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Help allnurses reach its Twitter goal


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I just thought I would start something fun and see how fast we can get 10,000 members to follow us on twitter ;)

Since allnurses.com is the largest nursing website, it only makes sense that we should have the largest nursing following on Twitter right? Right. So we need your help ;)

allnurses twitter page: http://twitter.com/allnurses

With your help, you can make this happen. It only takes a few minutes to setup a twitter account, and to follow us :)

Simple Instructions:

Already have a twitter account, just visit: http://twitter.com/allnurses and click on follow

I need a twitter account: visit http://twitter.com/allnurses then follow the directions to join, it only takes a 1-2 minutes :)

Please feel free to spread the word about allnurses.com via email, blogs, twitter, facebook etc...

Any predictions on how fast we can get to 10,000? Please feel free to reply with any suggestions or advice at how we can reach our goal or just reply after you follow us.


Below is a screenshot of what the twitter page looks like, once you have an account, just click the follow button to follow allnurses

also, once you have a twitter account, you can share your favorite threads and discussions easily with the Share links, see this screenshot:


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Brian, ASN, RN

Specializes in CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele. Has 27 years experience.

no, twitter is a highly respected website, they do not spam you. You get to choose who you follow.

I've had a twitter account for over a year, and I never have had any issues. If I had any doubt, I would not recommend it.

Thanks in Advance for all the follows!

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I love my cat!

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Will do! I am following so many amazing and interesting people...always room for one more! :D

Well, I'm following AN. Of course, I never have my cell phone on and they never asked for my number....

~Mi Vida Loca~RN, ASN, RN

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I will follow, well I will at least go say I will follow. I have had my twitter account for a few months and I think logged on twice LOL. I don't subscribe to any updates, but I will follow to help the numbers :p

I tried signing up for twitter, just could not understand how it works. Also it takes me a long time to send a text message. From what people tell me twitter is not for the person who is a slow about sending a text.

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I tried signing up for twitter, just could not understand how it works. Also it takes me a long time to send a text message. From what people tell me it is not for the slow textter.

I've never sent one.


NurseCard, ADN

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I'm satisfied with my Facebook account. =)


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Twitter is fun! If I can figure it out, anyone can. OK, Facebook and MySpace make my eyes glaze over, :imbar:imbar really interesting people on, too

Brian, not sure how it would work but one of the coolest ways to get lots of new followers is to have a challenge with someone else where the prize for the winner is a gift to a charity. Like Ashton Kutcher v. CNN. :cheers::yeah:you can get there many ways(web page, RSS,blackberry,etc)

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Twitter rocks! I am following and being followed by AN. :up:

I have also joined the AllNurses.com fan club page at FB.

For those on FB and Twitter, you can now update your Twitter status through FB.


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I'm an avid twitterer, but I'm not sure about following AlNurses if it's only going to be just links to articles; particularly since I log in to AllNurses regularly enough that I can see when new articles pop-up anyway.

Most people use twitter as a communication tool. Give a little, get a little. More personal, you know?

Are there any plans for AllNurses to use Twitter for human communicaion as opposed to broadcasting/advertizing new article posts?

I'd guarantee you'd get more followers if you did.

DebanamRN, MSN, RN

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I joined, but I'll have to ask the kids to help me with this!


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I love using Twitter and am there more than anywhere else in "cyberspace". I follow, and am followed by, numerous professionals with whom I have shared interests: OR nursing, health information technology, clinical informatics, nursing education, to name a few. Rarely do I spend time on Twitter than I don't learn something. Among the important things to learn, however, is when it's time to sign off and go outside for a while. :)

Feel free to follow me - I hope you find that what I converse about has value. Or, at the very least, will make you laugh! @Christina1973

I am proud to be an Allnurses Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah::yeah:


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