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limaRN has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/CCU/CVICU.

I started out in the ICU as a new-grad nurse in NH. I have worked there since July 2010 and obtained my CCRN certification in Oct. 2011, CSC in Jan. 2013. Currently in CRNA school.

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    How old were you when you started CRNA school?

  2. limaRN

    Gifts vs. bribes...is there a line?

    You did the right thing. I feel that it's inappropriate to take money from pts or family. If you happen to run into her just say that you appreciate the gesture but its against company policy. I've been offered money before as well but have adamantly declined. If people feel they should give something say that we always appreciate cards, a note to our managers, and always food to the entire unit as a gift if they feel the need! But I wouldn't stress about it. If somebody had found out and you didn't tell it could've gotten messy.
  3. limaRN

    "I am sorry - I refuse to float to Peds!"

    Just got asked to float to the peds unit tonight. I'm an adult ICU nurse. I know nothing about peds!!! I said no way!
  4. limaRN

    Not qualified for CCRN will CMC certificate work?

    I believe you need to have your CCRN or other clinical nursing specialty (such as PCCN, etc) in order to get a subspecialty certification such as the CSC or CMC. I think that is what you're asking anyway. Your post is a little unclear. If you go on the AACN website it will state the requirements to be able to sit for the CCRN and CMC exams.
  5. limaRN

    Saying no when work calls

  6. limaRN

    Picc line question

  7. limaRN

    Nurse refused to give CPR

    It does mention at the bottom that the resident did not have a DNR order.
  8. limaRN

    Nurse refused to give CPR

    That is very interesting.. The company admitted it is their policy to call 911 and wait with the resident. So technically the nurse followed company policy. It seems as if you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. However, I can't understand as a nurse that you could just sit there and not do CPR... That would be very hard for me.