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From your experience what was your gpa before entering nursing school be specific. I want to know if it was a uni or CC

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i think my high school average was around a b-, despite sats in the 735-780 range. i went to a four-year baccalaureate program but working three shifts a week for the first three years sorta socked it to my cum, so i had about a 2.85 those years. got a 3.15 my senior year when i was married, my husband was employed, and i didn't have to work; i could have done better, but i did kick back some after working so much the previous years.

when i wanted to go to grad school some years later they told me my undergrad grades weren't good enough. i told them they couldn't tell me i could never go to grad school because i screwed around when i was 19 and 20. they relented: if i did well on the gres (i did-- about the same as my sats) and aced a few graduate courses as a non-matriculated student, i could apply again. i aced two courses, got into grad school, and did pretty well considering i started with a 6-week-old at the breast :D and (by then) a pretty uncooperative spouse. finished up with about a 3.4, iirc.


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I applied to an ADN program a technical college in Georgia and at one in South Carolina. I got in both and NEITHER looked at my overall GPA. They only looked at grades for their specific prereqs and whatever entrance exam they used (one uses TEAS and one uses PAX RN). My overall GPA is low, but I had all A's in my prereqs and excellent test scores, so it depends what criteria the specific program considers.

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3.5 took a slide south after last semesters @$$kicking... but ill have it back up by the end of this semster :)


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great stories guys now let me tell you my situation. my adn program is highly competitive. These are my grades

Ap1 B

Ap2 B

Eng1 B+

Eng2 A

Soc B+

Psy A


the pre reqs are MAT PSY AP1 and ENG1

my pre req gpa is 3.57 and my overall is 3.5 should i apply to my highly competitive school


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Of course you should apply. You won't get in if you don't try. ;-) Nowadays it's not all about GPA.


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thanks guys im going to apply if i dont get accpeted ill be taking loans out the @$$ and pay for a private school BSN program

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Going into nursing school....2.54 ;)


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theres some hope


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Overall gpa 2.3 (barely high enough for a CC), pre-req gpa 3.75. Acceptance based on point system; having A's and a high pre-req gpa helps. Starting asn program in 2 days.

Uni didn't like my low cum so they referred me to asn program.

My first yr at a uni (17 years ago) gpa was 0.5.

There is always hope.


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3.9 uni.; had to have close to 4.0 to even be considered


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Going to a CC.

Had a 4.0 before entering the program, now halfway through with a 3.75:)