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  1. sanakruz


    Has anyone worked for Hazelden? My employer is merging with one of their facilities, or so the gossip goes. Just want have a leg up on what I may look forward to
  2. sanakruz

    Hipaa violation-What happens to RN?

    Secret to a long life: Mind your own business.
  3. sanakruz

    I Inherited A Bully

    Whatever you do, do it quick! I'll bet your staff cant wait for a good leader! Bet they are miserable and care is suffering. Best wishes!
  4. Breast is best. Of course, use a pump! Who is stopping you? Call La Leche league. (Talk to other moms.) DOZENS of resources available. No, we havent gone overboard. Breast is best.
  5. sanakruz

    Help: I failed out of nursing school

    bAD advice for anxiety releif. Xanax street? Dont walk there! And age has nothing to do with it.
  6. sanakruz

    Help: I failed out of nursing school

    Many schools have a "one fail youre out" - along with 4 -year waiting lists to get in. So once you ARE in, you better stay. It looks bad for a school to fail students. There are accommodations for students with test anxiety as well, which is what our OP has.
  7. sanakruz

    I want to quit first RN job after a few weeks.

    I'm feeling bad for you. and all the CRUMMY advice... The facility needs more staff. Studies can back this up. Strive to communicate this. If you are not heard, resign with a letter stating that the facility is unsafe for patients and licensees. Move on with impunity. Your're an RN, ferchrissake!
  8. sanakruz

    NCLEX questions on Khan academy site

    Hi All, I am studying for NCLEX, and am using all possible resources I can access. Seems to me the Khan Academy questions are wicked hard! Anyone else have this experience? And for those of you who have taken NCLEX, please share any insights. Thanx!
  9. sanakruz

    Nclex RN january 2017

    Hey, the Kaplan instructor told us that 20% of the questions are SATA... ...and I might use the test bank questions from them (Kaplan) if I could get my old laptop to help. (Think not.)
  10. sanakruz

    Nclex RN january 2017

    I am using Davis 4000. I graduated in June and got the authorization to test...Dec16th! Been a LPN/LVN for years and years, always test well- cracked 1100 on the HESI exit exam. BUT...life throws us ALL curves. Be confident, folks, we got this!
  11. BSN? You're golden!
  12. ...and I realize these articles are about men/women. The culture of salary discrepancy is the point
  13. Whoa! seriously, telling this new nurse not to discuss her salary? Get ready for this, then. Male Registered Nurses Make Thousands More in Salary Than Female Counterparts | UC San Francisco Salary Differences Between Male and Female Registered Nurses in the United States | Mar 24, 2
  14. sanakruz

    Got ATT, am I in the clear?

    Lucky you! Study and test, baby!
  15. sanakruz

    license under investigation

    Just sayin It takes YEARS for these "investigations" to have any action taken on them. Call an attorney TODAY! administrative law is it's own animal. Do not expect any due process. Throw money at this- get an attorney!
  16. sanakruz

    Attempting to reinstate need help with app process

    Hi I feel your pain, but have little to offer except sympathy. I continue to feel like Im being punished, as the boards are not in the least user -friendly! Hang in and keep trying! I also have had little support here on allnurses, so I figured Id reach out and try to give what I'd like to get back!