, or W2 form

Nurse Licensure Compact- Multistate RN and LPN Licensure ("Upgrade")



Current NJ licensees who meet the requirements below may apply for a multi-state Compact license by Upgrade.

To be eligible for a New Jersey issued multistate license, you must:

  • Have a current and valid NJ Nursing license;
  • Meet the requirements for licensure in New Jersey (state of residency);
  • Have graduated from a board-approved education program; or has graduated from an international education program (approved by the authorized accrediting body in the applicable country and verified by an independent credentials review agency);
  • Have passed an English proficiency examination (applies to graduates of an international education program not taught in English or if English is not the individual's native language);
  • Have passed an NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® Examination or predecessor exam;
  • Be eligible for or holds an active, unencumbered license (I.e., without active discipline);
  • Have submitted to state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background checks;
  • Have not been convicted or found guilty, or has entered into an agreed disposition, of a felony offense under applicable state or federal criminal law;
  • Have no misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing (determined on a case-by-case basis);
  • Not currently a participant in an alternative program;
  • Be required to self-disclose current participation in an alternative program; and
  • Have a valid United States Social Security number.
  • RN and LPN Multistate License Application (online application)

License Verification Line: 1-973-273-8090


Quickest resolution is to drive to Trenton appear in person with documents, completion of NJ mandatory education and CE to get straightened out with a SUPERVISOR since you say NJ license expires 3/31/24 -2 weeks.

After 45 years with a PA license, my last renewal took 6 weeks to resolve as I'd only recorded previous license in NJ  ---forgetting I gave up DE license in 1990's as no longer doing home infusion.   NJ is slow in processing, didn't record letter I sent them to place my NJ license on inactive status in 2018 when I stopped practicing there.  Add in a middle name -- double the potential for problems.

If stuck in government agency processing limbo, next step is to contact your local assemblymen or state senator -Chare posted link to obtain name.

Best wishes in getting this speedily resolved.

What representative do I need to call because I'll do it first thing Monday morning. I don't want to lose my entire life over this just because I moved to Nj for cancer tx. 


ty so much 

Long standing nurse said:

What representative do I need to call because I'll do it first thing Monday morning. I don't want to lose my entire life over this just because I moved to Nj for cancer tx. 

You need to find your state assemblyman and senator; you should be able to do so here.  After finding your representatives, if this site doesn't have their contact information, you can find it here.

I don't see a listing for licensure? What catagory would I contact them under aka state representative ?


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1.  Contact BON License Verification Line: 1-973-273-8090 --request supervisor as last ditch attempt.

2. Write out situation, include dates of calls to BON (from any cellphone logs) to be able to clearly articulate problem.  Gather together any emails, proof of address, printout from NURSYS AZ and NJ license verification (link above).  Moved back to NJ December 2023, active license expires 3/2024 --listed as active-non renewable upon updating NJ address,.   Have AZ multistate RN license valid thru___ but told by NJ BON unable to continue use; explain 60days new law to obtain NJ multistate license, etc.  Unable to get resolution with numerous BON contacts since January 2024, etc

3.. Do not email but CALL and ask for urgent appointment to discuss expiration of NJ license 3/31/24. Sometimes Assemblymen's office is better choice as has less government business in smaller area than Senator.

Assemblywoman Simmons is on Higher ED and Science committees -- would be my first  contact choice.

Assemblyman Bailey Jr   committees include Transportation and Independent Authorities (ATR) + Telecommunications and Utilities (ATU)

Senator Burzuchelli office   He's on

  • Budget and Appropriations (SBA)
  • Legislative Oversight (SLO)
  • Transportation (STR)  committees.

You CAN get this resolved.

Yikes, I've gotta get moving on checking my # CEUs as my license expires end April 2024

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Years ago, I was told not to let my license expire in the state I took the NCLEX in no matter what state I move too. I was told that it was easier to keep it active, than to have to jump through hoops to get it reinstated if I let it expire. 

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