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I have been nearsighted since age 30. My two older brothers came down with the same thing at about the same age. I began wearing contacts shortly after being dx with nearsightedness, but after 8 years, I have had enough of the contact routine! It's not really that much that of a pain the neck, but I am sick of it all the same. My optometrist has been sending flyers r/t lasik lately and I am seriously considering it. One of our nurses had it done in Tampa a few months ago and it cost her a grand total of $75 out of pocket; apparently, our 'eye plan' covers it!


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Had Lasik done about 5 years ago after 38 years in glasses.

Opted for monovision (one eye adjusted for near vision, one for far), but practised in contact lenses first. Was not able to wear contacts all day, but got the idea that my brain would not rebel too much with monovision.

Outcomes have been pretty good. Love the freedom of not wearing glasses BUT quite a lot of dry eye probs. especially at night - I recommend TheraTears out of all of the brands.

Also, as I get older, the eye corrected for near vision is not quite good enough for reading (especially drug labels etc) and I find I have cheap, drug store quality reading glasses all over the house and where I work. However, I can usually manage the menu when out and all my other social type issues without glasses.

I would not change having had the monovision Lasik procedure done.


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I had it done a few weeks ago. Looked across the room right after the procedure and I could see the clock!! I've been in glasses for over 40 years. I still need readers but my distance vision is 20/20 from less than 20/400. I couldn't even see the big "E" prior to the surgery. What a life changing experience. Now when I shave my legs I can SEE what I'm doing rather than going by feel. My sister is scheduled for next week and another sister will have it done as a Christmas gift to herself. I couldn't be more pleased with the resutls! One of my co-workers just had it done too and loves the results. One pair of glasses for me was over $600.00 and contacts were $230.00 a pair every 2-3 months. My procedure cost just under $3000.00 but I got it for 12 months same as cash. In just a few years it will have paid for itself. If you want it do your homework and go for it! I love it!


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My husband has told me that one of the first things he wants me to do after I graduate nursing school is fix my eyes. I have been wearing glasses/contacts since 12 years of age and I'm 20/400 in one eye and 20/300 in the other. I literally can't see 2 feet in front of me without any correction. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning only to find your cat has knocked your glasses off your nightstand table and now you are on your hands and knees, "feeling" your way to your glasses. And going to the pool is almost a miserable experience...I'm constantly having to tell my kids, "DON'T splash me in my face...I'll lose a contact!!!" So that's just one more motivation for finishing school!!!


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Originally posted by cyberkat

That's great to hear!

I'm considering doing it, too. I want to do monovision so I don't have to wear reading glasses. My doc is having me fitted with 1 contact to see if I can handle it. Apparently it annoys some people. So far, it seems fine to me.

I have this naturally...I had lazy eye and surgery for that as a kid. With that eye I can see distance and with the other I see close.

I've thought about this lazer surgery, but than I would have to have reading glasses and figure why since I'd still have to wear glasses ya know?

Is it true this starts to fail after about 10 years?


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I had it done Sept. 8, in Seattle; am very happy. Mine cost $699 per eye using Nidek laser, and that includes lifetime corrections, should I need them. I investigated the ophthalmologist very thoroughly; found out he was very conservative and that he had done many (over 13,000) of the procedures. My eyes are currently very dry, but that is to be expected; especially after being at the computer for a couple of hours, when you tend not to blink. Then they tell you what artificial tears to use; I use Celluvisc at night and Cistaine during the day, every two hours, to keep the eyes moist--am told I will only have to do that for about 2 months, when the eyes start making tears on their own better. I had follow up appointments the next day, the week after, 2 weeks after, and will have another one in a month--all but the first day post-op were done by a local optometrist, and all were covered in the cost of the surgery. I do still wear (dime-store) reading glasses, but at least I no longer need bifocals, and I can get up to walk to the bathroom at night without fumbling for my glasses, or (literally) holding onto the walls in the hallway because I could not see without my glasses--I would recommend it for anybody. Oh, my vision before was, I think, 20/200; has been since 4th grade--now, at age 49, it is 20/15, both eyes--pretty awesome, huh?

I did do the monovision thing with contacts for a couple of years--it is OK, but JUST OK--it gets annoying under certain lighting conditions. My optometrist, whom I trust, says that he would not follow any patient who chose the LASIK version of monovision--he says the ones that do always regret it--I am glad I got both eyes corrected to 20/15, not just one.

Apparently, though, if you DO want to try monovision, and it does not work out, you can elect to have LASIK on the uncorrected eye later--I just did not want to be bothered with the monovision thing AT ALL again, though it sounds like it worked well for indie!


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Originally posted by stella123 rn

Love it!! I had 20/20 vision the next day. It is like a miracle for me. I can not believe it. I had very poor vision before. My husband is going now. I was the guinea pig. WOW!! After wearing glasses for 20 years and contacts for 12 this is just amazing for me. They do get a little dry sometimes. Otherwise, I have had no problems.

How exciting for you. I am glad you posted this. I have been interested in this procedure but I am a little nervous to follow through. Pretty much the anxiety stems from the idea of setting myself up for a mistake and having total vision loss. It is tempting to have done though because DH vision plan covers majority of cost.


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You folks are really lucky that your insurance covers some/all of the lasik procedure. It makes so much more sense for an insurance company to cover this procedure rather than pay out for glasses etc. Three more days and I will be in Canada getting this procedure. For $1599/both eyes I can afford it (well, my credit card can (smile)). I've done hard and soft lenses and glasses, I am SO blind without them. I can't wait to be free of them all (except maybe reading glasses occasionally). Plus, mini vacation to beautiful Canada for the husband and I! Carol


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I can relate to so many things in these posts. Not being able to see the "big E" on the chart, warning people not to splash me in the face for fear of losing a contact, etc. I'm extremely near sighted and after reading the posts from all of you who've had a positive experience, I really want to get this done! I'm going to make an appointment for a consult. :cool:


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Had lasik on Saturday!! Well, like I said earlier, I was scheduled and had done lasik on October 25. It is so nice. My small print eyesight is still coming back in (I'm 39, when you get older, the small print sometimes takes longer to come in perfectly). I went to Canada to the best clinic the staff was so nice. The surgery so quick. My eyesight gets more crisper each day. I believe I walked out with 20/35 eyesight. Much better than b4 when I couldn't see the alarm clock sitting on my bedstand. I only paid $1599 total and that includes the pre and post op clinic appointments that I do in my town. It is so strange to see wtihout contacts. I'm so glad I got it done. It was such a qucik procedure, filling out the paperwork took longer! If anyone wants to email me privately: [email protected] I can give you a play by play on the procedure. I can also give you the name of the clinic I went to (and thoroughly check out) if you wnat. I highly recommend it. Carol


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Carol, this is great news, I'm glad everything went so well for you

A co-worker of mine is having this procedure performed next month. There seems to be more and more positive outcomes from Lasik all the time. I will let her know of another sucess story :)


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Reading these posts, it sounds like there are a lot of good results, and that's wonderful. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. I "did my homework" and chose a surgeon who had done 4,000 procedures. I was inside the FDA guidelines. But...despite making every effort to understand the risks in advance, and despite being a good candidate, I still ended with ghosting, irregular astigmatism, and terrible dry eye.

If you know someone who's had problems, just communicating how they see can be very difficult. I created a site called http://www.VisionSimulations.com, which has pictures of what the world looks like to those who've had complications. You'll find pictures of ghosting, double vision, halos, starbursting, glare, and even floaters. There are also some simulators that allow patients who've had problems to "email their vision" to doctors that might be able to help them. Also, they can go to http://www.SurgicalEyes.org and find a bulletin board where doctors will answer there questions. There are just about 6,000 registrants now.


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