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  1. Y-site versus Piggyback

    Could you have gotten a new IV site, I would not feel comfortable giving those two meds together? But I am always paranoid about those weird combinations.
  2. IV infiltrate :(

    I have had so many IV's infiltrate on me it is unbelievable. All of them I caught early, (so far). I always feel the site, ask about pain, and watch for any frequent alarming of the pump. If it's a lock, when I flush I always observe for pain or leak...
  3. I am a new nurse and still trying to get my routine and time management down. On orientation, I did not get much of a chance to have admissions. Now that I am off orientation I have had a few. I feel like a train wreck when it happens. All my admiss...
  4. Can they fire me?

    I agree, go in person. They can't ignore you if you're standing right there!
  5. Rough Day

    I am a new nurse just off of orientation too. Trust me, many of my days I feel like that. Especially with an admission or transfer -- that really throws a wrench into things for me. Just a few days ago I had a very difficult admission and I came hom...
  6. Things dying patients say

    None of the people that I have cared for that are actively dying have spoken to me, but I have only cared for people on hospice care. I have cared for dementia patients who are declining and have heard them repeat bizarre phrases over again and again...
  7. Severe anxiety at work

    Thank you for your awesome article CheesePotato. I actually read it when you originally posted it. It reminds me of what one of my residents said at my previous place of employment. She was in her 90's and liked to pass on wisdom to others. I asked h...
  8. Severe anxiety at work

    Thanks for relating to me. I know this is common for new grads. I tend to be a very cautious and nervous person to begin with. I appreciate what your manager says. And sometimes it isn't our fault it they aren't doing well. I've had to transfer sever...
  9. Severe anxiety at work

    I am a new grad nurse and have been on my own for less then a month after about a month and a half of orientation on a busy medical-surgical unit. My first few weeks went okay, with a few bumps in the road. But today was horrible. I recieved a new ad...
  10. Dear God, Help me

    These dementia stories are cracking me up and bringing back fond memories! I miss LTC and geriatrics so much!
  11. Patient requests

    I had someone who asked me for an phone charger too!! I'm not even sure what kind of phone! I had to ask them to clarify what they meant, because I can't believe someone would think that we carried all varities of phone chargers on the unit! I direct...
  12. How much personal info do you share with pts?

    I share nothing. I lie and say I am married to any patient that asks, and if they ask me where my rings are, I tell them I don't wear them at work for infection risk. I also tell them I live in "the city." I side-track the conversation if they ask me...
  13. Develop a Thick Skin - How?

    I am a new grad nurse, having worked for a couple of months, and only a short while on my own in a busy medical/surgical unit. I am a gentle soul, soft-spoken, and have manners ingrained in me from childhood. I strive to be respectful and professiona...
  14. False documentation... more common than you think.

    I do my best to be 100% honest with my charting. Even with the meds. With 4 patients on a busy unit, day shift, all who have fifty bajillion meds due at 8am, at least one of those patients may get their meds after 9 am. My assessments are always done...
  15. Healthcare is NOT a basic human right.

    I think the problem is that when you make healthcare a priviledge rather then a right, the health of people who cannot afford care suffers. Wealth and social class are the biggest factors that determine the health of a person in the United States. Pe...