Have you made good friends while in Nursing School?


What's your experience like?

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My best friend in this town I met in pre-nursing, followed through to graduation and now work at the same hospital. So yeah, you can.


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I have people that I talk to and work with frequently, and who I enjoy being around. In general I like many of my classmates and we get along well. However, I would not say I have made any friends. However, I have always been more introverted and reserved, and also I have a group of friends outside of school and a little family with my boyfriend and cats. Having a life outside of school, working, and living off campus changes the dynamic of college in my opinion.


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Yes I have. Having friends in nursing school has made this experience so much better. They understand me so well when my non nursing friends don't. We all go through the same emotions regarding nursing school so its great to have people that can relate to what I'm feeling. We go out to celebrate at the end of each semester. I have 1 friend that I met during pre-reqs that is a semester ahead of me. She graduates in December, can't wait to go to her pinning ceremony. That will power me through my last semester.

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Yes, I have made quite a few friends from NS and work. We go to eachothers pinning ceremonies, go out to eat , and just have fun. Nothing better then being around your own kind, nurses and students are truly a different breed.


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I've made one or two good friends in my classes, but I don't necessarily hang out with them outside school.

I know most people say that your nursing school friends will be your best friends, that they'll be the ones you're friends with for your whole life, blah blah blah. But I didn't take that approach. Personally, when I'm not at school, I like to hang out with my friends, family, and boyfriend who aren't constantly talking about nursing or school. Don't get me wrong. The people in my classes are great, and we're all friendly. I just don't choose to invest my time into those specific relationships. To each his own. You have to find what makes you happy. :twocents:

I also met my best friend while doing prereqs. She is a semester ahead of me now, but that doesn't matter! I am close with my classmates in my clinical and lab group. There's only 5 of us but we do everything together!

Oh, and I will also say, a lot of my non school friends seem to have disappeared when I started school :/

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Yes, I love my nursing school friends! I could not do it without friends to encourage me. No one else can understand everything you are going through!

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Met one or two I wouldn't mind keeping in contact with on a regular basis.

Met many I wouldn't mind running into.

Met one or two I could care less about.

I considered any friendships I made in nursing school to be transient friendships that existed to support us all as we attempted to achieve a common and difficult goal.

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I tend to attract Bullsh*t, people who are selfish, and they only talk to you bc they want to succeed in class. I talk to everybody, but I don't consider every classmate a friend. I am very picky when it comes to friends. I always get hurt bc I am too freaking nice to people and they always take advantage, I always realize this when it's too late hahaha aaa. I rather have one or two normal, true friends than 20000 friends on fb that want to stalk your pics and everyday events, but they never comment or check on you lol.

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I have, which is a good thing since I moved out of state to attend this program and knew absolutely no one.

There is one that Im extremely close with and we hang out together outside of school. We do a lot of things together, even our kids play together/have sleep overs. Im glad I found someone that I can trust/depend on.