is your efficiency misinterpreted as lazy ?

  1. Do people take your efficiency as you're lazy. Lol. I'm too good at this, tho and I think that is why this Job is affecting me so harshly. 3 hours into my shift, my assessments, documenting, and chart checks are done. this is night shift, so it is not as busy, but then I am left sitting around on the computer learning about procedures, or ill admit, browsing on all, thinking about how slow life is going for me. 600 meds, for all my patients are done by 0630. Yep, all to the right patients. When a majority of the other nurses around this time are -NOW--finishing charting.

    Any way, I often am seen sitting around because I am literally done with what needs to be done, and could be done. I don't do much chit chatting, whats small talk, if it's gossip? I don't do that, and would continue to never do that, just to keep some friends around. The thing is, in nursing, if you aren't bashing someone somewhere, I swear, you are an outsider. I hate talking about others, Im superly concerned about my life right now, with how stuck I feel. Anyway.

    Just wondering if anyone is like this, too efficient and on the go, but people think you're just sitting around, but you've done all your work.m helping on day shift right now, and it's 1030, and believe it, yes, my shift assessments, the ton load of 0900 meds are all done, and documentation is done, im just waiting for 1400 to roll around so I can give my next round of meds, and do my notes and get home. Smh,
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  3. by   limaRN
    It doesn't sound like you're lazy it sounds like you're efficient!! You have excellent time management skills and it shows! If you're concerned about others viewing you as lazy because you're just sitting there offer to help. If I'm done with what I have to do I offer to help with turning a pt, doing a blood sugar, etc. it goes a long way with coworkers! You could always clean up the nurses station, stock room, etc.
  4. by   bubblejet50
    I went from a ltc where I had 35 residents to one where I only have 6. I have the same problem as you! I learned time management from when I had a lot of residents and even though I hated that job I can say that I appreciate that learning experience! I end up doing administration things that my boss does not have time for to keep myself busy.
  5. by   gloryfied
    @ limaRN. I know right! Oh but I know Im too efficient. It just hit me and I have just accepted. Even though days is more busy, Here i am waiting for meds to roll around. looking at others running like thier heads are cut off. Sometimes, I think it's more about wanting to look busy, all this running, and stressing. I hope I dont jinx myself, but it made me question, if I like this job, or my efficiency leaves lots of room for nothing to do, that I begin hating this job/profession. This Job pace was too slow for me, and ill find myself watching the clock starting at 0300 am till MEDS! when i get to get busy. I have accepted it, with utmost confidence that I am severely efficient. It's something I've always had, people say I don't socialize. I think I do, but at a minimum, because my work is my priority here first. Why stand there talking about someone's marriage failing, when you have shift assessments to do. then come 0630 am, you're needing help because yourre behind. Maybe it's just me, but my mentality is of a do it and get it done with. BOOM!
  6. by   LadyFree28
    I'm pretty efficient...had a good background in Sub/acute Rehab where pts had to be OOB by 9 am in order to get to the Rehab gym, or maintain their schedule...If you are in acute care, you can always do rounds where you check on your pts strike up conversations, etc...if it's night shift, there is always one or two pts that would like to have a small convo before drifting off before the 2 am magic hour. If not, keep looking at nursing articles, nursing interests, etc...I could care less if people think I am lazy, especially if everything is charted and done...let them run, or pitch in and ask if they need help.
  7. by   BrandonLPN
    Great topic. My job includes a huge med pass to 40 plus residents. When I work days, I can finish the am pass by 930 on good days. The regular day nurse finishes closer to 11am. I am so tired of all the little insinuations that I cut corners. I just focus on the work and don't chat all morning. I'm so tired of the martyr mindset in nursing that dictates any nurse not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off must be lazy. Yes, I work fast and I have downtime. Having downtime is nothing to apologize for....
  8. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Yeah, this has soooo much to do with individual personalities. I remember one RN who was always running, complaining, and whiney. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I really thought she might be getting heavier loads than her counterparts. Then, one night I got called in on overtime, and she had the load I had carried all week- and yes- was whiney, running, and complained all night. I realized this was just her, I considered the crew a pretty easy bunch. It has soooo much to do with the individual staff member. Some are always going to think your lazy, cutting corners, and think you should be up helping them.

    One night I grew the courage to tell her: Well "Name," I've noticed you have been runnning,... but if you had even been "walking" even, while you were at the desk complaining (instead of charting, assessments, or med-pass), your needed pace would be much different now.

    That night I was charging, backing up ER, had 2 more patients than her, and took all the "completes" (back when as a male I felt obligated to do all the turning with the CNAs), and she still asked me to do her 2100 Med-Passes.

    A strong backbone serves you well in nursing in more ways than lifting, Lol!!
  9. by   Orange Tree
    I'm very well organanized and usually "ahead" of my co-workers when it comes to tasks. Having said that, I don't trust people who are always done early and sit around for most of the shift. I started out thinking they were magical beings, but then I worked the opposite shift and got their patients a few times. Now, I understand why they have so much free time. They are only "finishing" part of what needs to be done before taking their extended breaks.
  10. by   RNperdiem
    Efficiency is a trait I approve of. You never know when something unexpected is going to happen, so if you stay caught up with your work, you will not fall too far behind.
    If you are being labeled lazy when you are efficient, your problem is more of a public relations/office politics problem.
    First, ask yourself if you could invest some of that extra time you now have in improving the care of the patients you do have. Are you doing the bare minimum; are your patients boosted up in bed, clean, comfortable and have had their concerns listened to?
    What if you invest a few extra minutes to help your less efficient coworkers? I am not talking about doing anything excessive here; just ask if they could use some help.
    I think women (and this is a business dominated by women) keep score of who gives and who takes. A little giving goes a long way in the (usually) reciprocal world of female office politics.
  11. by   beckyboo1
    Efficiency is awesome yes. And I admire that you are so speedy. But do you never have a bad shift? More than 1 admission? Do you help your fellow nurses or just sit at the desk while they complete tasks? I get the feeling you and your co-workers don't necessarily get along. That may have more to do with you sitting at the desk while they work than the fact that you won't "gossip" with them.
  12. by   That Guy
    Get off your ass and help everyone else out. Nothing ****** me off more than seeing one person sitting around doing nothing when everyone else is working.
  13. by   canoehead
    I'll put aside the OP's claim that she got all her work done in almost half the time of most nurses. the other nurses apparently need a hand, and you gotta help your coworkers. after that, if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean, and restock. I have never worked a shift where someone couldn't use a spa-like bath, or a shampoo, or a pedicure. Find something!! It's never PC to sit when your coworkers are running, I'd be annoyed too.
  14. by   proud nurse
    I remember a thread a week or so ago with a nurse who didn't really have time to stop their med pass to help toilet/change a resident that they've told a resident to go in their brief if they refused a bedpan, yet I'm hearing that some nurses are done with their work way ahead of schedule and they're sitting around having downtime? That doesn't seem right, and not very team oriented. I'd rather help out a co-worker anyday than watch them run around ragged because of how they manage their time. That doesn't mean I'm going to stay an hour past my shift helping them, but I'm not going sit around taking up space just because I manage my time better.
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