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  1. Waiver

    The waiver is a one time use. If this is the first time, there must be a wellness period (non-skilled) after exhausting benefits. If skilled level of care continued after exhaustion, the waiver can not be applied. The waiver, if applicable, is not de...

    Bill the default rate for 3 days.
  3. Surgical wound care

    A surgical wound usually heals in less than 10 days unless comorbidities complicate the process. The MBPM Chapter 8 p33 specifies a prescribed dressing and aseptic techniques as a skilled service. This would require detailed documentation to represe...
  4. CMS form 672 and survey readiness (long)

    You are correct to check the matrix manually and regularly and remove what flagged items do not apply. MDS software programs conduct logic tests based on CMS specs. The provider has to document why the flags do not apply. The 672 contract...
  5. totally dependent for positioning

    Total. No physical exertion from resident transpired during the actual position change.
  6. admitted from...2 questions

    1. Hospital, even when admitted directly from the ER. 2. Hospice at home is Hospice
  7. MDS Submission

    When the MDS had already been accepted, the resubmitted one will be rejected. Review the validation reports after every submission. It will show the status of each submitted MDS - accepted, rejected, and other warnings. Signing the MDS late will...
  8. Medicare days calculator

    Are you referring to the former calculator that shows due dates for 14, 30, 60, etc.?
  9. coding communication

    Sometimes. The answers, not all, seemed relevant.
  10. Significant change assessment

    Try to look into other areas that may contribute to the new pressure injury - change in nutrition status, ADL decline, increased incontinence, exacerbation of a clinical condition / comorbidities. Also if mood or psychosocial wellness is affected by ...
  11. ICD10

  12. CAAs and care plans

    Being the new kid in the block where ignorance is bliss, I can emphatize. I would probably start by printing the triggered CAA worksheet and share with the DON or care planner, seek their insight on how they would analyze the findings, direct you to ...
  13. Diagnosis Sheet/Covid

    The primary diagnosis should be the main reason for skilled service. If a patient is initially admitted after a hip fracture and requires skilled therapy, the occurence of COVID during his stay does not nullify the hip fracture-related dx as primary....
  14. payor source on discharge

    If Medicare was the primary prior and Medicaid would have been on day of discharge, select Medicare. The day of discharge is a non-billable day, hence, no payer is evidently responsible. For tracking purposes, NY requires it to gather info of payer s...
  15. COS after MLOA

    You have up to 14 days to complete an MDS on reentry. If you forgo the quarterly, the SCSA will still need to be completed within 14 days of reentry.