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LPN since 1996, ADN 2002, start BSN 8/2002

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  1. RNConnieF

    Are you going to dress up for Halloween at work?

    Deb, Too busy for words. One husband, 2 kids still at home, 2 jobs- full time in CC, part time as a clinical instructor, and still in school for my BSN. In my spare time I'm still a band mom and an active school volunteer. I don't get as much time as I'd like here but I do try to check in every few days. Good to hear from you, hope all is well.
  2. RNConnieF

    The "Teach a Student Something-a-Day" thread!

    Organize, organize, organize ! Take the time to find out about your patient then make a list of what has to be done, when to do it, what tests and procedures are scheduled, what time meds are due, and what lab tests have been ordered (so you know what results you are looking for). Have a time line for each patient to keep yourself organized. Develop your own clinical sheet (ask your co-workers for copies of their's and pick and choose from each one what works for you). Write everything down, your brain will be overwhelmed with things to remember, don't waste brain power trying to remember the small s&it. Above all remember, if you knew it all you wouldn't be a student.
  3. RNConnieF

    I Hate You, Heart Attack.....

    Thank you for speaking with my voice. My husband suffered an MI with follow up stent placement at age 46. We had four children, the youngest not quite two. Your voice speaks for all of us.
  4. RNConnieF

    Are you going to dress up for Halloween at work?

    Can't go as a witch, it's supposed to be dress up not another day!
  5. RNConnieF

    Are you going to dress up for Halloween at work?

    I'm going as a nurse. White dress, white hose, white shoes, and cap. I did it last year and everyone- staff, pts., security, housekeeping, food service- had a great time with it. Our entire floor is considering doing it this year. Except for a few very elderly co-workers everyone got the joke. When I came home I took my son out trick or treating in the same outfit, my neighbors thought it was funny.
  6. RNConnieF

    Had Lasik done!!

    I had it done a few weeks ago. Looked across the room right after the procedure and I could see the clock!! I've been in glasses for over 40 years. I still need readers but my distance vision is 20/20 from less than 20/400. I couldn't even see the big "E" prior to the surgery. What a life changing experience. Now when I shave my legs I can SEE what I'm doing rather than going by feel. My sister is scheduled for next week and another sister will have it done as a Christmas gift to herself. I couldn't be more pleased with the resutls! One of my co-workers just had it done too and loves the results. One pair of glasses for me was over $600.00 and contacts were $230.00 a pair every 2-3 months. My procedure cost just under $3000.00 but I got it for 12 months same as cash. In just a few years it will have paid for itself. If you want it do your homework and go for it! I love it!
  7. RNConnieF

    Happy 100th Birthday PSNA ! Come to our Party 10/17/03

    It was a great night! One of my BSN instructors was honored as an Anna Brobson Fellow, it was great to see her recognized for her contributions to nursing. Sorry to have missed you Karen. I had to cut out early, had a clinical group in the hospital at 7 AM Saturday so I left around 10. I did get the calendar for my daughter who will be starting nursing school in Aug. I think I'll also get her the centennial book, The nursing history is great!
  8. RNConnieF

    Just had an emotional breakdown at work.

    Meltdown is part of the job (I'm hoping.) I had a near melt down all week! Too much stress, kidney infection, dysfunctional uterine bleeding (welcome to the wonderful world of menopause), and families who need a full time, 24 hr nurse all to them selves. This has been one of the worst weeks I've ever worked. My co-workers all understand, they've done the same themselves. It happens to all of us.
  9. RNConnieF

    Is it too late to become a nurse?

    I started an LPN program just past my 40th birthday with 1 husband and 4 kidw (2-12). I started the RN program at age 46 still with 1 husbane (he's understanding), 4 kids (none ran away) and 2 jobs. Now at almost 49 (next week) I am in a BSN program with 1 husband, 2 kids still at home, and 2 jobs (1 full time and 1 part time.) 26 is sooooo young. If you want it go for it. It's never too late!
  10. RNConnieF

    Why a Philadelphia hospital gave in to a racist demand

    Any patient has the right to refuse care. They also are then obligated to accept the ramifications of their refusal. If you refuse care because the assigned care giver is of color then you are refusing care, period. This is no different than signing out AMA. In this care the pt. had every right to refuse care, the hospital went wrong by making allowing alternate providers.
  11. RNConnieF

    Like your acrylic nails??.......

    As of 1/1/2004 ,in the facility I work in, acryilc tips, silk wraps, or any type of nail overlay are all banned for people providing direct pateint care. There are no restricitons on natural nails or nail polish on natural nails.
  12. RNConnieF

    Accelerated BSN and Working?

    Kristin, I am currently in an accelerated RN to BSN program and working one full time job and one part time. I have one husband, 4 kids (2 live away from home), and a household to manage. I am also an active Band Parent (anyone who's ever done THAT knows how much time and money is involved), PTO officer, and Boy Scout mom. I'm not saying it's easy, but it can be done. I'm in my fifth accelerated course and so far (knock on wood) still have a 4.0 average. God willing I'll graduate 3/2005. Our program calls for one night a week in class, 6pm-10pm and at least 15 hours a week reading and producing papers. This week upcoming I have a 4 page paper due on a personal interview and a 3 page paper reviewing an article (that I had to find and research on my own) on cultural issues in nursing. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.
  13. RNConnieF

    Looking For Other Pa Nurses!!!!

    Philly burb. PCU/TELE, part-time clinical instructor for LPN program.Currently in BSN program. LPN grad 1996, RN grad 2002.
  14. RNConnieF

    Happy 100th Birthday PSNA ! Come to our Party 10/17/03

    I'll be there, have my ticket in hand. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  15. RNConnieF

    Test question - how would you answer?

    Think Maslow, then nursing process. Physical well being before psychological needs. BOP is physical, pain is psychological (according to Maslow). Now thing nursing process, 9/10 times assessment is prior to intervention. Short NC review. :)
  16. RNConnieF

    New Staffing ratios

    spacenurse, Thanks for the links: my paper, due Tuesday, is on this topic. I may have more links is anyone needs them.