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  1. I just wish that I could take vacation when they are here. They are focusing so much on patient safety this year. We have a ton a new policys in place that we are supposed to follow. The problem is that so many people have quit in the last month that we are shortstaffed and taking unsafe patient loads. I am ready to quit myself. Maybe them coming will actually be good. Maybe administration will listen to us after we get tons of violations. They say that the reps are actually going to follow nurses around. Has anyone else experienced this? I hate working when I feel like someone is always watching me. It makes me nervous.
  2. stella123 rn

    Dr's children at pts bedside

    We have docs that do this. But, we are in no means expected to watch them. They bring coloring books or something along. They sit quietly in the nurse's station while their dad makes rounds. I do not think it is a big deal. They are usually only there for a 1/2 hour at most. Our nursing station is large and they are not in the way.
  3. stella123 rn

    "But I'm pregnant . . ."

    Thank You New CCU RN. I am newly pregnant and this thread has me angry and scared. I hope that when I am 8 months along, my co-workers do not have the attitude of some people on this board. I just do not see what is wrong with team work. So, I might not be able to help boost a 400 lb patient in bed. Because of this, I should stay home?
  4. stella123 rn

    Have you or would you?

    I do not care if I need reading glasses someday. It is better than not even being able to see the alarm clock when you awake. As for the side affects. As with any surgery there are going to be extremes. The majority of the people just have scrathy eyes and need to use lots of eye drops. Not really that bad. Joe it sounds like you have a unique situation. My doctor only charges 100$ an eye for the second time around.
  5. stella123 rn

    Have you or would you?

    I had lasik a couple of months ago. It is great!! I love it!!
  6. stella123 rn

    Patient Loads, How many patients do you have?

    Gosh, I do not know how you guys do it. Our staffing on med/surg is 4:1. They only give you two surgicals if they HAVE to. If I have a CNA with me, we can have up to six patients. If I have a lpn we have 7 or 8. I should consider myself lucky.
  7. stella123 rn


    We do all computer charting now. I check about an hour into the shift to look at the vitals. If they are not there I hunt the aide down and ask why. Accuchecks I always ask because there is usually insulin that goes along with it. I will admit that when we switched to computer charting, I definately have to make more of a point of looking for these things. Before I would just grab the aides clipboard and scan everything. Now, they take the computer in the room and it goes directly in. I know computer charting is the thing now but I think it makes it harder to see trends. Escpecially weights and I & Os. At least out system anyway. Just can not flip through a chart anymore.
  8. stella123 rn


    I have finally gotten pregnant after over a year of trying. I do not want to do ANYTHING to jeopordize my health or my baby's. I do not know what out policy is but other nurses are very nice about this. If there is a patient that we do not feel comfortable taking, someone will switch you you any time.
  9. stella123 rn

    new nurses and shifts

    I love my pm shift too (3p-3A). I wanted days also. They had to move me to pms after being there a couple of months because of staffing. I would not go back to days for anything!!!!
  10. stella123 rn

    But I have little kids!

    Don't you guys rotate? We have to work every third Christmas, or any holiday. It does not matter who has kids and who does not.
  11. At our hospital when the new nurses come off orientation, they are given slightly easier assignments if the staffing allows. When the charge nurses really feel that they are confident and can handle regular assignments they stop doing this. They always say that in this nursing shortage they do not want them to quit. It is good for them but can be bad for us. We are typically overloaded so they do not have full assignments. I understand what the managers are saying about quiting but we are always thinking "What about keeping the ones that are already there?" I think that it is a hard balance to achieve. I am still relatively new to nursing (I think!!). Not yet two years and feel overwhelmed all the time. I sure hope that it gets better.
  12. stella123 rn

    Anyone sick of working weekends????

    Where are you in northwest WI? I am there too!!!
  13. stella123 rn

    How much orientation do new grads need?

    I agree, 7 months is too short. All of our charge nurses have at least 10 years experience and have been at the facility for at least 5. They would not even THINK of allowing a new grad to be charge. Our charge nurse's have a lot of responsibility and are very good. I can not imagine being charge. I have been a nurse for a year and a half. There is still so much to learn.
  14. stella123 rn

    Overdoing VS!!

    I am on a med/surg unit. We often get NH placement patients/inability to care for self at home. No IVs, no med changes....it just seems that we over do it sometimes. The docs write BID. We often do them every 4 hours instead. I do not know, just thinking.
  15. stella123 rn

    Overdoing VS!!

    Do any of you feel like your unit does this? I wonder if I am being a diligent nurse or a neurotic one. We do vitals on everyone at least twice a shift if not more. This is when they are only ordered BID or the doctor does not specify them at all. Then we even wake people up to do vitals just because we feel we should. Does anyone else do this?
  16. stella123 rn

    Calling MD's per patient request!!

    Thanks you for your replys everyone. I have learned some good responses. I do think that I would get in big trouble if I gave them the docs phone number though. We are a smaller hospital and do not have a resident on call. The on call MD is often sleeping at home too. The patient and family do come first however I think they are irrational sometimes. In talking with some of the longtime nurses in my hospital many of them feel that the whole media thing of taking control of your health has gone over board. They have noticed a trend that patients and families have become more and more demanding. One friend of a patient even marched over to the clinic and walked right back in his office and started to yell at the doc about the patient's NPO status and that she needed to eat. She was there for a GI bleed and had tests scheduled for early in the morning.