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  1. Uh, yes...I know. I was in nursing school, too. I'm saying that it eventually is over, and then......you're done. With nursing school, that is. I was being totally serious about this being a great time to be a nurse. Great career prospects and opportunities. :balloons:
  2. Town & Country

    Smoking around child w/resp. problems

    That is NOT TRUE. She might be an adult but she DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to inflict second-hand smoke, FULL OF DEADLY TOXINS, on those innocent children. That just burns me UP!!!!! My ex-husband suddenly started smoking - IN HIS HOUSE - after we got divorced. When my kids were there, they came home smelling of smoke. :angryfire Not only that, but his new girlfriend smoked around my children and they stunk. I told him that if they want to smoke - FINE! - STEP OUTSIDE. But do not - under ANY circumstances! - expose MY children to deadly toxins! There is absolutely no excuse - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - for this. If a parent wants to smoke, they can step outside. No way should they smoke in a car. Of course, he didn't comply willingly. I told my lawyer and we had to take him to court - had a hearing in front of some court-appointed person, but I got a COURT JUDGEMENT that he (or anyone else) could NOT EXPOSE THE CHILDREN to second-hand smoke. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do anything about it. You can, and I did. It's just a shame that you have to take people to court to get them to act like responsible adults. :angryfire :angryfire
  3. Town & Country

    Professionalism in Nursing

    The most obvious answer is to treat each other like professionals. If administration wants "professional" nurses - stop treating nurses like waitresses and glorified P.R. reps. I don't think ANY administration TRULY wants "professional" nurses, because THAT implies that a nurse has a conscience and a set of standards --- all of which are dangerous to the current patient nurse ratios. I think administration's goal is to strip any and all professionalism from nurses and the sooner they can do it, the better they like it. That's why they often will hire a new grad instead of an experienced RN.
  4. I have news about nursing instructors like that. It's merely prep for "the real world", because when you start working you are going to face nurses exactly like this. Just a heads up - develop some creative coping strategies - you're going to need them. Good luck to all of you. This is a great time to be a nurse!!!
  5. Town & Country

    How do you become a nurse recruiter?

    Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of recruiters who work for travel agencies exclusively. I don't think working for a hospital in that capacity would interest me at all.
  6. Town & Country

    How do you become a nurse recruiter?

    I realize that but to my way of thinking the best ones would be...
  7. Town & Country

    How do you become a nurse recruiter?

    How do you go from nursing - doing direct patient care - to being a nurse recruiter? Has anyone done this? How did you make the transition?
  8. Town & Country

    Nursing is 24hrs is just an expression

    Angelique777, you have expressed way better than I could ever HOPE to, just how DRAINING and pointless it is, to have to face these early-morning inquisitions! I am so tired of dealing with this attitude. Apparently, it is pretty wide-spread in nursing because YOU are enduring it and I have encountered it numerous places. I think the nurses who do this are LAZY and don't want any "extra" work to do. I don't know what the answer is but I'm not going to be the scapegoat any more, never again!!!
  9. Town & Country

    My New Nurse Wake-Up Call; Shocking Behaviors

    Loves it. :balloons:
  10. Town & Country

    Felony Conviction in TN

    Well in the first place, if the state board told you it wouldn't stand in your way, I would take their word for it over someone who is conducting CNA classes and may not even know. If the state told you it wouldn't stop you, then believe them. I do understand your fears. I assume you told the person teaching CNA classes of your conviction? Just go somewhere else they are giving CNA classes, register, and start your class. You can contact the Board again in the meantime. Obviously YOU CAN become a nurse with a felony conviction or the license applications wouldn't ask that question. Good Luck! You can do it.
  11. Town & Country


    Of course my residence is a compact state, and I have a compact license. I do not have a license specific to this state....I am here under my compact license. I just wonder if anyone has experienced this sort of thing, and how they proceeded.
  12. Town & Country


    I am - I'm going to call - I would have already except it was a Sunday. I'm concerned that this person will spread stories without knowing the facts. I guess there isn't much I can do about that! I just wish people would check for themselves before spreading rumors. She could have at least said "hey your name is in the X BON newsletter."
  13. Town & Country


    I need advice. Has this ever happened to anyone??? I practice nursing in a compact state, my residence is elsewhere... A reference of mine (here) emailed me to tell me that my name is in this state's newsletter - license revoked for alcohol abuse. I was shocked and went to the state website. The person's name sounds like mine; but it's spelled differently. The dates of her license aren't the same as mine. They start before I was even in nursing school! There are a few other inaccuracies, that I know about - different license number, for one! - but that other people wouldn't know. This whole thing started when I called one of my refs and she pretended that it was a wrong number. I called another ref and told her about it - the next communication I had from her was a rather frantic email telling me that my name was in the newsletter! Anyway, the question is: how do I proceed??? I have already emailed my friend to let her know that that isn't me. But what about my other reference? She didn't even tell me that she'd seen that and she told my friend about it, obviously believing it was me. I have emailed several people I know and worked with, to tell them of the situation (that a name like mine is in the newsletter); but what do I do about my references? The one evidently just believed it was me - I'm just glad the second one at least TOLD ME about "my" name being in there. Any advice???
  14. Town & Country

    Daily??? Newer nurses need "stand up" help!

    She isn't your boss. Don't take orders from her.
  15. Town & Country

    do you feel like the CNA's run the floor?

  16. Town & Country

    When the Board of Nursing is out to get you....

    If you have witnesses and other proof of your innocence, I would get a lawyer and sue NOW. The best defense is a good offense. If you can prove that you are innocent and are being unjustly targeted then I think you should sue for whatever you can, because you are apparently being hung out to dry. I would definitely go on the offense. I normally don't encourage people to get lawyers and start lawsuits because most of the time it's very dicey and not worth it - but if they reported you to the BON and you are facing suspension, etc., it's time to take the gloves OFF. Good luck.