Girl gives birth in chatroom,talking to me!

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That's the funniest.... I can just imagine telling a stranger "i need to poop really bad". :D


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I've seen some pretty strange things happen too, so this may not be as crazy as you think!! When I took my state boards 23 years ago, it was a 8 hour test. One of my classmates was in labor the entire day and we all were practically panting through each contraction with her, really messed up our concentration but she said she'd made it this far and she was finishing with her class. After the last test was given, 911 was called and she gave birth on the way to the hospital. Funny thing is, she and all of us passed our tests, talk about teamwork!!!!!

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Now thaat's dedication!


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If it did happen, what a bizzarre thing and if it didn't?? oh well sun will still rise in the morning!;)


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I'd have to agree with dawngloves and smiling blue eyes:)

i think you been had


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Maybe Maybe not. I would have just told her to call 911, and left the chat. by the way I have tried to get into the chat but I am too computor stupid I guess.

On the other hand when I had my second child I was put on a drip and told I wouldn't deliver until after supper. KC was born at 1330 I had one contraction register on the monitor. I was having a smoke and a cup of tea. One push like a big Poop and voila a beautiful baby.

Anything is possible.


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Sixes, you are one lucky lady. Wish that ALL labors were that painless!!!

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Well, even if ( and most probably so) you were had, you tried to do the best you could in the "situation" and now you know not to give out so much info should that happen again. You went with your heart and did what you thought was right. No one can challenge that.....In the real world, if confronted with that sort of situation, I would be confident in your ability to calm and seek assistance, intervening as needed.....Still, it was kind of neat to imagine it might be true, wasn't it? :)


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If you were had...oh well. Interesting. But if you weren't had and actually helped someone, wouldn't that be neat. I'd be happy that I did the best I could to help someone. Even if it was just for a laugh for them! :kiss

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As another poster said, stranger things have happened.

And no one here no knows for sure if this incident was real or not.

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I think we have the makings of an urban legend with this one!


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Like I said before, I would a bet a hefty sum it's all Bullpoop. People are weird---all over. We meet crackpots all the time on the job, you know. Even MORE of them exist online. You can't be too careful.

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