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Pneumothorax BSN, RN

Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Flight
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Pneumothorax is a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Flight.

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  1. Pneumothorax


    +1 for Kaplan, passed boards with 75q in 45-50min. I think all but 2 questions were SATA
  2. Pneumothorax

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    maybe it was a gift =D
  3. Pneumothorax

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    @ nurseyani -rose gold like the $10K one?
  4. Pneumothorax

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    i love my apple watch!....
  5. Pneumothorax

    Not getting it as nurses- the view

    if anything the view should be cancelled because its just a bunch of old hags complaining about irrelevant stuff and bullying. who needs that kind of negativity
  6. Pneumothorax

    Adequate Orientation for 0 experience

    until you feel comfortable, you have to let your preceptor or nurse manager what your comfort level is , if possible you could ask for more precepting shifts or when you are off orientation, be scheduled to work on days/nights a preceptor works so when u have questions u can ask them. but all your peers are a resource, dont be afraid to ask for help :)
  7. Pneumothorax

    Is there anything I can do with a BSN besides being a nurse?

    nursing school was hell, everyday. like, i quit school every day i showed up, i verbalized it i made it known. I also had classmates who felt the same way you do right now. But, the most important thing is to get support, and the help you need. Take care of yourself & you have 9 months to go!!! youre almost there..even if u have to go part time, do what it takes get thru it move on :) and you def. dont have to work bedside. I work in airmedical transport and only see hospital beds when i drop off and pick up patients. you definitely have other options besides what you see in ur clinical rotations :)
  8. Pneumothorax

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    i try to explain things i do, or things i see and my bf is like..omg thats gross dont talk about that at dinner! LOL. but yeah. its def. an acquired taste to be a medical professional of any kind!
  9. Pneumothorax

    Two week notice

    its too bad that they havent done anything in those 3 months to make things better for you
  10. Pneumothorax

    Mandatory flu vaccines

    lol. they let every tom dick and harry off the street w/o verifying that they have a flu shot or tell them they have to wear a mask its "suggested".. therefore if u dont want the shot, dont get it. and dont wear a mask if u dont want to. besides the flu mutates so rapidly its hard to keep up with it.
  11. Pneumothorax

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    if we wanted to be doctors we would have gone to med school lol. what people dont seem to understand is that even if u were one of those people that went into nursing or went to med school for the $ aspect, you flunk out very quickly-- because, no amount of money could really make someone want to be elbow deep in a rotting decubitus in a c.diff patient to clean it and debride it.- on a regular basis if miss michelle collins is every one of our patients we will treat her like any one of our other pts that are less than desireable, because its who we are as a profession and people, but her guilt for spewing this negativity and ignorant nonsense will eat her alive eventually, when shes touched by the golden hearts and warm hands of her nurses who care for her
  12. Pneumothorax

    Why I am not Surprised by Joy Behar's Ignorant Comments

    among nurses, and other professional medical staff, we all know what we do and are capable of. The general public bases many opinions of people (be it professionals, celebrities, etc) from what they see on tv / media .. because few have real life experience with them. its pitiful that people that have been chosen to sit on a tv show sit there and just bash the hell out of people thinking they are better than them or funny for saying the things they say. why not lift people up instead of drag them down? this isnt even about nurses anymore, its being observant and kind to humanity in general /endminirant
  13. Pneumothorax

    Thrown off orientation too early??

    #1 you caught a potential huge med error. SO good job with that. Thank you for paying attention and taking that seriously. #2. if everyone stayed late to do things that the on coming nurse is more than capable of doing, there would be no point in handing off. BFD.. you were busy with more pressing things. The IV will get changed, and the picc line dressing..ugh whos to say the patient wasnt messing with it or it peeled in their sleep. you cant control everything! #3. the girl you handed off to sounds like she hates her job, based on how u described her behavior. her inattentiveness and rudeness wasnt necessary. dont sweat this stuff... use it as experience and move on. its ok to cry. if you feel like u need a bit more orientation. ask. it will keep u sane and your patients safe :)
  14. Pneumothorax

    Brian Short News

    Thoughts and prayers to those affected by this
  15. Pneumothorax

    Nurses and their pens

    my new fave is 1.6!
  16. Pneumothorax

    Nurses and their pens

    im forever losing my pen or pt taking them lol