Girl gives birth in chatroom,talking to me!

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I had the most unusual thing happen to me this morning.:eek:

I don't know if I did everything right, but I did the best that I could.

It was about 6 am, I was on a parenting website, in a chatroom. A girl came in and said she was a little concerned, because she felt pressure and tugging in the abdomen and back. I got talking to her and kept asking her questions. She said she was 38 weeks, that she husband was there. I told her she should call her OB, because I am not a professional, but she was scared, so she got her husband to make phonecalls and she asked me to stay on line with her. I got the feeling that something was up, but she kept almost denying that she was in labour - she had no pain!

I found out that this was her second pg, that on thursday she was 3 cm/60% ( today is monday!). As we were talking she kept saying: "I feel like I need to poop REALLY bad, I have to go!" I kept insisting that she doesn't go to the bathroom,because I felt she was going to push the baby right into the toilet bowl.

At this point, I knew she was going to deliver. THe hospital was 1/2 hour away. I told her to lied down, not to push, pant as much as possible, spread her legs and have her husband look between. When he did, she told me the head was crowing. I told her to tell hubby to immediately call 911 and get some towels and for her just keep panting until the 911 oper got on the phone with instructions. OB apparently was not able to return her call in time, because it was too early in the AM.

I also got to communicate with ther husband. Hubby said 911 oper encouraged not to push, while the ambulance was on the way. Within 5 seconds the baby's head was out.

what happened after, I don't know, because I told her to log off and just listen to the instructions of 911 oper.

I was so nervous that something was going to go wrong, but I think she and the baby made it ok. She has my phone #, so maybe I'll find out some day how they made out.


That is indeed an interesting story! It makes me wonder though, if they were just pulling your leg???

Anagray, BSN

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It's possible, but if they did, that's a pretty idiotic way to amuse oneself lol


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How the heck did she type on the computer and nearly deliver at the same time???? Boy, if I was crowning or "needed to poop" really badly I would NOT be sitting there in front of my computer screen!!

sanakruz, ADN

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Weirder things have happened.... haven't they?????


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I do not believe it, really.

I saw one such person pull a similar stunt online, trying to pull me in, only to find out she was a psycho nut playing games wiht me cause she knew I was an ob nurse....

....yes, someone who knew her personally told me the real story. I would not have said ANYHTING except: GET AN AMBULANCE: CALL 911!!!! (which was exactly what I said online that day). And then, bad as it sounds, I would have left the conversation. End of story. If she was for real, you put yourself in potentially dangerous legal territory doing online triage as you did. NO way would I do that, esp for a stranger online. Too many kooks out there.


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I think I would be more worried about what she would do with my phone number...yikes. It doesn't sound quite right.


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just think...she (or he) now has your address, and directions to your door....


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Originally posted by Hardknox

How the heck did she type on the computer and nearly deliver at the same time???? Boy, if I was crowning or "needed to poop" really badly I would NOT be sitting there in front of my computer screen!!

I've always labeled myself a bit of a computer addict but either one of two things was going on here: (1) that lady is majorly addicted to her computer or (2) she was pulling your leg!

Have to agree with the "call 911 & log off" recomendation!



I'm sorry Anagray. You've been had, royally. This stuff happens all the time in chatrooms. Births, suicides, chest pain. People that have nothing better to do with their time. :(


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interesting, if it did happen, but...

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