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  1. frustratedRN

    Med-Surg Telemetry

    i cant even imagine monitored beds on our unit. holy heck!
  2. frustratedRN

    Future of Nursing

    i guess its taken for granted that the diploma schools arent a big source of new nurses these days. lol never meant to imply you were old ! happy birthday :)
  3. frustratedRN

    A Letter To All Nurses

    its hard for me to understand why people cant disagree on a topic without making it personal. some arguments will never be "won" or "lost" and in the big scheme of things, does it really matter?
  4. frustratedRN

    Future of Nursing

    This isn't about patient care, it isn't about whether you are an ADN or a diploma nurse, this isn't about whose a better nurse, ~yes it is. if you asking if we should "raise the standards" to a BSN then you are insinuating that ADN and diploma are substandard. at least thats how i am understanding it. It's about wanting the best for our profession. ~i am saying then ...NO, its not the best for our profession at a time when we are in such turmoil. NO and i do not believe for a minute that a higher education will give us a stronger voice OR add respect to the profession. maybe im just not getting it. tell me how
  5. frustratedRN

    Preventing Financial Loss when we get hurt

    PRN i too hope you benefit from your lawsuits. that really is crap. i was in a car accident many years ago. i had broken my femur in 4 places and crushed my arm. i was pregnant at the time and in a body cast. after the baby was born i had a plate put in my leg and was finally able to walk with crutches. a few months after i found out i was pregnant again. i was collecting social security disability after my son was born and when i was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, and still on crutches mind you, i was cut off social security. the reason: i could get a job they didnt have to find me a job but i COULD work. my own orthopedist certified me disabled. the social security docs certified me disabled. i called ss and asked them what kind of work they thought i could get...they said....WATCHMAKING...lol can you believe that? i appealed and i won a partial award. god bless you prn....i wish you well
  6. frustratedRN

    Preventing Financial Loss when we get hurt

    last week i strained the muscles in my back and neck while lifting a patient. i didnt even know i had hurt myself until i woke up the next afternoon with a knot in my back and a lump in my neck. the back has resolved itself but my neck is still messed up. it is still swollen and the pain at times is excrutiating. i am starting physical therapy tomorrow and looking at least three more weeks off work, most likely more. i am hoping that my workers comp will kick in within the next two weeks so im not missing a paycheck. i dont know what the heck im going to do. after reading all these posts lately im getting pretty nervous.
  7. nights are probably better for you just coming off orientation. i wouldnt worry about the sleep part because you will fit that in. of course you will probably feel like crap for a while but you will get in a groove. the night shift gives you more freedom to focus on what you have to do as far as patient care and hospital policies. you dont have to deal with the docs coming and writing orders, your patients arent going to tests and surgery, and you dont have to deal with visitors. its a more laid back atmosphere condusive to learning. i prefer the night shift to daylight any day.
  8. frustratedRN

    Nursing is pathetic...

    dude, i already work at west penn...im going to try to private message you if i can
  9. frustratedRN

    Future of Nursing

    how on earth would you propose nclex to reflect your education? i thought nclex was for competency and your DEGREE was a reflection of your education. thats absolutely right that doctors let it be known how much schooling they have, but that has nothing to do with their degrees. it has more to do with public relations. THATS WHAT WE NEED...BETTER PUBLIC RELATIONS AND YES ONE UNIFIED VOICE. are you a better nurse than i am because you took anthropology or chemistry II? i dont think so. sometimes life experiences are the best classrooms. and i SURE AS HELL DONT WANT THE GOVERNMENT DECIDING HOW MUCH I MAKE. the LESS involvement the government has the better off we are. i cant even believe that someone suggested that. are we forgetting what happened when the clintons tried to "reform" healthcare? im not even saying that we should/shouldnt let the BSN be the entry level. im just saying the reasons stated here are wrong and that at this time this issue really should be tabled in favor of so many other issues of greater importance. btw...thanks washya for posting the differences in the degrees. i wont need much to get my bsn since i have taken most of those courses as prerequisites.
  10. frustratedRN

    Future of Nursing

    you honestly think that by increasing education requirements for entry will add repspect to our profession? you are taking for granted that the general public is aware of the nursing requirements. these are the same people who think that every male is a doctor and any female wearing any combination of white is a nurse. you also believe that requiring a BSN will assist in giving us a unified voice? you are taking for granted that every BSN benefits from their education. I know some BSN's that are dumb as a doorknob and so do you. it seems to me that what you are saying is that we need more education in order for us to be paid what we are worth, as if the general public and administrations arent taking us seriously because we dont have a minimum degree requirement. so if we raise the requirements we will be able to legitimize our profession. im sorry but this makes no sense to me. i think just the opposite. say right now an ADN makes 16 an hour and a BSN makes 18 an hour. i think if you raise the entry to BSN, all nurses are going to make 16 an hour. while i agree with all the problems you stated, i dont agree that requiring a higher degree is the solution. where i work i see the BSN's eating crap too. there is no more respect for their initials than any other.
  11. frustratedRN

    visitors hell

    much rather have somebody writing down what time i hung an antibiotic than screaming at me when i come in the room....what time was her last dose???? is this one late??????? or worse yet blaming me for something some other blonde nurse did or said. the er thing is just ridiculous. when the doc finished the code he should have 302'd the wife
  12. frustratedRN

    universal precautions

    if the resident is over 95 and all he has is hep c...thats pretty cool in this day and age. the only smart thing is to treat everyone like they have everything. niles...your wet theory takes all the fun out of sex lol
  13. frustratedRN

    Future of Nursing

    my questions would be whats the difference in education (course wise)between the BSN and the ADN? what is the student really learning in those two extra years? what do you learn in clinical for the BSN that is different from the ADN or diploma for that matter? i cant compare the two when i dont know what the differences really are
  14. frustratedRN

    visitors hell

    in the back of my mind i keep the thought that this is probably the only thing they can do for their loved one. seeing that aunt marge has a pillow might be the very last thing they can do for her. it may seem stupid to us but its not to them. so far this thought has been able to keep my anger with families in check. one time i had a family whos moms sepsis was getting out of control. as it progressed so did the despair and frustration of the family. just like everyone else they started blaming the nurses. after a sequence of events i called the daughter aside and explained her moms condition. i told her very delicately that if the family continued to abuse the nursing staff, the staff they were counting on for help would be alienated from them. and thats not what they wanted. i suggested they buy a book and start writing down all medications mom was given, who her nurse was, what time the doc came in and what he said, as well as any other pertinant information. (if the nurses on my unit knew i was the one who started the book...they would have killed me...lol) this book became their bible. they felt like they were actually doing something to help mom. they felt power in the knowledge they were obtaining and the book kept them busy. they backed off the nursing staff. this is not always the case with families tho. sometimes they just want to get the "services entitled" to THEM with their loved ones admission...lol i dont mind dealing with families if they are unobtrusive. its the demanding suffocators that i hate. the ones that have the "us against them" attitude. im pretty good at disarming them tho. not all but most.
  15. frustratedRN

    visitors hell

    woo2 i was most amused by your question tho i can see how the visitors werent, you made them look stupid, which of course they are.
  16. frustratedRN

    the happy neighborhood pharmacist

    lol i guess you can look at somebody IF you arent drilling holes into them with your eyes...lol i still cant get over him acting like that. i cant even be pissed anymore...its too crazy. i did talk to the president of the eckerd branch stores yesterday. they are sending me a gift certificate and are looking into his behavior. apologies of course. im truly wondering if that pharmicutical god was dippin in the percocet's too. maybe thats why he didnt want to fill them.