Had Lasik done!!

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Love it!! I had 20/20 vision the next day. It is like a miracle for me. I can not believe it. I had very poor vision before. My husband is going now. I was the guinea pig. WOW!! After wearing glasses for 20 years and contacts for 12 this is just amazing for me. They do get a little dry sometimes. Otherwise, I have had no problems.


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Hi that sounds great!

I want it done but have no money or info. about it.

Not to get too personal. Can I ask? How much was it and if your insured did you pay alot out of you pocket?

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I am jealous they won't touch me because I have Keratoconus and that means thin drooping corneas.

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I do not mind at all. It was 2400 dollars. Insurance did not cover it. I spent 300 dollars a year on glasses and contacts anyway so I figured it was worth it. Apparantly, I have really thick corneas so they were able to really work with it.

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:D congratulations! glad you had such good results!

my fiance desperately needs this; unfortunately, he doesn't have the $$$ at the moment.

without his glasses; he is legally blind. he is severely near-sighted.

i wish he could afford to have this done.


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My dad is looking at getting lasiks..

works for a lot of ppl.


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The new version, "custom" Lasix, is said to have fewer risks and side effects than the standard Lasix that has been done for some years. Of course, it costs more (surprise!).

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my fiance desperately needs this; unfortunately, he doesn't have the $$$ at the moment.

i wish he could afford to have this done.

my mil had hers done in canada....600 an eye. if that is an option, try looking into it....


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ooooh I'm jealous! I have been wanting to get LASIK done for awhile now. Both my hubby and I are severely nearsighted, thank God we can wear contacts because our glasses are like Coke bottles!

Maybe one day when we are out of school and making big bucks... yea right! :D


I desperately want this procedure. My uncorrected vision is 20/400. Just gotta save the money.... Anyone have bad results with Lasik?


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I've been thinking about getting it done for so long now! My eyesight is horrible. I'm basically blind without my contacts in. It sounds like you had a great experience. I 'm still a bit nervous about the possibility of something going wrong. My vision is bad but it's all the vision I have.


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WOOHOOOO WAY TO GO! I hope you enjoy your newfound vision.

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